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Varela and became
The year after, he starred opposite Timothy Dalton, Bruce Payne, Sean Pertwee and Leonor Varela ( who became his fiance after shooting ended ) in a TV-movie about Cleopatra.
He became internationally known for organizing a petition drive known as the Varela Project, in which 25, 000 signatories petitioned the Cuban government to guarantee freedom of speech and freedom of assembly as well as to institute a multi-party democracy.

Varela and 1970s
During the 1960s and 1970s rock was prohibited, although nueva cancion / nueva trova artists like Silvio Rodríguez and Carlos Varela would sometimes perform rock material.

Varela and initially
In 1987, Varela, along with R. Adam Engle, founded the Mind and Life Institute, initially to sponsor a series of dialogues between scientists and His Holiness The Dalai Lama about the relationship between modern science and Buddhism.
In 1984, he was co-founder with Béla H. Bánáthy, Riane Eisler, John Corliss, Francisco Varela, Vilmos Csanyi, Gyorgy Kampis, David Loye, Jonathan Schull and Eric Chaisson of the initially secret General Evolutionary Research Group.

Varela and together
Francisco Javier Varela García ( September 7, 1946 – May 28, 2001 ) was a Chilean biologist, philosopher, and neuroscientist who, together with his teacher Humberto Maturana, is best known for introducing the concept of autopoiesis to biology, and for co-founding the Mind and Life Institute to promote dialog between science and Buddhism.
The revolt prompted the government to deport Varela together with other Creoles

Varela and with
In 2002 supporters of a movement known as the Varela Project submitted a citizen proposal of law with 11, 000 signatures calling for a national referendum on political and economic reforms.
Varela was primarily trained as a biologist, and was fundamentally influenced by his teacher and fellow Chilean, Humberto Maturana, also a biologist with a strong philosophical orientation.
Varela was a proponent of the embodied philosophy which argues that human cognition and consciousness can only be understood in terms of the enactive structures in which they arise, namely the body ( understood both as a biological system and as personally, phenomenologically experienced ) and the physical world with which the body interacts.
He knew well and was in conversation with John von Neumann, Norbert Wiener, Humberto Maturana, Francisco Varela, Gordon Pask, Gregory Bateson, Lawrence J. Fogel and Margaret Mead, among many others.
Severino Varela, Uruguayan champion with Peñarol in 1938.
However, in April 2007, an anteater at the Florencio Varela Zoo near Buenos Aires mauled zookeeper Melisa Casco, slashing her abdomen and legs with its front claws.
* Interview with Kyle Gann by Daniel Varela
Varela is a marine life activist who is concerned with the welfare of whales.
Varela is expecting her first child with producer Lucas Akoskin in late 2012.
San Fernando del Valle is served by Coronel Felipe Varela International Airport ) ( CTC / SANC ), with flights to IRJ, TUC and AEP.
The Varela Project relies on Article # 88 ( g ) of the Cuban Constitution Text of 1976, which allows citizens to propose laws if 10, 000 persons who are registered to vote support the proposal with their names, national identification numbers, addresses, and signatures.
The Cuban National Assembly's Constitution and Legal Affairs Committee suspended consideration of the Varela Project citizens ' initiative and responded with its own counter initiative, providing that the Cuban Constitution be amended to make permanent the socialist nature of the Cuban state.
In March 2003, the Cuban government arrested approximately 75 dissenters, who were tried and convicted of accepting funds from foreign sources for political purposes, and approximately one half of these arrested persons were associated with the Varela Project movement.
The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Cuba, Felipe Pérez Roque stated on April 9, 2003, that " The Varela Project is part of a strategy of subversion against Cuba that has been conceived, financed, and directed from abroad with the active participation of the U. S. Interests Section in Havana.
Cuba maintains that the head of the US Special Interests section in Havana, James Cason has given money, gifts and support to dissidents in Cuba, associated with the Varela Project, and that: " For these reasons, a few dozen persons directly linked to the conspiratorial activities headed by James Cason have been arrested by the relevant authorities and will be brought to trial.
Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, a Varela Project leader and one of the 75 activists arrested, reported serving 45 days in a punishment cell with no light or available water for protesting the suspension of correspondence and the delivery of food and medical supplies from his family.
After 14 years of renting the stadium San Lorenzo with the help of fans inaugurated the new stadium, called the Nuevo Gasómetro opened December 1993 at the intersection of the Perito Moreno and Varela avenues in the Flores neighborhood.
* 1991 ( with Francisco Varela and Evan F. Thompson ).
He was first married to Maria Helena Varela Santos ( the first TV announcer in Portugal ), with whom he had two children: Paulo and Maria João.
He won the state championship with Varela in 2008.

Varela and Trungpa
He had a number of notable students, among whom were Pema Chödrön, Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Diane di Prima, Peter Lieberson, José Argüelles, David Nichtern, Ken Wilber, David Deida, Francisco Varela, and Joni Mitchell who portrayed Trungpa in the song " Refuge of the Roads " on her 1976 album Hejira.

Varela and founder
On the 28th of April 2004, Cardinal Antonio María Rouco Varela, Archbishop of Madrid blessed the new paintings in the apse, painted by Kiko Arguello, founder of the Neocatechumenal Way.

Varela and later
He later joined the faculty of the Royal Conservatory where his notable students included Michel van der Aa, Richard Ayres, Richard Baker, Michael Fiday, Jeff Hamburg, Michael Zev Gordon, Rozalie Hirs, Ivana Kiš, Yannis Kyriakides, Juan Sebastian Lach, Steve Martland, Nathan Michel, Koji Nakano, Damien Ricketson, Patrick Saint-Denis, Víctor Varela, Jasna Veličković, and Sinta Wullur.
During those years Racing won the Copa Beccar Varela in 1932 and the Copa de Competencia one year later.

Varela and .
Leading national figures in these years included Félix Varela and Cuba's first revolutionary poet, José María Heredia.
In 2001, a group of activists collected thousands of signatures for the Varela Project, a petition requesting a referendum on the island's political process was openly supported by former US president Jimmy Carter during his historic 2002 visit to Cuba.
Theorists who both complement and contrast Hassan include Michel Foucault, Judith Butler, Bruno Latour, N. Katherine Hayles, Peter Sloterdijk, Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, Evan Thompson, Francisco Varela and Douglas Kellner.
The theories of autopoiesis of Francisco Varela and Humberto Maturana are a further development in this field.
** Francisco Varela, Chilean biologist ( d. 2001 )
* August 2 – Obdulio Varela, Uruguayan footballer ( b. 1917 )
Others who have written about the embodied mind include philosopher Andy Clark ( See his Being There ), philosopher and neurobiologists Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela and his student Evan Thompson ( See Varela, Thompson & Rosch's " The Embodied Mind "), roboticists such as Rodney Brooks, Rolf Pfeifer and Tom Ziemke, the physicist David Bohm ( see his Thought As A System ), Ray Gibbs ( see his " Embodiment and Cognitive Science "), John Grinder and Richard Bandler in their neuro-linguistic programming, and Julian Jaynes.
* Elena Gil Iberoamerican Award on Ethics, June 1995 Felix Varela Centre, Cuba.
* Francisco Varela ( 1946 – 2001 ) Chilean philosopher and biologist.
Natalie Depraz, Francisco Varela, Pierre Vermersch, On Becoming Aware: A Pragmatics of Experiencing ( Amsterdam: John Benjamins 2003 )-searches for the sources and the means for a disciplined practical approach to exploring human experience.
Varela was born in 1946 in Santiago in Chile, the son of Corina María Elena García-Tapia and Raúl Andrés Varela-Rodríguez.
Like his mentor Humberto Maturana, Varela first studied medicine then biology at the University of Chile, then did a Ph. D. in biology at Harvard University.
After the 1973 military coup led by Augusto Pinochet, Varela and his family spent 7 years in exile in the USA before returning to Chile to become a Professor of biology.
Varela died in 2001 in Paris of Hepatitis C after having written an account of his 1998 liver transplant.
Varela had four children, including the actress, environmental spokesperson, and model Leonor Varela.

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