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Verner and Panton
S Chair, Designed by Verner Panton
Danish design is also a well-known brand, often associated with world-famous designers and architects such as Børge Mogensen ( 1914 1972 ), Finn Juhl ( 1912 1989 ), Hans Wegner ( 1914 2007 ), Arne Jacobsen ( 1902 1971 ), Poul Kjærholm ( 1929 1980 ), Poul Henningsen ( 1894 1967 ) and Verner Panton ( 1926 1998 ).
In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Verner Panton experimented with designing entire environments: radical and psychedelic interiors that were an ensemble of his curved furniture, wall upholstering, textiles and lighting.
* Verner Panton S-chair model 275 Thonet
* The Official Verner Panton Reference Portal and Archives: Photos, designs and producers
* More than 120 items designed by Verner Panton on architonic. com: with images, informations and auction results
* Verner Panton biography at Danish Furniture
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* Verner Panton

Verner and 13
Oscar Verner Peterson ( August 27, 1899 May 13, 1942 ) was a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy who received the Medal of Honor posthumously in World War II for his actions during the Battle of the Coral Sea.
Replacing injured starter Andrew Verner, he appeared in 13 games with the Klagenfurt-based team, going undefeated with a 1. 94 GAA.

Verner and February
## Josée Verner ( February 6, 2006 )

Verner and
* 1959 Josée Verner, Canadian politician
* 1883 Frank Verner, American athlete ( d. 1966 )
* 1986 Tomas Verner, Czech ice skater
* 1859 Verner von Heidenstam, Swedish poet and novelist, Nobel Prize laureate ( d. 1940 )
* July 6 Verner von Heidenstam, Swedish writer, Nobel Prize laureate ( d. 1940 )
* Literature Carl Gustaf Verner von Heidenstam
* May 20 Verner von Heidenstam, Swedish writer, Nobel Prize laureate ( b. 1859 )
Karl ( Adolph ) Verner (; 7 March 1846 in Århus 5 November 1896 in Copenhagen ) was a Danish linguist.
His father was Cecil Arthur Verner Bowra ( 1869 1947 ) of the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs.
Leaving government service, he practiced law with the Washington firm of Arnold and Porter between 1969 and 1975 ; was a television news commentator in Washington DC, 1972 1976 ; was a professor of law at Howard University, 1973 1974 ; ran unsuccessfully as a candidate for mayor of the District of Columbia, 1974 ; and became a partner in the law firm of Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson, and Alexander, 1975.
* Josée Verner ( 2006 2007 )
* K. A. Verner ( 1846 1896 )
* Verner Lička ( Dec 1992 April 95 )
* Verner Lička ( Sept 1997 March 00 )
* Verner Lička ( Oct 2010 Nov 10 )

Verner and 5
According to Miroslav Verner, Djedkare Isesi's highest known date is a Year 22 IV Akhet day 12 papyrus, which would belong anywhere from Year 32 to Year 44 of his reign depending on whether the Cattle Count was Bi-annual ( 2 times ) or semi-annual ( 1. 5 times ).

Verner and is
The lower part of the pyramid rises from the desert at a 54-degree inclination, but the top section is built at the shallower angle of 43 degrees, lending the pyramid its very obvious " bent " appearance .< ref > Verner, Miroslav, < cite > The Pyramids-Their Archaeology and History </ cite >, Atlantic Books, 2001, ISBN </ ref >
The Hall of Fame Museum Building is designed by the museum architecture specialist firm of E. Verner Johnson and Associates of Boston, Massachusetts.
The display is still labeled " Pygmy ", rather than indicating Benga's name, despite objections beginning a century ago from Verner and repeated by others.
The inflectional type is usually accepted to reach back into Proto-Indo-European times, with an exact correspondence of Sanskrit and Old Norse ylgr, both meaning " she-wolf ", first described by Karl Verner in 1877 ( see Verner's law ).
Josée Verner, PC ( born December 30, 1959 ) is a Canadian politician.
Industry Minister Jim Prentice and Josée Verner are currently working on a Copyright Act amendment bill which is set to be introduced ( at least in part ) on June 12, 2008.
Arild Verner Agerskov " Vern " Mikkelsen ( born October 21, 1928 ) is an American former professional basketball player.
The first member of the family is speculated to have been Verner Braghde from Halland.
However, the lead government scientist, Dr. Susan Verner, is killed by the children after being forced to show them the preserved stillborn corpse who was intended to be David's partner.
" However, he is the most ephemeral ruler of this dynasty and some Egyptologists such as Miroslav Verner have strongly argued that Shepseskare's reign lasted only a few months at the most based upon the evidence of an unfinished fifth dynasty royal pyramid at Abusir, whose base was barely completed before it was abandoned as well as the very small number of objects identifying this king.
As Verner observes, while Shepseskare is noted as the immediate predecessor of Neferefre in the Egyptian king-lists, " this slight discrepancy can ... be attributed to the disorders of the time and its dynastic disputes.
Verner stresses that the progress of Shepseskare's intended pyramid at Abusir, which is unfinished and is situated just north of Sahure's own pyramid,
In Palestine shortly before the end of the British mandate, the Haganah has learnt that a former German tank commander, General Gustav Schiller ( Hans Verner ), is teaching the Arabs battle tactics, but they are unable to locate him.
Michael is the son of 1972 Summer Olympics track cycling bronze medalist Verner Blaudzun and a strong individual time trial rider who has won the Danish national championship in that discipline in 2001, 2003 and 2005.

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