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Verner and progress
Meanwhile, Verner was struggling financially and had made little progress in his negotiations with the museum.

Verner and Shepseskare's
" However, he is the most ephemeral ruler of this dynasty and some Egyptologists such as Miroslav Verner have strongly argued that Shepseskare's reign lasted only a few months at the most based upon the evidence of an unfinished fifth dynasty royal pyramid at Abusir, whose base was barely completed before it was abandoned as well as the very small number of objects identifying this king.
The only artifacts known for Shepseskare's reign are several clay sealings from Abusir, where the king may have been buried, and two cylinder seals, according to the respected Czech Egyptologist Miroslav Verner.

Verner and intended
However, the lead government scientist, Dr. Susan Verner, is killed by the children after being forced to show them the preserved stillborn corpse who was intended to be David's partner.

Verner and pyramid
The lower part of the pyramid rises from the desert at a 54-degree inclination, but the top section is built at the shallower angle of 43 degrees, lending the pyramid its very obvious " bent " appearance .< ref > Verner, Miroslav, < cite > The Pyramids-Their Archaeology and History </ cite >, Atlantic Books, 2001, ISBN </ ref >
The Czech Egyptologist Miroslav Verner maintains, however, that it cannot have been as long as 20 years due to the unfinished state of Neferirkare's Abusir pyramid complex.

Verner and at
During the year, Sir Francis Verner Wylie succeeds Sir William Fraser-Tytler as British minister at Kabul.
Lacey Hearn, James Lightbody, Mike Butler and Frank Verner at the 1904 Olympic Games
* Verner Panton biography at Danish Furniture
Leaving government service, he practiced law with the Washington firm of Arnold and Porter between 1969 and 1975 ; was a television news commentator in Washington DC, 1972 – 1976 ; was a professor of law at Howard University, 1973 – 1974 ; ran unsuccessfully as a candidate for mayor of the District of Columbia, 1974 ; and became a partner in the law firm of Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson, and Alexander, 1975.
For his efforts, Verner was awarded the gold medal in anthropology at the Exposition's close.
Verner eventually arranged for Benga to stay in a spare room at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City while he was tending to other business.
As a teenager Onderdonk was influenced and received some training from the prominent Texas artist Verner Moore White who also lived in San Antonio at the time.
Industry Minister Jim Prentice and Josée Verner are currently working on a Copyright Act amendment bill which is set to be introduced ( at least in part ) on June 12, 2008.
The Czech Egyptologist, Miroslav Verner, who has been excavating at Abusir since 1976, states in a 2001 journal article that:
Verner concludes that based on the position of a mason's inscribed Year 1 date from Neferefre's reign which was found " on a large corner block situated at the end of the tunnel for the descending corridor ... at about two thirds of the height of the extant core of the monument ", Neferefre reign lasted " not longer than about two years.
On line exhibitions include Jewelry at Historic New England, found at, The Preservation Movement Then and Now, at, From Dairy to Doorstep: Milk Delivery in New England, 1860-1960 at, and New England Photographs of Verner Reed, at.
Pedersen studied at the University of Copenhagen with Karl Verner, Vilhelm Thomsen, and Hermann Möller.

Verner and Abusir
Verner advocates the hypothesis that Shepseskare succeeded, rather than preceded, Neferefre based upon the archaeological context of the 1982 discovery of several new clay seal impressions bearing this king's name -- Horus Sekhemkau --" in the oldest part of Neferere's mortuary temple Abusir, which was not built " until Neferefre's death.

Verner and which
Verner posited that the labor was organized into a hierarchy, consisting of two gangs of 100, 000 men, divided into five zaa or phyle of 20, 000 men each, which may have been further divided according to the skills of the workers.
* 1968: Verner E. Suomi for his imagination, ingenuity, and versatility in conceiving and designing diverse meteorological sensors which have helped to transform the satellite as a meteorological probe from a dream to a reality.
This law reinstated the Sherbert Test, which was set forth by Sherbert v. Verner, and Wisconsin v. Yoder, mandating that strict scrutiny be used when determining if the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, guaranteeing religious freedom, has been violated.
One example was Sherbert v. Verner, where the Court overturned the state Employment Security Commission's decision to deny unemployment benefits to a practicing member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who was forced out of a job after her employer adopted a 6 day work week, which would have required her to work on Saturdays against the dictates of her religion.
According to Miroslav Verner, Djedkare Isesi's highest known date is a Year 22 IV Akhet day 12 papyrus, which would belong anywhere from Year 32 to Year 44 of his reign depending on whether the Cattle Count was Bi-annual ( 2 times ) or semi-annual ( 1. 5 times ).
In this paper Hamilton discusses sex ratios as strategies in a game, and cites Verner as using this language in his 1965 paper which " claims to show that, given factors causing fluctuations of the population's primary sex ratio, a 1: 1 sex-ratio production proves the best overall genotypic strategy ".
Verner had been asked by one of his customers if he could find a solution which would make it possible to print on plastic.

Verner and is
Danish design is also a well-known brand, often associated with world-famous designers and architects such as Børge Mogensen ( 1914 – 1972 ), Finn Juhl ( 1912 – 1989 ), Hans Wegner ( 1914 – 2007 ), Arne Jacobsen ( 1902 – 1971 ), Poul Kjærholm ( 1929 – 1980 ), Poul Henningsen ( 1894 – 1967 ) and Verner Panton ( 1926 – 1998 ).
Verner Panton ( 13 February 1926 – 5 September 1998 ) is considered one of Denmark's most influential 20th-century furniture and interior designers.
The Hall of Fame Museum Building is designed by the museum architecture specialist firm of E. Verner Johnson and Associates of Boston, Massachusetts.
The display is still labeled " Pygmy ", rather than indicating Benga's name, despite objections beginning a century ago from Verner and repeated by others.
The inflectional type is usually accepted to reach back into Proto-Indo-European times, with an exact correspondence of Sanskrit and Old Norse ylgr, both meaning " she-wolf ", first described by Karl Verner in 1877 ( see Verner's law ).
Josée Verner, PC ( born December 30, 1959 ) is a Canadian politician.
Arild Verner Agerskov " Vern " Mikkelsen ( born October 21, 1928 ) is an American former professional basketball player.
The first member of the family is speculated to have been Verner Braghde from Halland.
As Verner observes, while Shepseskare is noted as the immediate predecessor of Neferefre in the Egyptian king-lists, " this slight discrepancy can ... be attributed to the disorders of the time and its dynastic disputes.
In Palestine shortly before the end of the British mandate, the Haganah has learnt that a former German tank commander, General Gustav Schiller ( Hans Verner ), is teaching the Arabs battle tactics, but they are unable to locate him.
Michael is the son of 1972 Summer Olympics track cycling bronze medalist Verner Blaudzun and a strong individual time trial rider who has won the Danish national championship in that discipline in 2001, 2003 and 2005.

Verner and own
Verner was unable to persuade any villagers to join him until Benga spoke of how the muzungu had saved his life, the bond that had grown between them, and his own curiosity about the world Verner came from.

stresses and progress
It stresses that ethnic and racial minorities can make more rapid initial economic progress when they create an enclave economy.
The GPI is an extension of ISEW, that stresses genuine and real progress of the society and seeks especially to monitor welfare and the ecological sustainability of the economy.

stresses and intended
In the end, he stresses the importance of existing works entering the public domain in a reasonably short period of time, as the Founding Fathers intended.
*- Energy-saving technology and computerized equipment for vibration stabilization of residual stress ( the only CIS 35-year-old Scientific School, who presented in 1988, the world's first installation of computer diagnostics ) are intended to stabilize the residual stresses in welds, castings and other non-rigid dynamic metal
Since it remains twisted instead of unraveling, it acts as a fixed loop and will not back out without considerable force ( greater than the stresses which it is intended to counter ) being applied.

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