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from Brown Corpus
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Visibility and be
Visibility may be poor, because of sediments or algae in the water and lack of light penetration.
Visibility can be significantly reduced by becoming greasy, trapping vapour when eating hot food, swimming, walking in rain or rapid temperature changes ( such as walking into a warm building from cold temperatures outside ).
Visibility can be a bit low, especially after rough weather, but the coral is excellent and the variety of fish superb.
Visibility may be reduced to 50 metres for days at a time.
The DRX Army Soldiers were defending CHOI with pacific acts and with a huge " Visibility Operation ", which caused the whole area of Quebec and its surroundings to be marked with " DRX Army " and " Liberté!
Visibility can be limited by changing conditions.
Aircraft and vehicles are not allowed in this area when Low Visibility Procedures are in force, since aircraft will be making autolands and therefore the accuracy of the guidance signals provided by the ILS is absolutely critical.
Visibility graphs may be used to find Euclidean shortest paths among a set of polygonal obstacles in the plane: the shortest path between two obstacles follows straight line segments except at the vertices of the obstacles, where it may turn, so the Euclidean shortest path is the shortest path in a visibility graph that has as its nodes the start and destination points and the vertices of the obstacles.
Visibility graphs may also be used to calculate the placement of radio antennas, or as a tool used within architecture and urban planning through visibility graph analysis.
Visibility graphs of simple polygons must be Hamiltonian graphs: the boundary of the polygon forms a Hamiltonian cycle in the visibility graph.
Visibility was poor and he mistook the peaks of Taveuni to be separate islands.
Visibility in tule fog is usually less than an eighth of a mile ( about 600 feet or 200 meters ), but can be as little as a foot ( about 30 cm.
* Visibility – Since there can be a large number of leaves in a map, it could be quite costly for the hardware to redraw the entirety of them many times a second, because areas not seen would be drawn only to be overdrawn later.

Visibility and limited
Visibility was limited by rain, and Australian casualties soon began to mount.
Visibility was so limited that streetlights remained lit throughout the day and motorists needed their headlights to navigate city streets.

Visibility and Greg
The 2012 Class of Inductees are Greg Landry from the “ High Visibility Sports ” and June Olkowski from the “ All Other Sports ” category.

Visibility and was
Visibility was at its maximum, the sea was placid with a gentle breeze from the north west, a bright, sunny, clear day.
Visibility was no more than.
Visibility was reduced to a few yards (" It's like you were blind ", commented one observer ), making driving difficult or impossible.
Visibility in foggy conditions was one of the factors for the development of this type of signal.
Visibility from the driver's seat and passenger seat was better due to the lower instrument panel design of the front window and a large windshield.
Visibility in the cockpit was so restricted that the pilots nicknamed it the Batcave.
Visibility was improving about 07: 30.
Visibility was poor because the moon had already set, leaving no ambient light and no visible sea horizon.
Visibility from a fox hole was practically zero.
Visibility was so poor he could not always see the dogs harnessed closest to the sled.
Early in the 1990s, Thomas introduced the MVP ( which stood for Maneuverability, Visibility, and Protection ); a transit-style school bus, available in front and rear-engine models, the MVP was a lower-cost version of the standard Saf-T-Liner intended to boost sales.
Visibility to the front and sides was similar to that of an observation car, although rearward vision was almost nil and there were no rear-view mirrors.
Visibility graph analysis was developed from the architectural theory of space syntax by Turner et al.
Organisation Logos was initially registered at the end of 2005 under the name of the Initiative for Visibility of Queer Muslims ( IIVQM ), but shortly after changed its name to Logos and reregistered in 2006.
Visibility was poor due to bad weather, and French machine gunners in the village of Douaumont thought the Germans were French colonial troops returning from a patrol.
* 25 October 2003 Visibility in the harbour was excellent and winds were between 12 and 15 knots ( 22 to 28 km / h ) from the east.
Visibility was poor because smoke from Canadian forest fires was blowing across Lake Erie.
Visibility was about 200 feet at the time of the accident.

Visibility and above
Visibility is high, and and above is not unusual.

Visibility and feet
Visibility in this photo is less than 500 feet ( 150 metres ).
: Visibility less than 100 feet ( 30 meters )
: Visibility 1 / 4 of a mile to 100 feet ( 402 to 30 meters )
Visibility minimums of 1 / 2 mile ( runway visual range of 2, 400 feet ) are possible with a CAT I ILS approach supported by a ALS, and 3 / 8 mile visibility visual range is possible if the runway has high-intensity edge lights, touchdown zone and centerline lights, and an ALS that is at least long ( see Table 3-5a in FAA Order 8260. 3b ).
Visibility would sometimes reach 20 feet.
Visibility at these times could become as low as a few feet ( hence the " London fogs " of movie fame ) and when combined with the soot created lethal long-persistence smog: these conditions led to the passing of the UK ’ s " Clean Air Act " which banned the burning of smoke-producing fuel.
Visibility in this photo is less than 500 feet.
) Visibility can vary rapidly ; in only a few feet visibility can go from 10 feet to near zero.

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