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Visitors and are
Visitors are welcome to come see what these dedicated mothers can do.
Visitors are, however, welcome to take pictures of objects outside the museum.
Visitors to Moheli are now required to take antimalarial drugs, a mix of artemisinin, primaquine and pyrimethamine that China provides for free.
Among Alexander's most notable built works are the Eishin Campus near Tokyo ( the building process of which is soon to be outlined in his forthcoming book Battle ); the West Dean Visitors Centre in West Sussex, England ; the Julian Street Inn ( a homeless shelter ) in San Jose, California ( both described in Nature of Order ); the Martinez House ( an experimental house in Martinez, California made of lightweight concrete ); the low-cost housing in Mexicali, Mexico ( described in The Production of Houses ); and several private houses ( described and illustrated in " The Nature of Order ").
Visitors are always welcome.
Visitors from other countries and regions not participting in waiver programme are required to apply for visas directly to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
Visitors wishing to drive must possess a Certificate of Insurance or an International Green Card, a valid Driving Licence or International Driving Permit ( UK International Driving Permits are not valid ).
Visitors starting on East Main Street, follow Jell-O Brick Road, whose stones are inscribed with the names of former factory employees.
Visitors have some two hours on the Island and all trips are subject to tides and weather / sea state.
Visitors are not allowed to bring a radio.
Visitors are required to fill in the information card truthfully before arriving in Australia, and declare what food and any products made of wood and other natural materials they have processed.
Visitors are no longer permitted to touch the stones, but are able to walk around the monument from a short distance away.
Visitors of any religious or socio-economic background are welcomed, where langar ( food for all ) is always served to people of all origins, the same ( vegetarian ) food, while sitting together on the same level of the floor.
Visitors to the site are still able to watch a short video of the paper being made from cotton.
Visitors are often surprised by these potentially extreme conditions, and this, along with the high altitude of the canyon's rims, can lead to unpleasant side effects such as dehydration, sunburn, and hypothermia.
Visitors to the website are able to look up a place name and see the index entry made for the manor, town, city or village.
Visitors can view rooms in the cellar and ground floor, but the second and third floors are not open to the general public due to fire code restrictions.
Visitors to the picturesque city of Khabarovsk are likely to enjoy walking the broad Amursky Boulevard with its many vibrant shops and perhaps visit the local market.
Visitors entering the massive, carved mesquite-wood doors of San Xavier are often struck by the coolness of the interior, and the dazzling colors of the paintings, carvings, frescoes and statues.
Visitors are often required to wear a visitor badge.
Visitors are attracted to the town by its warm climate, the Murray River, recreational attractions, and historical features, such as the Port of Echuca which has the world's largest fleet of operating paddle steamers.
Other regattas and rowing races are held on the same reach, including: Henley Women's Regatta, the Henley Boat Races for women's and lightweight teams between Oxford and Cambridge University, Henley Town and Visitors Regatta, Henley Veteran Regatta, Upper Thames Small Boats Head, Henley Fours and Eights Head, and Henley Sculls.
Visitors are subject to strict security screening, and items such as Jewish prayer books are prohibited.

Visitors and advised
He also has advised the Defense Health Board and served on the Army War College Board of Visitors.
Visitors were advised to book their tickets many months in advance.
Visitors to Edna Bay without a local contact would be well advised to bring with them everything needed for remote outdoor survival, although food and a limited selection of non-food supplies can be purchased at the General Store located approx.
Following the war, David Hunter Strother, who was chief of staff to General Hunter and had advised the destruction of the Institute, served as Adjutant General of the Virginia Militia and member of the VMI Board of Visitors ; in that position he promoted and worked actively for the reconstruction.
Visitors anytime other than late fall through early spring are also advised to avoid bare feet or sandals, and stick with sturdy, closed footwear.
Visitors are advised not to enter caves unless accompanied by an experienced guide.
Visitors are advised to take the necessary precautions for sun, heat, cold and rain and not to stray from marked paths.
Visitors are advised to use public transport, as there is no parking space in the park.
Visitors are advised to be cautious of the mountain's unpredictable weather, and to bring clothing suitable for all weather conditions.
Visitors are advised to stay on the designated trails since many people have gotten stuck or even fallen to their deaths on the cliffs.
Visitors are well advised to bear in mind that the East Point Lighthouse at a nearby location was built to save ships from the dangers of this same turbulent coastline.
Visitors should be advised that Northern Pacific rattlesnakes are very common.
Visitors coming to the pass for outdoor recreation are also advised to take precautions when traveling outside their vehicles.
( Visitors to this wilderness are advised by the United States Forest Service to visit only during cooler months because of a lack of water during the summer.
Dr. Del Kiernan Lewis serves as Provost of the college and is advised by a Board of Visitors.

Visitors and sun
Visitors could enjoy a meal or snack under a vaulted double-glazed glass ceiling that let the sun shine in.

Visitors and their
Visitors to the outback often drive their own or rented vehicles, or take organized tours.
Visitors flocked to see it, and The Sydney Morning Herald said that it prompted many people to speak out about their " bunyip sightings ".
Visitors can see the various stages of trout development prior to their release in the mountain streams.
Visitors can peek inside port windows and see mannequins of Edison and Eiffel ( and Eiffel's daughter, posed with the phonograph ), the tableau commemorating their fabled meeting of September 10, 1899 in which, over cigars and cognac, they discussed possible joint projects and their participation in Jules Verne's " smoking club " for avowed futurists, dubbed Plus Ultra.
Visitors, depending on their ranks, would have to prostrate themselves, bow to, kneel in front of, or kiss the king.
Visitors first went to the Building Research Pavilion, which displayed housing problems and their solutions, then to the Town Planning Pavilion, a large, red-and-white striped tent.
Lowell Observatory hosts 85, 000 visitors per year at their Steele Visitors Center who take guided daytime tours and view various wonders of the night sky through the Clark Telescope and other telescopes.
The exhibit offers psychedelic-themed interactive experiences: Visitors can, with a wave of their arm, spark fluorescent displays of jellies and corals ; create a digital jellyfish and launch it into a virtual ocean with creations made by other visitors ; prompt digital jellies to “ dance ” with them ; and become part of a kaleidoscopic image.
Visitors to the park may notice the abundant birdlife due to their bird songs.
Visitors expressed their amazement at the quality and diversity of products that were readily available in the area.
Visitors to Merton are often told Mob Quad, built in the 14th century, is the oldest quadrangle of any Oxford or Cambridge college and set the pattern for future collegiate architecture, but Front Quad was certainly enclosed earlier ( albeit with a less unified design ) and other colleges, for example Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, can point to their own older examples.
The Visitors, using their own authority, elected Fellows between 1648 and October 1652, when without reference to the Commissioners, John Washbourne was chosen ; the autonomy of the College in this respect seems to have been restored.
Visitors also typically have a special place reserved, depending on their rank and station.
Only once more did they use their old name, in the 1963 telecast of Gian Carlo Menotti's written-for television opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors, with an all-new cast.
Visitors hiking into the backcountry off established trails should never go alone, and should inform other people of their plans.
The story remains a Nazi allegory, including the Swastika-like emblem used by the Visitors and their SS-like uniforms.
Where the Nazis primarily persecuted Jews, the Visitors were likewise depicted to persecute scientists, their families and anyone associating with them and distribute propaganda in an effort to hide their true identity.
Visitors are no longer allowed to dig out their own sands, and signs on the beach warn tourists not to climb the cliffs because of the danger of landslides.
Visitors to the festival are invited to sample exotic cuisine and celebrate the cultural and ethnic heritage of people from dozens of countries who have made Winnipeg their home.
Visitors cannot land without permission or remove or disturb any wildlife and must leave only their footprints.
Visitors to Brook Farm came frequently, totaling an estimated 1, 150 each year, though each was charged for their visit.
Any Visitors must leave their ID card at the front desk, and must be out of the dorm before 2 a. m.

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