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Visitors and are
Visitors are welcome to come see what these dedicated mothers can do.
Visitors are, however, welcome to take pictures of objects outside the museum.
Visitors to Moheli are now required to take antimalarial drugs, a mix of artemisinin, primaquine and pyrimethamine that China provides for free.
Among Alexander's most notable built works are the Eishin Campus near Tokyo ( the building process of which is soon to be outlined in his forthcoming book Battle ); the West Dean Visitors Centre in West Sussex, England ; the Julian Street Inn ( a homeless shelter ) in San Jose, California ( both described in Nature of Order ); the Martinez House ( an experimental house in Martinez, California made of lightweight concrete ); the low-cost housing in Mexicali, Mexico ( described in The Production of Houses ); and several private houses ( described and illustrated in " The Nature of Order ").
Visitors are always welcome.
Visitors from other countries and regions not participting in waiver programme are required to apply for visas directly to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
Visitors wishing to drive must possess a Certificate of Insurance or an International Green Card, a valid Driving Licence or International Driving Permit ( UK International Driving Permits are not valid ).
Visitors starting on East Main Street, follow Jell-O Brick Road, whose stones are inscribed with the names of former factory employees.
Visitors have some two hours on the Island and all trips are subject to tides and weather / sea state.
Visitors are not allowed to bring a radio.
Visitors are required to fill in the information card truthfully before arriving in Australia, and declare what food and any products made of wood and other natural materials they have processed.
Visitors are no longer permitted to touch the stones, but are able to walk around the monument from a short distance away.
Visitors of any religious or socio-economic background are welcomed, where langar ( food for all ) is always served to people of all origins, the same ( vegetarian ) food, while sitting together on the same level of the floor.
Visitors to the site are still able to watch a short video of the paper being made from cotton.
Visitors are often surprised by these potentially extreme conditions, and this, along with the high altitude of the canyon's rims, can lead to unpleasant side effects such as dehydration, sunburn, and hypothermia.
Visitors to the website are able to look up a place name and see the index entry made for the manor, town, city or village.
Visitors can view rooms in the cellar and ground floor, but the second and third floors are not open to the general public due to fire code restrictions.
Visitors to the picturesque city of Khabarovsk are likely to enjoy walking the broad Amursky Boulevard with its many vibrant shops and perhaps visit the local market.
Visitors entering the massive, carved mesquite-wood doors of San Xavier are often struck by the coolness of the interior, and the dazzling colors of the paintings, carvings, frescoes and statues.
Visitors are often required to wear a visitor badge.
Other regattas and rowing races are held on the same reach, including: Henley Women's Regatta, the Henley Boat Races for women's and lightweight teams between Oxford and Cambridge University, Henley Town and Visitors Regatta, Henley Veteran Regatta, Upper Thames Small Boats Head, Henley Fours and Eights Head, and Henley Sculls.
Visitors are subject to strict security screening, and items such as Jewish prayer books are prohibited.

Visitors and attracted
Visitors were first attracted to Aberfoyle and the surrounding area after the publication of The Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott in 1810.
Visitors are mainly attracted to its long beaches, many of fine white sand, bathed by a calm sea, and the region ’ s pleasant climate.
Visitors are mostly attracted to Nigeria's rich culture, entertainment scenes and vitality which Lagos city offers.
Visitors are attracted to the park for angling, boating and the views of nearby Glass House Mountains.
Visitors are attracted by mountains, sea-coast, and the lake reserves.
Visitors were attracted to the town leading to the building of " lodging-houses " and hotels particularly on the West Cliff.
Visitors to the city have grown over the past few years, during 2004 Launceston attracted 412, 800 visitors, up 51 % from 2001.
Visitors are attracted both by the natural beauty of the Gulf of Kotor and by the old town of Kotor.
In its first year of operation ( May 7, 2004 – May 7, 2005 ), the Baltimore Visitors Center attracted nearly 390, 000 visitors, which exceeded BACVA's original estimate of 250, 000.
Visitors are still attracted to the Art Deco district of Miami, Florida.
Visitors are also attracted to the Little Penguin colony on adjacent Diamond Island.
Visitors are also attracted to Brora's clean beaches and associated wildlife.
Visitors are attracted to the lake especially for its fishing: walleye, northern pike, and bluegills are all popular game fish with anglers, and the lake contains over 30 other species.

Visitors and town
Visitors to the new town commented on its growing commercial and industrial work.
Visitors can also go to the Italian and German Military Cemetery on Tel el-Eisa Hill just outside the town.
Visitors can also stay at the nearby town of Bright.
Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the cemetery that dates back to the beginning of the town.
Visitors can take State Route 203 from the town of Mammoth Lakes to the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, over Minaret Summit, then down to Devils Postpile National Monument, with access to the Ansel Adams Wilderness.
Visitors would be able to rent ice shanties, which were set up on the ice in the form of a town.
According to the Leelanau Visitors Guide: " Chef Mario Batali lives north of town at Cathead point, and comedian and actor Tim Allen routinely spent summers in Northport until his divorce.
Visitors to the cemetery quickly become aware of the diverse ethnicity that populated the town.
* Dartington Crystal, A unique Factory, Visitors Centre, Glass Shop and Restaurant of world famous Dartington Crystal – the biggest employer in the town and now the only working glass factory left in the UK.
Visitors to the town can visit the nearby World Heritage Site of New Lanark, close to the Falls of Clyde, the Corehouse estate and the Scottish Wildlife Trust's Corehouse Nature Reserve.
Visitors to Spalding can find other local attractions at the Pinchbeck Engine Museum ( just north of Spalding ), Bulb Museum ( situated at Birch Grove Garden Centre, Pinchbeck ) and the Gordon Boswell Romany Museum, to the south of the town.
On the outskirts of Brechin, beside the A90 dual carriageway, is the Pictavia Visitors Centre ( covering Pictish culture and displaying several carved stones ), a small museum in the former town house, and an Award Winning Tourist attraction the Caledonian Railway ( Brechin ).
Visitors to the town may visit the local museum, the many lakes, the Lakeside Shopping Mall ( built in the shape of a Mississippi Steamboat on one of the lakes ) or Northmead Square ( known as the first shopping centre to bring cinemas back to Benoni ) located in the Northmead suburb.
Visitors come to enjoy the pure mineral water that flows from every tap in town.
Visitors flock from around the world to gain inspiration from the town and keen to stay true to their eco-friendly roots, guests can stay in hotels that are heated and electrically powered all by renewables.
Visitors are encouraged to use sustainable options for moving around town like walking and cycling.
Visitors visit Westport for several reasons: the scenery ; the pubs and restaurants in the town ; blue flag beaches ; and Croagh Patrick.
The Libby Dam has a Visitors Center and can be accessed by the Lake Koocanusa Scenic Byway which begins in the nearby town of Libby, Montana.
Visitors have a wide array of adventures to choose from in this town bordered by the Celebes Sea and lush rainforests.
Visitors may climb all seven floors and see the milling process in action as well as enjoy fine views of the town from the balcony.
Visitors come to the Tuareg town to see a seasonal waterfall, a former French fort and the nearby ruined town of Assodé.

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