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Visitors and were
Visitors and merchants were especially struck by the beautiful monasteries and churches of the city, in particular, Hagia Sophia, or the Church of Holy Wisdom: A Russian 14th-century traveler, Stephen of Novgorod, wrote, " As for St Sophia, the human mind can neither tell it nor make description of it.
Visitors were shocked by Orwell's appearance and concerned by the short-comings and ineffectiveness of the treatment.
Visitors to the Stonewall in 1969 were greeted by a bouncer who inspected them through a peephole in the door.
Visitors were never allowed to sit, to impress upon them that Jardine was a very busy man.
Visitors at Hawarden in October were " shocked ... by some rather wild language on the Dock labourers question ".
Visitors in small groups were limited to stays of two hours.
Visitors to the Louisiana Pavilion were each given a seeding of a cypress tree.
Visitors were advised to book their tickets many months in advance.
Visitors to the site were able to search for information on a variety of topics ( for example, agriculture, finance and health ) and retrieve a list of government departments that were able to provide them with more information.
Visitors from countries outside of the Soviet Bloc were offered a particularly poor exchange rate.
Visitors were warned of chaos on the roads and a government survey indicated that half a million people carried by 90, 000 cars might attempt to enter the complex.
Among them were the scripts for Drôle de drame ( Bizarre, Bizarre, 1937 ), Quai des brumes ( Port of Shadows, 1938 ), Le Jour se lève ( Daybreak, 1939 ), Les Visiteurs du soir ( The Night Visitors, 1942 ) and Children of Paradise ( Les Enfants du Paradis, 1945 ).
Visitors to the park have not faced any changes under the new owners but Aboriginals were then able to hold traditional religious ceremonies.
Visitors expressed their amazement at the quality and diversity of products that were readily available in the area.
Visitors would be able to rent ice shanties, which were set up on the ice in the form of a town.
Visitors on opening day were presented with a postcard image of the new building as well as a souvenir medal with an image of the bank on one side, and on the other, the inscription, " we will accept this on deposit for 50 cents if you open a new savings account of $ 5. 00 or more, leaving it in the bank for 12 months and pay 3 per cent compound interest on your savings.
The founding Letters Patent were amended by succeeding monarchs on a number of occasions, such as by James I ( 1613 ) and most notably by Charles I ( who established the Board-then the Provost and seven senior Fellows-and reduced the panel of Visitors in size ) and supplemented as late as the reign of Queen Victoria ( and later still amended by the Oireachtas in 2000 ).
Visitors were shown Stroud's aviary and many purchased his canaries.
Visitors were attracted to the town leading to the building of " lodging-houses " and hotels particularly on the West Cliff.
Visitors to the Mendelssohn household in the early 1820s, including Ignaz Moscheles and Sir George Smart, were equally impressed by both siblings.
Visitors were invited to vote and overwhelmingly chose the single tower design.
Visitors to the salon were exclusively males, and the tone of discussion highbrow, often extending to topics more extensive than those of other salons.
Where the Nazis primarily persecuted Jews, the Visitors were likewise depicted to persecute scientists, their families and anyone associating with them and distribute propaganda in an effort to hide their true identity.

Visitors and first
The first CD to be manufactured at the new factory was The Visitors ( 1981 ) by ABBA.
Historian Isabelle Dervaux has described the reception this painting received when it was first exhibited at the official Paris Salon of 1874: " Visitors and critics found its subject baffling, its composition incoherent, and its execution sketchy.
* The Historical Society of Saratoga Springs, along with the Mayor's office, has established a permanent exhibit in the Visitors Center to celebrate Solomon Northup Day, the first time an African American has been honored in the city.
Visitors first went to the Building Research Pavilion, which displayed housing problems and their solutions, then to the Town Planning Pavilion, a large, red-and-white striped tent.
Visitors to the tripoint are strongly encouraged to first obtain permission from the nearest landowner, or use the path from the arc corner monument which is bordered by Delaware parkland most of the way, and Pennsylvania parkland the entire way.
Visitors need to first exit at the Colliseum Drive ( U. S. Route 80 ) exit.
In the original series the title refers to the " V for Victory " sign ; in the 1983 miniseries, a group of children are shown spray painting generic graffiti over the Visitors ' propaganda posters, but are then shown how to spray the V over the posters by Abraham Bernstein, a holocaust survivor, who explains the meaning of the sign to them as he defaces the first poster.
Visitors can clearly see the difference between the squalid conditions of the first floor sleeping quarters of 120 workers and the ground floor luxury of the magnate ’ s rooms.
Visitors are permitted in the first courtyard and ancestral hall ; the remaining courtyards and buildings are private.
In its first year of operation ( May 7, 2004 – May 7, 2005 ), the Baltimore Visitors Center attracted nearly 390, 000 visitors, which exceeded BACVA's original estimate of 250, 000.
Visitors to the Baltimore Visitors Center in its first year of operation, booked 422 hotel rooms, worth $ 48, 296 and bought 14, 942 tickets worth about $ 223, 286.
On April 21, 2006, Powell was elected the Rector of the Board of Visitors, making him the first African-American to serve in that post in the College's 313 year history.
Visitors can reach the site by bus or taxi, travelling first to Mui Wo ( also known as " Silvermine Bay ") via ferry from the Outlying Islands piers in Central ( pier No. 6 ) or to Tung Chung station via the MTR, or cable car.
The only scene in which Dunne appears, according to the DVD director's commentary by series creator Kenneth Johnson, is the one in which the Maxwells and others watch the L. A. mother ship glide in on the day the Visitors first arrive.
The main event is the traditional making of the first hay of the year by hand and by old-style machinery. Visitors to the show can also try their hand at archery with Athboy Archery Club.
The first ‘ overseas ’ entry to the regatta was in 1870 when Trinity College, Dublin entered the Grand, Ladies ’, Visitorsand Wyfold.
Columbia won the Visitors ’, becoming the first foreign winners of a Henley trophy.
Visitors to the town may visit the local museum, the many lakes, the Lakeside Shopping Mall ( built in the shape of a Mississippi Steamboat on one of the lakes ) or Northmead Square ( known as the first shopping centre to bring cinemas back to Benoni ) located in the Northmead suburb.
Max Wilson, the chairman of the Overseas Visitors ' Club, one of the airline's main group charterers, became Caledonian's first majority shareholder.
With his election as first President of the United States, General Washington retired from the Board of Visitors and Governors and accepted the honorary degree of doctor of laws, which a delegation from Chestertown presented to him on June 24, 1789, in New York, then the seat of Congress.
Visitors ' admiration is drawn by two singular architectural features: the segmented cupola of the entrance hall and, to its right, the first room to have been originally designed for dining.
The second Automatic Man album was entitled " Visitors " and released in 1977 with a stronger funk and less art rock sound than the first LP.
The North Visitors ' Center was built first and features a replica of the Christus, a statue of Jesus Christ by Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen.

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