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Volumes and dedicated
" Volumes one and two are dedicated to his son Péter, while volumes five and six are intended as professionally performable concert pieces.

Volumes and single
In the Star Trek franchise, the books The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh ( Volumes 1 & 2 ), by Greg Cox, detail the fictional Eugenics Wars of the early 1990s – still many years into the future when first mentioned in the episode " Space Seed " in 1967 – giving alternative explanations for real world events such as the Indian nuclear test of 1974 and the violent breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, presenting them as small parts of a single wider conflict.
They included three single disc Volumes and a Mega Disc DVD that contained 8 various episodes that were released across the first three Volumes.

Volumes and topic
That, in addition to the original collection contained in the so-called " Green Volumes " which he also had digitized, and thus created the first as well as most comprehensive digital archive on the topic in the world.

Volumes and have
He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in November 1738 by virtue of the fact that " His Name hath been known for many years among the Learned by Several Curious disertations published in the Memoirs of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris & in particular by a very Learned and usefull book wrote in French entitled ' The Art of Converting Forged Iron into Steel ' and ' the Art of Soft ' ning Cast Iron ' printed at Paris 1722 4to and lately by his ' Curious Memoires relating to the History of Insects ' at paris in 4to three Volumes of which work have been Laid before the Royal Society ".
Currently Volumes 1-4 have been published, Volumes 5 & 6 will be published shortly, and material for Volumes 7 & 8 is currently being researched.
Volumes from Viz's English publication of the series have also been featuring in best-selling manga rankings such as The New York Times as well as Nielsen BookScan.
Volumes II and III of the Jami al-Tawarikh have survived and are of great importance for the study of the Il-Khanate.
There will most likely not be any more releases as Volumes 1 & 2 have been discontinued and the scheduled " Chelsea Handler Exposed!
Volumes have the same format as the I Tatti series, but with a brown cover.
edited by Samuel MacAuley Jackson ( Volumes 2 to 12 have abbreviated title which vary slightly ; volume 13 is an Index volume, it was edited by George William Gilmore ).
Volumes 11 and 12 have yet to be translated and the status of future English versions is unknown at this time.
Volumes on the philosophy underpinning such television shows as Seinfeld, The Simpsons and Buffy the Vampire Slayer propelled the series into the limelight, and have invited many imitators since, including The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series and The University Press of Kentucky's own Philosophy titles.
To date, eight volumes have been released, with Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4 featuring all-new introductions to the episodes with Iggy, Gloria and Jacob, played by their original performers.
Eight volumes are planned ; Volumes I-IV have already been published.
The omission of a Volume 2 was thought to have been in imitation of the Traveling Wilburys intentional numbering of their two albums as Volumes 1 and 3, but it was more in reference to an unfinished Volume 2 album that was not released.
( Volumes III and IV also have short chapters on customs and institutions in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Volumes and been
Volume 4 of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection DVD series, released on November 14, 2006, has an entire disc of Speedy shorts, although some of his other shorts had previously been released on Volumes 1 and 3.
Mescherin's music has been collected in two albums entitled Easy USSR Volumes I and II ( 1960s and ' 70s, and 1970s and ' 80s, respectively ).

Volumes and released
He contributed two tracks, " Banjo Cantata " and " Ramblin ' On ", to a compilation of banjo pieces released by Davon as Banjo Greats ( Volumes 1 & 2 ), re-issued on CD by Tradition in 1996 as Banjo Jamboree.
Summer released On the Radio: Greatest Hits Volumes I & II, her first ( international ) greatest hits set in 1979.
Bob Dylan used the melody in his song " Blind Willie McTell " ( released on Bootleg Series, Volumes 1 – 3 ), named for blues singer Blind Willie McTell ( who had recorded a version under the title " Dying Crapshooter's Blues "); the song makes reference to the St. James Hotel in Minneapolis.
The Beginner's Guide To Understanding The Roots, Volumes 1 & 2, a two-disc compilation album, was released.
Gambit has starred or co-starred in four mini-series-Gambit Volumes One ( released in 1993 ) and Two ( released in 1997 ), explored the character's mysterious past and his ties to the New Orleans Thieves ' Guild ; Wolverine / Gambit: Victims, which teamed the two popular X-Men on a mystery involving what appears to be a modern-day Jack the Ripper ; and Gambit and Bishop, which was advertised as a sequel to the character's first series and involves the two X-Men in Stryfe's return.
12 quiz books were released from the show which also led to a spin-off: " Blockbusters Gold Run Volumes 1-5 " being produced.
Volumes 1, 2, and 3 were released in 2005.
7: No Direction Home: The Soundtrack ), the traditional " Poor Lazarus ", a Memphis Jug Band arrangement of the traditional " Stealin '", another rewritten folk song called " Hard Times in New York Town " ( based on the traditional " Hard Times in the Country Working on Ketty's Farm " and subsequently released on The Bootleg Series Volumes 1 – 3 ( Rare & Unreleased ) 1961 – 1991 ), and the John Lomax discovery " Dink's Song ".
Dylan's version would not see released until The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 ( Rare & Unreleased ) 1961-1991 in 1991.
The re-recording was released on Insane Clown Posse's compilation album Forgotten Freshness Volumes 1 & 2.
Four special-edition Italian Cybersix issues were also released, in addition to another six documenting Volumes 1 to 18.
A previous concert was also recorded here on 15 February 2003 and released as Tangerine Tree Volumes 32 and 33.
Volumes 1 ( ISBN 1-58899-318-3 ) and 2 ( ISBN ISBN 1-58899-319-1 ) were released in August and November 2003 and sold for US $ 13. 95 each.
Volumes I and II reprinted in hardcover and released together ( September 2007 ).
Dave Rave released his Anthology in 2 Volumes worldwide on Bullseye Records in January 2006.
The routes from Volumes 1 & 2 were included in Trainz Simulator 2010, while Volume 3 was released as an expansion pack for Trainz Simulator 2009 and Trainz Simulator 2010.
Wright has compiled and released two compilations of hockey-themed songs called Puck Rock Volumes I and II.
" Catfish ," a tribute to future Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Hunter ( better known as Catfish Hunter ), and " Golden Loom " were officially released on The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 ( Rare & Unreleased ) 1961-1991 in 1991.
It was recorded in 1983 but left off Dylan's album Infidels and officially released in 1991 on the The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 ( Rare & Unreleased ) 1961-1991.

Volumes and under
Over the years, backyard wrestling has broken into media with several Best of Backyard Wrestling Volumes produced, two video games entitled Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This at Home and Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood, and a critically acclaimed 2002 documentary entitled The Backyard, showcasing backyard wrestling under a more mainstream light as it follows several wrestlers and federations from all over the world, detailing the different styles and portrayals of backyard wrestling.
The opening track, " Tight Connection to My Heart ( Has Anybody Seen My Love )", was originally recorded for 1983's Infidels under the title " Someone's Got a Hold of My Heart " ( eventually released on The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 ( Rare & Unreleased ) 1961-1991 ).
*" History of Religion: In Search of the Way, the Truth and the Life " ( Volumes 1-6, 1970 – 83 ), published abroad under pseudonym, later reissued in Russia ;
* Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volumes 1 & 2, edited by Douglas Pike, ( Melbourne University Press, 1966 – 1967 ), under " Cox ", " Jamison " and " Makinson ".

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