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Walter and Burkert
Walter Burkert discerned three components in the prehistory of Apollo worship, which he termed " a Dorian-northwest Greek component, a Cretan-Minoan component, and a Syro-Hittite component.
* Walter Burkert, 1985.
* Burkert, Walter, 1985.
Walter Burkert notes that " Ares is apparently an ancient abstract noun meaning throng of battle, war.
* Walter Burkert, 1985.
* Burkert, Walter.
* Burkert, Walter, Greek Religion 1985.
* Burkert, Walter, 1977 ( tr.
A scholar of Greek mythology Walter Burkert writes in Greek Religion, " Nevertheless, there are memories of an earlier aniconic representation, as a pillar in Argos and as a plank in Samos.
* Burkert, Walter, Greek Religion 1985.
* Burkert, Walter, The Orientalizing Revolution: Near Eastern Influence on Greek Culture in the Early Archaic Age, 1998
* Burkert, Walter, ( 1977 ) 1985.
* Burkert, Walter, 1985.
Walter Burkert notes that in Phaistos she appears in connection with an initiation cult.
Nymphs are personifications of the creative and fostering activities of nature, most often identified with the life-giving outflow of springs: as Walter Burkert ( Burkert 1985: III. 3. 3 ) remarks, " The idea that rivers are gods and springs divine nymphs is deeply rooted not only in poetry but in belief and ritual ; the worship of these deities is limited only by the fact that they are inseparably identified with a specific locality.
Walter Burkert observes that " Frenzied women from whose lips the god speaks " are recorded in the Near East as in Mari in the second millennium BC and in Assyria in the first millennium BC.
" Walter Burkert finds that " the second element da-remains hopelessly ambiguous " and finds a " husband of Earth " reading " quite impossible to prove.
Conversely, Walter Burkert suggests that the Hellene cult worship of Poseidon as a horse god may be connected to the introduction of the horse and war-chariot from Anatolia to Greece around 1600 BC.
" In cult, Poseidon was identified with Erechtheus ," Walter Burkert noted ; " the myth turns this into a temporal-causal sequence: in his anger at losing, Poseidon led his son Eumolpus against Athens and killed Erectheus.
Walter Burkert detects in the Polyphemus episode a subtext that " seems to offer us something more ancient: threatened by the man-eater, men conceal themselves in the skins of slaughtered animals, and thus, disguised as animals, escape the groping hands of the blinded monster.
* Burkert Walter ( 1985 ).
* Burkert, Walter, Greek Religion ( 1985 )
As Walter Burkert points out in his book, Greek Religion, " Even the gods who are not his natural children address him as Father, and all the gods rise in his presence.
The similarity of names between Hestia and Vesta is, however, misleading: " The relationship hestia-histie-Vesta cannot be explained in terms of Indo-European linguistics ; borrowings from a third language must also be involved ," scholar Walter Burkert has written.

Walter and points
As Critic Walter Kerr points out: `` Adaptations, so long as they are good, still qualify as creative ''.
Walter Anderson points out that as with most mystics, instead of limiting his action, Conrad ’ s romantic paradigm inspired him to believe in seizing the day.
Critic Georg Lukács points to middling main characters like Ivanhoe in Sir Walter Scott's other novels as one of the primary reasons Scott's historical novels depart from previous historical works and better explore social and cultural history.
Athenians of the Classical age were aware that the festival was of great antiquity ; Walter Burkert points out that the mythic reflection of this is the Attic founder-king Theseus ' release of Ariadne to Dionysus, but this is no longer considered a dependable sign that the festival had been celebrated in the Minoan period.
Walter Burkert points out that the mythic reflection of this is the Attic founder-king Theseus ' release of Ariadne to Dionysus
Walter Burkert ( 1985 ) writes, " This points to guilds of smiths analogous to the Lemnian Hephaistos.
Modern historians have discounted this, as the list also includes benefactors, not just students ; other evidence points to the fact that Walter had a poor grasp of Latin, and did not consider himself to be a learned man.
Some have focused on renewal ; Walter Jackson Bate points to the theme of each stanza including " its contrary " idea, here death implying, though only indirectly, the renewal of life.
As for Stone being listed as an " agent ", Naureckas points out that Walter Lippmann is listed as an agent as well.
Journalist Walter Pincus points to a passage on page 237 in which Clarke describes a September 4, 2001 meeting of national security principals in which he states Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, " who looked distracted throughout the session, took the United States Deputy Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz line that there were other terrorists concerns, like Iraq.
As for the development of Divan poetry over the more than 500 years of its existence, that isas the Ottomanist Walter G. Andrews points outa study still in its infancy ; clearly defined movements and periods have not yet been decided upon.
United had trailed 15 points behind Arsenal, and Ferguson was forced to bring in temporary help from Walter Smith during the tough end of season run-in.
Wouldham school celebrates this connection with history in many ways, its four sports teams being named after ships at the Battle of Trafalgar ( Victory, Ajax, Sovereign, Brittania ), students being assigned into a house named after one of four famous figures at Trafalgar, which they are able to earn merit points for, and by holding an annual event at the nearby church to commemorate Walter Burke.
During his career at Purdue, he became one of only five players ( Joe Barry Carroll, Terry Dischinger, Walter Jordan and Robbie Hummel to record 800 rebounds and the first player in school history to have 1, 500 points, 800 rebounds and 250 assists.
In his rookie season of 1982 – 83, Näslund recorded 71 points in 74 games, finishing third on the team in scoring behind Guy Lafleur and Ryan Walter.
At the Acropolis Rally, Mouton won ahead of the Opel duo Walter Röhrl and Henri Toivonen, and closed to within 20 points of the championship leader Röhrl.
He averaged 20. 3 points and six assists per game in his 12 NBA seasons and was awarded the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award in 1977.
As historian Walter Meserve points out, “ American literature became identifiable only after writers had recognized the potential of American scenery, custom, characters, and ideas ... in a sense, they were bound together by a similar desire for freedom: the Yankee from the English, the Indian from the Yankees, and the Negro from bondage .” Depictions of oppressed, underdog characters such as the Yankee, Negro, and Indian overcoming captivity, or dying gloriously, represented the themes of freedom and liberty that characterized the newly independent America.
He also led the Big Ten Conference in scoring with 138 points during the 1991 season on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy, Maxwell Award, Walter Camp Award, and earning first-team All-American honors.
* Walter Esser — 4826 points (→ 20th place )
* In her book Sexual Generations: " Star Trek, the Next Generation " and Gender ( University of Illinois Press, 1999 ), Robin Roberts points out that a similar plot was used by Walter Besant in his 1882 anti-feminist dystopia, The Revolt of Man.
It is incredulous that these points were lost on the Walter Mittys who conjured up this programme.
On the question of universals, Walter, according to John of Salisbury, was the leader of the Indifferentists, according to whom the universal is in itself indifferent, but becomes the predicate of an individual subject by the addition of various status, that is determinations or, at least, points of view.

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