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Walton and dropped
In the Second World War Walton was the landing site of the only bomb to be dropped on Aylesbury by enemy aircraft.
The Conservative vote dropped considerably, leaving them in fourth place for the first time in an English by-election since Liverpool Walton in 1991.
The Conservatives dropped from second place at the 2001 general election to fourth place, their worst place in an English by-election since the Liverpool Walton by-election, 1991

Walton and serve
The following schools are part of the Walton County Public School System that serve the Loganville, Georgia area
In 1983, Rick Walton was hired to serve as head coach and led the Huskers to their first NCAA women ’ s gym event title when Michele Bryant came in first place on the vault.
Also, there are many primary schools to serve 4-11 year olds such as Oatlands Primary School, Cleves School, Walton Oak, Burhill, Manby Lodge and St James primary school.
Walton would serve the shortest term of any Governor of Oklahoma, being the first Governor in the state ’ s history to be removed from office.
Despite his enlistment, Walton did not see active duty during the Spanish-American War ; however he did serve at a post in Mexico for some time.
Old Swan has other bus links-routes 60, 61 / 61A, 62, 81 / 81A and 102, which do not serve Liverpool City Centre but provide important links to other areas of Liverpool including Aigburth, Aintree, Anfield, Bootle, Childwall, Clubmoor, Crosby, Croxteth, Fazakerley, Netherton, Norris Green, Orrell Park, Speke, Walton, Wavertree, West Derby and Woolton.
Other major exhibits include Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems, Alcoa Foundation Hall of American Indians, Polar World: Wyckoff Hall of Arctic Life, Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt, Benedum Hall of Geology, and Powdermill Nature Reserve, established by the museum in 1956 to serve as a field station for long-term studies of natural populations.
Adamson was educated at Edward Walton Quaker school, Old Shildon, until the age of thirteen, when he left to become an apprentice to Timothy Hackworth, engineer to the Stockton and Darlington Railway, with whom he went on to serve as a draughtsman and engineer.

Walton and district
John Walton, a district attorney, is presented with an obscenity case: A medical practitioner has been arrested for distributing ' indecent ' birth control literature.
* USD 373, school district for Newton, North Newton, Walton
* USD 373, school district for Newton, North Newton, Walton
Walton is generally believed to mean " wall-town ", Walsoken to mean " the district under particular jurisdiction by the wall " and Walpole to mean simply " wall-pole " ( Old English wal and pal ) or perhaps " well pool " ( Old English welle and pol ).
The original core village of the district, along Walton Rd and Broughton Rd, has retained its " Milton Keynes " road signs and has an attractive collection of rural village houses and a thatched pub.
The district includes all of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes, and Washington Counties.
Walton ( historically ) was a hamlet that is now a district and civil parish in Milton Keynes, ceremonial Buckinghamshire, England.
The historic hamlet is located about four miles south of Central Milton Keynes and just east of Simpson, mostly along Walton Road in the modern Walnut Tree district.
The manor house of the village, ( Walton Hall ) and its chapel of ease, now deconsecrated, are in the campus grounds of The Open University, in the Walton Hall district.
The modern Walton district is a light-industrial and residential district on the banks of the River Ouzel, a tributary of the Great Ouse and on the other side of Brickhill Street from the hamlet that gives it its name.
Walnut Tree is a residential district in Walton, with a population of 3, 354 in the last UK census. It iss named after the Walnut Tree Farm, on whose land the estate was built.
Caldecotte is a district in the parish of Walton, Milton Keynes, in ceremonial Buckinghamshire that includes the site of an ancient village of the same name.
* The adjacent Wavendon Gate district is in Milton Keynes, in the parish of Walton.
* Caldecotte, a district in the parish of Walton, Milton Keynes, in ceremonial Buckinghamshire, England
* Caldecotte, a district in the parish of Walton, Milton Keynes, in ceremonial Buckinghamshire, England
Walton Hall manor house located on the Open University campus. Walton Hall is a district in Milton Keynes, in the English county of Buckinghamshire, and is the location of the campus and offices of The Open University.
The manor house ( Walton Hall ) that gives the district its name and the ancient parish church of St Michael, now deconsecrated, are in the University's grounds.
* Caldecotte, a district in the parish of Walton, Milton Keynes, in ceremonial Buckinghamshire, England
Anfield is a residential district of Liverpool bordered by a number of areas including Walton, Clubmoor, Tuebrook and Everton.
Walton lay within the Anglo-Saxon administrative district of the Elmbridge hundred.
Queen Isabella and Mortimer having landed at Walton found all the district in their favor.

Walton and Wisconsin
Joseph Walton Losey ( January 14, 1909, La Crosse, Wisconsin – June 22, 1984, London ) was an American theater and film director.

Walton and primary
He attended Walton County Secondary School for Boys ( a secondary modern, which became Ambleside Junior School, then Walton Oak primary school ) on Ambleside Avenue in Walton on Thames, Brooklands Technical College on Heath Road in Weybridge, then Ewell Technical College ( now called North East Surrey College Of Technology-NESCOT ) in Ewell.
Before his term as mayor ended, Walton entered his name in the Democratic primary as a candidate for Governor of Oklahoma to succeed James B.
" In his own nomination, Walton received only " an extremely small per cent of the total votes cast ," yet was still selected as the Democratic Party candidate, and this perceived injustice led to the Oklahoma Legislature resolving to adopt a different electoral system ; eventually, they created the Oklahoma primary electoral system.
However, during his tenure as Commissioner, Walton ran in the Democratic primary for Governor in 1934 to replace William H. Murray and again in 1938 to replace Ernest W. Marland.
Although mostly housing, Walton Court also has Ashmead Combined School, a mixed, community primary school, which has approximately 475 pupils from the age of four through to the age of eleven ( Nursery to Year 6 ), Mandeville Upper School ( Year 7 to Sixth Form ) and until the year 2000, Willowmead School.
His primary influences are J. J. Johnson, Curtis Fuller, Slide Hampton, Jackie McLean, Freddie Hubbard, Dexter Gordon, Miles Davis, Hank Jones, Cedar Walton, McCoy Tyner and John Coltrane.
The area also contains Stanley Park, one of Liverpool's grand Victorian parks, covering 45 hectares of Anfield and is the primary separator between Anfield Stadium and Goodison Park in Walton.
The A580 is a primary A road in England that connects Walton, Liverpool and Salford, near Manchester and known officially as Liverpool-East Lancashire Road.
Navarre is centered near the junction of U. S. Highway 98, the primary east-west route between Pensacola and the Fort Walton Beach area, and State Road 87.
Vernon Walton ; Victory in the primary is tantamount to winning the seat in this Democratic Party stronghold.

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