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Was and London
London: Continuum ( translated from: Was ist Theorie?
* Was one of thirteen recipients in 2008 of the Darwin-Wallace Medal, heretofore bestowed every 50 years, by the Linnean Society of London.
* John D Beasley, Who Was Who In Peckham ( London: Chener Books, c1985 )
Currently he presents How London Was Built and Just Another Day on History UK.
* In the Beginning Was the WORD-Live DVD recorded at the Progress Bar, Tufnell Park, London, 18 November 2004, performed by Crass Agenda ( Gallery gallery Productions @ Le Chaos Factory, 2006 )
Such was Tucker's notoriety and cultural influence that, as late as 1963, three years before her death, Paul McCartney jokingly introduced the song " Till There Was You " ( from The Music Man ) at The Beatles ' Royal Command Performance at The Prince of Wales Theatre in London on 4 November by saying the song " had also been recorded by our favourite American group, Sophie Tucker ".
* Maybe I Was Wrong with London Elektricity in 2008 on Hospital Records
* In the Beginning Was the WORD-Live DVD recorded at the Progress Bar, Tufnell Park, London, 18 November 2004 ( Gallery gallery Productions @ Le Chaos Factory, 2006 )
* Margaret Rhondda: This Was My World ( London, 1933 )
* Chesterton's allegorical works The Man Who Was Thursday and The Napoleon of Notting Hill both feature surreal depictions of London.
* John Heidenry, Theirs Was the Kingdom: Lila and DeWitt Wallace and the Story of the Reader's Digest, New York / London: W. W. Norton, 1993
During World War II, Askey starred in several Gainsborough Pictures comedy films, including Band Waggon ( 1940 ), based on the radio show ; Charley's ( Big-Hearted ) Aunt ( 1940 ); The Ghost Train ( 1941 ); I Thank You ( 1941 ); Back Room Boy ( 1942 ); King Arthur Was a Gentleman ( 1942 ); Miss London Ltd. ( 1943 ) and Bees in Paradise ( 1944 ); as well as the popular West End musical Follow the Girls.
She became famous for appearances in ' That Was The Week That Was ' and ' Sunday Night at the London Palladium ' on UK TV in the 1960s.
Ned Sherrin, producer of the satirical BBC television programme That Was The Week That Was, hired David Frost as its presenter after reading a favourable review of Frost's London comedy cabaret show in The Stage.
* Harris, W. ( 2003 ) Morocco that Was, Eland Books, London, UK
The musical stage took priority in the second half of the 1940s with The Day Before Spring on Broadway and both DuBarry Was a Lady and Serenade in London.
The show's star, John Barrowman, recorded two songs from the score (" I Was Born To Be Me " and " I'll Dress You In Mourning ") which were released as 45 RPM and CD singles timed to coincide with the London opening.
Jennings only feature length film, the 70-minute Fires Were Started ( 1943 ), also known as I Was A Fireman, details the work of the Auxiliary Fire Service in London.
In that year, she was in Slim Driscoll, Samaritan, When the West Was Young and A Doll for the Baby, but soon returned to London.
* I Told You I Was Trouble: Live in London, Amy Winehouse album
It was in this same year that Emperor Henry IV began his open war on Gregory .< ref > On the conflict in general see Ian Stuart Robinson, Henry IV of Germany 1056-1106 ( Cambridge 1999 ); I. S. Robinson, ‘ Pope Gregory VII, the Princes and the Pactum 1077-1080 ’, The English Historical Review, 94 / 373 ( Oct. 1979 ): pp. 721-756 ; Louis I. Hamilton, ‘ Memory, Symbol, and Arson: Was Rome ‘ Sacked ’ in 1084 ?’, Speculum, 78 / 2 ( 2003 ), p. 378-399 ; Ernest F. Henderson ( ed ), Select Historical Documents of the Middle Ages ( London: George Bell and Sons, 1896 ), transcribed in ‘ Documents Relating to the War of the Investitures ,’ The Avalon Project: Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy ( Yale Law School, Lillian Goldman Law Library )< http :// avalon. law. yale. edu / subject_menus / investm. asp % 20 http :// avalon. law. yale. edu / subject_menus / investm. asp >, last accessed 19 February 2012 .</ ref > At the synod of Worms in January, 1076, a resolution was adopted deposing Gregory, and in this decision the philo-imperial bishops of Transpadine Italy joined.
* Paul Jennings, " I Was Joking Of Course ", London, Max Reinhardt Ltd, 1968

Was and ?
Was I sure, he asked, that I knew what I was applying for??
Was it not possible, after all, that the forest was in league with her and her child that its sympathy lay with the Culvers that she had erred in failing to understand this??
Was it Dutch Brenner ''??
`` Was it my equipment ''??
`` Was it something went bad with the breathing ''??
Was it supposed, perchance, that A & M ( vocational training, that is ) was quite sufficient for the immigrant class which flooded that part of the New England world in the post-Civil War period, the immigrants having been brought in from Southern Europe, to work in the mills, to make up for the labor shortage caused by migration to the West??
Was it the party's intention, for example, to abolish gradually the kolkhoz system and replace it by uniformly wage-earning kolkhozes, i.e., state farms ( which were, moreover, to be progressively `` urbanized '' )??
Was not this dropped primarily in order to `` appease '' the Chinese -- especially after `` Khrushchev's `` humiliating '' surrender to the West in canceling the German peace-treaty deadline of December 31??
Was it all vain labor??
Was this what he had expected??
Was it a birthday ball??
Was Operation Reinhard the same pattern for the daily trains now leaving the Umschlagplatz in Warsaw??
Was there another Majdanek in the Warsaw area, as they suspected??

London and ?
:" Mr. Balfour, supposing I was to offer you Paris instead of London, would you take it?
In the liner notes of the CD reissue of her 1966 album, Nancy In London, Sinatra states that she was " scared to death " of recording the song, and asked the songwriters: " Are you sure you don't want Shirley Bassey?
* Sounds Familiar? Listen to examples of London and other regional accents and dialects of the UK on the British Library's ' Sounds Familiar ' website
Her occasional acting ventures were limited to theater and included performances on Broadway and in London in The Irregular Verb to Love ( 1963 ); The Kingfisher ( 1978 ) in which she co-starred with Rex Harrison, and Frederick Lonsdale's Aren't We All?
If nations more powerful than ourselves accept the absence of principle, the anarchistic attitude of Eden and launch bombs on London, what answer have we got, what complaint have we got?
: The flower of London?
Howard began acting on the London stage in 1917 but had his greatest theatrical success in the United States on Broadway, in plays such as Aren't We All?
Famous people born there include: the author, Enid Blyton in 1897 ; the first compiler of the London A-Z, Phyllis Pearsall in East Dulwich in 1906, she went on to live in Dulwich Village ; the war-time singer Anne Shelton in 1923 ( or 1928?
* Scanlan, Matthew, " A Masonic Temple in West London?
Do you think they sit like monks in London, balancing the rights and wrongs?
The day after Tresham's recruitment, Catesby exchanged greetings in London with Fawkes's former employer, Lord Montague, and asked him " The Parliament, I think, brings your lordship up now?
* Proherodius ( London Clay Early Eocene of London, England )-Presbyornithidae?
In the introduction, he says that the piece can be seen as a kind of exploration of his experiences in Sierra Leone as an operative for MI6 during World War II, drawing from his experiences almost directly for the work ( such as the smuggled Portuguese letter found on a ship, which he did not allow to pass as in the book, but instead radioed up London asking " What was it all for?
She performed with her sister Vanessa in Three Sisters in London, and in the title role in a television production of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
The novel received its first true publication as a fifty-four part serialisation in the London Evening News from Thursday, July 16, to Wednesday, September 16, 1925, under the title, Who Killed Ackroyd?
A Barrister, Temple .— Calls our attention to the ridiculous alteration of the Laws of Chess, by G. Walker, in his New Treatise on Chess, and asks, " Is it possible such absurdities are sanctioned by the London Chess Club?
In addition to the haute cuisine offered at luncheon and dinner, tea at the Ritz became a fashionable institution in Paris, and later in London, though it caused Escoffier real distress: " How can one eat jam, cakes and pastries, and enjoy a dinner – the king of meals – an hour or two later?
The band has also stepped out from behind their instruments and microphone stands to produce films, including two documenting the landscape of the city of London: Finisterre ( 2002 ) inspired by the 1967 short film The London Nobody Knows, and What Have You Done Today, Mervyn Day?
** The Master Criminal ( London, 1917 / 18?
Diageo plc Other possibilities are < http :// www. youtube. com / watch? v = MQIIdx75Wm0 > or, which is the only pronunciation in the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary </ ref > (, ) is a British multinational alcoholic beverages company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
" Its defenders argued that it was less cruel and dangerous than fox hunting, and one local newspaper asked " Who or what is this London Society that, usurping the place of constituted authorities, presumes to interfere with our ancient amusement?

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