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Washoe and was
The land comprising the modern state was inhabited by Native Americans of the Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe tribes prior to European contact.
* The university was home to the signing chimpanzee Washoe from 1980 until her death in October 2007 ; from 1993 at the university's Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute.
Washoe County was created in 1861 as one of the original nine counties of the Nevada Territory.
Washoe City was the first county seat in 1861 and was replaced by Reno in 1871.
In 2010, there was a ballot question asking whether the Reno city government and the Washoe County government should become one combined governmental body.
The area around Lake Tahoe was originally inhabited by the Washoe tribe of Native Americans.
Lake Tahoe was the center and heart of Washoe Indian territory, including the upper valleys of the Walker, Carson and Truckee Rivers.
R. Allen and Beatrix Gardner made a similar earlier study, called Project Washoe, in which another chimpanzee was raised like a human child.
Washoe was given affection and participated in everyday social activity with her adoptive family.
Washoe lived 24 hours a day with her human family from birth ; Nim at 2 weeks old was raised by a family in a home environment by human surrogate parents to see if he could refute Noam Chomsky's thesis that language is inherent only in humans.
Project Nim was an attempt to go further than Project Washoe.
Terrace, however, was skeptical of Project Washoe and, according to the critics, went to great lengths to discredit it.
Roger Fouts, of the Washoe Project, also claims that Project Nim was poorly conducted because it did not use strong enough methodology to avoid such comparisons and efficiently defend against them.
Fouts later reported, however, that a community of ASL-speaking chimpanzees ( including Washoe herself ) was spontaneously using this language as a part of their internal communication system.
In 1994, a Washoe County elementary school was named in Winnemucca's honor.
Mills Bee Lane III ( born November 12, 1936 ) is a retired boxing referee, a former boxer, was a two-term Washoe County District Court Judge, and television personality.
She is well known for her comparative studies into the cognitive fundamentals of language and communication, and was one of the first to try to extend work on language learning in animals other than humans ( exemplified by the Washoe project ) to a bird species.
* Washoe ( chimpanzee ) -- a chimpanzee that was taught by humans to speak in American Sign Language
* Before it was made a Territory, Nevada was popularly known as Washoe
Washoe ( c. September 1965 Ellensburg – October 30, 2007 ) was a female chimpanzee who was the first non-human to learn to communicate using American Sign Language, as part of a research experiment on animal language acquisition.
Washoe was born in West Africa in 1965.

Washoe and named
Settlers named the area Washoe in reference to the tribe.
It is named after the Washoe people who originally inhabited the area.
In 1911 a small group of Bannock under a leader named " Shoshone Mike " killed four ranchers in Washoe County.
Gardner's brother, R. Allen Gardner, is a professor of comparative psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno and is famous for teaming with his wife on Project Washoe, the attempt to teach American Sign Language to a chimpanzee named Washoe.
In 1911 a small group of Bannock under a leader named " Shoshone Mike " killed four ranchers in Washoe County, Nevada.
New Washoe City is named after the older, much smaller nearby locale of Washoe City, commonly referred to as Old Washoe City, which clusters around the northwest side of Little Washoe Lake.
Patrik Wiren went on to form the band Alpha Safari ( formerly named Washoe ) with some former live members from Misery Loves Co.

Washoe and for
* The Virginia Street Bridge in Reno, Nevada, known for being the place where newly-divorced women coming from the Washoe County Courthouse would toss their wedding rings into the Truckee River.
Washoe was raised in an environment as close as possible to that of a human child, in an attempt to satisfy her psychological need for companionship.
While with Washoe, the Gardners and Fouts were careful to only communicate in ASL with Washoe, rather than using vocal communication, on the assumption that this would create a less confusing learning environment for Washoe.
For researchers to consider that Washoe had learned a sign, she had to use it spontaneously and appropriately for 14 consecutive days.
When new students came to work with Washoe, she would slow down her rate of signing for novice speakers of sign language, which had a humbling effect on many of them.
He ran for the position of President of the National Congress of American Indians in 2001 and won his campaign at the annual convention in Spokane, Washington over Chairman Brian Wallance of the Washoe Tribe of Nevada.
* Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County, a public body responsible for public transit and roads in Northern Nevada
Washoe people have lived in the Great Basin for at least the last 6000 years.
Washoe resistance to incursions on their lands proved futile, and the last armed conflict with the Washoes and non-Indians was the " Potato War " of 1857, when starving Washoes were killed for gathering potatoes from a European-American farm near Honey Lake in California.
Loss of the valley hunting grounds to farms and the Piñon pine groves to feed Virginia City's demand for lumber and charcoal drove most Washoe to dependency on jobs in white ranches, farms and cities.
* Transfer: Although the same object was presented for each learning trial ( a specific hat, for example ), Washoe was able to use the sign for other similar objects ( e. g. other hats ).
His efforts during this period included founding Washoe City, building smelters in Pleasant Valley and Austin, and becoming an early promoter for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad.
The Washoe County, Nevada web site reveals a Ponderosa Ranch land use concept diagram which alludes to a plan for a new theme park within the Ponderosa Ranch limits.
The Owens Valley Brown Ware is an example of Paiute / Washoe ceramics, which was used for cooking, food storage, and water jugs.
New Washoe City is probably best known for its nearby proximity to Washoe Lake, Little Washoe Lake and the adjacent Washoe Lake State Park.

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