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We're and she
`` We're lost and burning up already '', she bit out tensely.
Later, she said, " We're really proud of our marriage.
"; at the end of the song, she would similarly conclude " We're through playin ' now!
In the same year, she also starred in We're Not Married !, also featuring Marilyn Monroe, and in Dreamboat.
" We're not like other lesbians, going to bars ," she explained in a New York Times interview.
In the early 1970s, she had additional charted hits ; her most successful was in 1973, a duet with country singer Tom T. Hall titled, " Hello, We're Lonely " which was a Top 20 hit, reaching No. 14 on the Bilboard Country Chart.
When the president walked in, she threw her arms around him, kissed him, and said, " We're all very proud of you, Daddy.
From Stadium Status she sung in and Oh !, Fast Car, We're Back and has a minor appearance in Promise 2 Call ( she also co-wrote Oh, We're Back and Promise 2 Call with Kocky ).
Surrender was the first Chemical Brothers album not to feature a guest appearance from Beth Orton, though she would appear on the following album Come with Us on the song " The State We're In ".
Despite not winning her competition ( she lost to Melissa Moultree ), Tiffany, performing on Star Search as ' Tiffany Renee ,' was the first Star Search alumna (- us ) to land a # 1 hit, with her cover of the Top 5 Tommy James & the Shondells hit " I Think We're Alone Now " — actually improving on the original single's chart performance.
In 2007, Lewis contributed vocals to various songs on Johnathan Rice's album Further North, and she appeared in the music video for " We're All Stuck Out In The Desert ( And We're Gonna Die )".
When she was 18, Ivy Queen moved to San Juan where she met rapper and producer, DJ Negro, who introduced her to a group called The Noise, with whom she wrote and performed her first song " Somos Raperos Pero No Delincuentes " ( We're Rappers, But Not Delinquents ).
Carla Christofferson, her lawyer at the time, explained that " We're trying to stop them from releasing these early recordings which is not the quality she is associated with right now.
He stated ' It's a great look at what she was doing, We're pleased be putting the record out.
In August, she contributed to We're All Grown Ups Here, another radio documentary by Stuck in The Middle's Sony Award-winning producer Sara Conkey.
At their live shows, she sang the lead vocal on the song " It's All Coming Back To Me Now ", one of the four lead vocal parts on the song " We're Still The Children We Once Were ", lead vocals on the songs " Holding Out for a Hero " and " Total Eclipse of the Heart ", " Loving You's a Dirty Job but Somebody's Gotta Do It " as a duet with Rob Evan, and backup vocals, as applicable, on many other songs performed by The Dream Engine.
Following this success, Weathers left for a solo career, and she was replaced by Portia Martin for the band's next album, 1988's We're Movin ' Up.
She also performed vocals on several stunning ballads, notably " You ," and " We're Lovers After All ," and " I Can't Believe Someone Like You Could Really Love Me ," ( with a full gospel choir backing ), she also had another minor disco hit with "( Come and Take ) This Candy from Your Baby ".

We're and said
`` We're going to Philadelphia '', Kitty said, pulling her skirt down around her legs all the more.
`` We're going after ice '', Howard said, `` and thought maybe you'd go along and keep us company ''.
`` We're here because of what happened last night '', he said.
`` We're right on the edge of the Deep '', Elaine said.
`` We're getting more ' pro ' letters than ' con ' on horse race betting '', said Ratcliff.
`` We're just real happy for the players '', Coach Bill Meek said of the 9-7 victory over the Air Force Academy.
`` We're getting Friend some runs for a change, and he has been pitching good '', Murtaugh said.
With DeMille renowned for his flamboyance and showmanship, Queen frontman Freddie Mercury famously said of his band, " We're the Cecil B. DeMille of rock and roll, always wanting to do things bigger and better ".
Within three months charges were dropped against both Wigton and Tabor ; Giuliani said, " We're not going to go to trial.
" We're part of history ," said guard Jesse Sapolu.
Robert Smith said in 2006, " It's so pitiful when ' goth ' is still tagged onto the name The Cure ", and added, " We're not categorisable.
In July 2007, the Stuckists held an exhibition at the A Gallery, I Won't Have Sex with You as long as We're Married, titled after words apparently said to Thomson by his ex-wife, Stella Vine on their wedding night.
In a recent interview for The Economist, Brin jokingly said: " We're both kind of obnoxious.
Harkleroad in 1998 said in retrospect: " We're dealing with a strange person, coming from a place of being a sculptor / painter, using music as his idiom.
However, they met Zhou Enlai, who spoke of how President Kennedy had wanted to restore ties with China and said " We're willing to wait.
Plans to shut local libraries were " wrong and very short-sighted ", Bennett said, adding: " We're impoverishing young people.
" We're just trying to get the town to have its own personality again ," said Metolius mayor Darrell Agee.
" We're going to do something different us and make a real record, right now, right after we've done this one ," Glover said with a laugh.
" Roth's statement to Michael Corleone that " We're bigger than U. S. Steel " was actually a direct quote from Lansky, who said the same thing to his wife while watching a news story on the Cosa Nostra.
Upon David's first meeting with Shirley before co-starring with her on The Partridge Family, he said, " The day he tells me that they're divorced, he tells me, ' We're remarried, and let me introduce you to my new wife.
" We're sorry if we have offended people ," said Diane Moon, a spokesperson for the museum.
However, in September 2007, Stevens said: We're at the end of a long, long term of warming.
" She also said, " The concentrations are such that they don't pose a health hazard ... We're going to make sure everybody is safe.

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