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Page "adventure" ¶ 398
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

We and aim
The We Are the Future ( WAF ) Center is a child care centre whose aim is to give children a chance to live their childhoods and develop a sense of hope.
Moore recalled that " we wanted to aim high, do something different and big ... We knew we had to have a strong Picard story arc, so what are the profound things in a man's life he has to face?
According to Jeremy Gilbert,We now live in an era when, throughout the capitalist world, the overriding aim of government economic policy is to maintain consumer spending levels.
He also said the group had come to Moscow not to kill the hostages or to fight with Russia's elite troops, as they had had enough fighting in Chechnya over the years: " We came here with a specific aim — to put an end to the war and that is it.
Zelen's 1976 " Challenge to Gauquelin " had stated: " We now have an objective way for unambiguous corroboration or disconfirmation .... to settle this question ", whereas this aim was now disputed.
We must aim at the box office and not the art gallery.
We aim for the abolition of all hierarchy, and work for the creation of a world-wide classless society: anarchist communism.
We aim to establish a normal work-day, to take the children from the factory and workshop and give them the opportunity of the school and the play-ground.
We aim to reflect reality.
As stated in the new Mission Strategic Plan,We aim to influence Tanzanian public opinion to consider favorably US policies and programs in the light of the significant contributions by the American people toward Tanzania's development.
We aim to create a cohesive brotherhood that will stand the test of time while giving back to the world in which we live through charity.
" We aim to make a bright town where everyone lives in a happy family and greets the 21st century with pride.
* In June 1789, Montenegrin Chieftains, wrote to Russian Empress Katarina II, in the name of the entire Serb Montenegrin community: " We Serbs Montenegrins hope that we shall not be left without help " and " If we could have organization and munition, we would liberate our glorious Serb lands entirely from the Barbarian yoke ( Ottoman Empire ), together with our armed Serb brothers who aim to attack this enemy from all sides.
After Seeckt had met Adolf Hitler for the first time on 11 March 1923 he wrote: " We were one in our aim ; only our paths were different ".
All of our ' characters ' are ourselves ... We do not aim to ' suspend the audience's disbelief ' but to create a world where the stage is a continuation of daily life " ( Allen 3 ).
We aim to reflect reality.
" Finally, he needed to reiterate a policy and an aim unchanged — despite the intervening events — from his speech of 13 May, in which he had said: " We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind.
Factcheck. org's stated goal is " We aim to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U. S. politics, for voters ".
In 1995, he briefly joined Brainpool in the studio to provide backing vocals for the Painkiller album track We aim to please.
The aim of Tradition und Leben is summed up by its motto: “ We crown democracy !” indicating the desire for a modern, democratic kingdom.
We will aim to have a seamless transition for our customers and business partners ,” adds CEO designate, Philip Saunders.
* " We have now added to those our number one aim which is to reform the States along the principles of Clothier.
We aim to do just that .” Overall, General Holmes said the changes would make Security Forces more effective and relevant to Air Force needs in the face of the current changing nature of warfare.
Paul VI went on to adopt Pope John's motto for himself, as he stated in Ecclesiam Suam: We cannot forget Pope John XXIII's word aggiornamento which We have adopted as expressing the aim and object of Our own pontificate.

We and be
We spoke of the need for advertising, and I agreed that the deep dive would be most useful for publicity.
We, in our country, think of war as an external threat which, if it occurs, will not be primarily of our own doing.
We have proved so able to solve technological problems that to contend we cannot realize a universal goal in the immediate future is to be extremely shortsighted, if nothing else.
We must not forget, to be sure, that free discussion and debate have produced beneficial results.
We would be ignoring the special circumstances of other countries.
We face, indeed, what may be a turning point in history, and we must act decisively and wisely.
We must be ever alert that freedom does not wither through the careless amassing of restrictive controls or the lack of courage to deal boldly with the issues of the day.
`` We were requested by the Secretary General, as I understand it, to discuss with you such matters as appear to us to be relevant, and we are not of course either a formal group or a committee in the sense of being guided by any rules or regulations of the Secretariat.
We need not, to be sure, expect to find such ideas in every piece of literature.
We must avoid the notion, suggested to some people by examples such as those just mentioned, that ideas are `` units '' in some way comparable to coins or counters that can be passed intact from one group of people to another or even, for that matter, from one individual to another.
We can be virtuous only if we control our lower natures, the passions in this case, and strengthen our rational side ; ;
We lived for a while in a movie melodrama with a German cook and her son who turned out to be Nazis.
We must, first of all, be willing to forgive others before we can secure God's forgiveness.
We want the past forgiven, but at the same time we must be willing for God to direct the future.
We expect him to be noble, and to make us so -- yet he knows, and tries to tell us, how very humble man must be.
We have no right to criticize them, as they realize they would be sitting ducks in a nuclear war.
We feel that The Detroit News is to be complimented upon arranging for articles on these subjects and we hope that it will continue to provide material along wholesome lines.
We would be crippled by reduced output, industrial decline, widespread unemployment ''.
We welcome this able brief for the negative as part of a many-sided discussion of the Atlantic Common Market which JNR will be continuing in our pages.
We hoped that its practitioners and teachers might be put on some sort of reserve list and called back for refresher courses each year or so.
-- We won't be too long.
We blushed and were flustered, and it turned out to be the fleetest brush of lips upon cheek.
We found in Gonzales v. United States, supra, that this was the controlling reason why copies of the recommendation should be furnished a registrant.

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