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We and are
We are thirsty and hungry ; ;
We are very proud of it ''.
As Madison commented to Jefferson in 1789, `` We are in a wilderness without a single footstep to guide us.
We began by declaring that all men are created equal.
We now practically read it, all men are created equal except Negroes.
We are desperately in the need of such invention, for man is still very much at the mercy of man.
We get some clue from a few remembrances of childhood and from the circumstance that we are probably not much more afraid of people now than man ever was.
We are not now afraid of atomic bombs in the same way that people once feared comets.
We are worried about what people may do with them -- that some crazy fool may `` push the button ''.
We have staved off a war and, since our behavior has involved all these elements, we can only keep adding to our ritual without daring to abandon any part of it, since we have not the slightest notion which parts are effective.
We are forced, in our behavior towards others, to adopt empirically successful patterns in toto because we have such a minimal understanding of their essential elements.
We are already committed to establishing man's supremacy over nature and everywhere on earth, not merely in the limited social-political-economical context we are fond of today.
We are tempted to blame others for our problems rather than look them straight in the face and realize they are of our own making and possible of solution only by ourselves with the help of desperately needed, enlightened, competent leaders.
We are reminded, however, that freedom of thought and discussion, the unfettered exchange of ideas, is basic under our form of government.
We are also struck by the fact that this story of a boy's love for his mother does not offend, while the incestuous love of the man, Paul Morel, sometimes repels.
We have so completely entered the child's fantasy that his illness and his death are the plausible and the necessary conclusion.
We feel uncomfortable at being bossed by a corporation or a union or a television set, but until we have some knowledge about these phenomena and what they are doing to us, we can hardly learn to control them.
We and our friends are, of course, concerned with self-defense.
`` We were requested by the Secretary General, as I understand it, to discuss with you such matters as appear to us to be relevant, and we are not of course either a formal group or a committee in the sense of being guided by any rules or regulations of the Secretariat.
`` We are ready for your next mysterious assignment '', said Mr. Baer to the Hetman.
We are learning how to do these things in some of the vast organized structures of modern society ; ;
We are all, though many of us are snobbish enough to wish to deny it, in far closer sympathy with the art of the music-hall and picture-palace than with Chaucer and Cimabue, or even Shakespeare and Titian.

We and claiming
In a press interview following the event, Fish denied this would lead to a full reunion, claiming that " Hogarth does a great job with the band ... We forged different paths over the 19 years.
We had a terrible problem being sued by people claiming we had stolen their stuff.
The band made a statement claiming, " We have never charged a fan for an autograph and will never charge any fans for an autograph.
Smiley & PJ from Shut Up and Dance were once not let into a club by a bouncer claiming " We don't play your jungle music here ", referring to the more drum oriented oldskool hardcore.
In the classic example of Avis claiming " No. 2, We Try Harder ," the point was to say something so shocking ( it was by the standards of the day ) that it cleared space in your brain and made you forget all about who was # 1 and not to make some philosophical point about being " hungry " for business.
Despite the existence of three stenographic reports of the address, the Associated Press misquoted La Follette claiming he had said " We had no grievance against Germany " and that he argued the sinking of the Lusitania was justified.
We are not claiming to be marriage guidance people, or anything.
We do not even have hearsay accounts of conversations she had with anyone else that have a specific, scientific content, let alone claiming to report her ideas.
" Fouché, claiming that " Terror, salutary terror, is now the order of the day here .... We are causing much impure blood to flow, but it is our duty to do so, it is for humanity's sake ," called for the execution of 1, 905 citizens.
A telephone message claiming to represent Islamic Jihad proclaimed: " We are responsible of the assassination of the president of AUB ... We also vow that not a single American or French will remain on this soil.
Later in the run, another dog named Walter was used, with LaLanne claiming " Walter " stood for " We All Love To Exercise Regularly.
We simply want to know are you, or are you not, claiming the Fifth Amendment '.
The Polish government was not a party to this decision made in secret and under cover of a press release claiming that We await the day, when all nations of the world will live peacefully, free of tyranny, according to their national needs and conscience.
We thought he retired, he was claiming he didn't and still had one fight.
A report by the coach and manager criticised his leadership, claiming that Malik was " a loner, aloof and involved in his own little world, which is OK but not when the team required a fully committed captain We do not see any meaningful communication between players and captain other than his five-minute talk during the team meeting ".
Protesters were heard chanting " Hoćemo Ruse " (" We want the Russians "), but when the authorities and state-controlled media criticized them for it, many quickly began backpedaling by claiming they actually chanted " Hoćemo gusle " (" We want gusle ").
* In Thesis four ( Sola Fide ), the text asserts We deny that justification rests on any merit to be found in us, or upon the grounds of an infusion of Christ's righteousness in us, or that an institution claiming to be a church that denies or condemns sola fide can be recognized as a legitimate church.
“ Shall We Go On a General fraternity ?” claiming that the majority of the chapters were “ no longer even predominantly legal in their membership .”
The Southern Poverty Law Center has listed Wilson among the " ideologues " of the neo-Confederate movement, claiming that he told Gentleman's Quarterly in 1998 that " We don't want the federal government telling us what to do, pushing integration down our throats ... We're tired of carpetbagging professionals coming to our campuses and teaching that the South is a cultural wasteland.
) We also employ subjective terms such as ' willingly ' and ' regularly ' in claiming that bonobos and dolphins are the only other animals who " willingly ( and regularly ) engage in sex with each other " ... and even then it may be the case that these species have some other ' purpose ' for doing so that we haven't yet discovered ..."
He also seems bitter about America not winning the Vietnam War, claiming " We didn't lose the war, it was a tie.
The most controversial part of the issue was the regime-friendly op-ed piece titled " Nećemo da podstičemo nasilje " ( We don't want to encourage violence ) signed by Peter Kelbel who wrote it claiming to represent the paper's owners.

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