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Page "lore" ¶ 703
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

We and ask
We will know, and He will know, to whom it is rendered, what the birds would ask:
We must ask ourselves which of the two alternatives will help the commuter -- the two-way B. & O. - C. & O. merger, or the three-way New York Central - B. & O. - C. & O. merger.
We all know what the dummies will do '' -- he gestured at the hummocks in which the decorticated men were cradled -- `` and we all know what the new people will ask.
We need only ask such a skeptic, What his meaning is?
We shall ask none.
We have only the names of some auguria ( augural rites ): e. g. the augurium salutis which took place once a year before the magistrates and the people, in which the gods were asked whether it was auspicious to ask to for the welfare of the Romans, the augurium canarium and the vernisera auguria.
We would ask him questions like, " Dave, when did you and God become such good friends?
We also ask our members to avoid photoshopping Prince and posting them on our boards.
" We may justifiably ask ," observes Kerenyi, " Why was this great mythical hunter, who in Greece became a mysterious god of the underworld, a capturer of wild animals and not a killer?
We can similarly ask, " how much space is contained in a meter?
We cannot ask for that which is forbidden in Islam.
" We can come in and ask for just about everything ," he said.
We cannot ask the British constitution for more than the restitution of Grattan's parliament, but no man has the right to fix the boundary of a nation.
" We never let a press conference go by without getting someone to try to ask him about statehood.
We ask Allah, through His Mercy, to forgive the one who uttered it.
We ask only that:
" We firstly ask for the freedom of conscience or the freedom of full universal religion, without distinction as without privilege ; and by consequence, in what touches us, we Catholics, for the total separation of church and state ... this necessary separation, without which there would exist for Catholics no religious freedom, implies, for a part, the suppression of the ecclesiastical budget, and we have fully recognized this ; for another part, the absolute independence of the clergy in the spiritual order ... Just as there can be nothing religious today in politics there must be nothing political in religion.
We ask, secondly, for freedom of education, because it is a natural right, and thus to say, the first freedom of the family ; because there exists without it neither religious freedom nor freedom of expression .”
For example, " We went to Il Ristorante " is acceptable provided your audience can infer that it is a restaurant ( if they understand Italian and English it might likely, if spoken rather than written, be misinterpreted as a generic reference and not a proper noun, leading the hearer to ask " Which ristorante do you mean?
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
* We believe that the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, according to Acts 2: 4 is given to believers who ask for it.
The Spanish version is as follows: " A San Fermín pedimos, por ser nuestro patrón, nos guíe en el encierro dándonos su bendición " (" We ask Saint Fermín, as our Patron, to guide us through the encierro and give us his blessing ").
We ask which is more beautiful, the perfectly round belly button of Jane Fonda or Raquel Welch ’ s grain of coffee navel?
In his encyclical Mystici Corporis, 103 Pope Pius XII said thatthose who do not belong to the visible Body of the Catholic Church … We ask each and every one of them to correspond to the interior movements of grace, and to seek to withdraw from that state in which they cannot be secure about their salvation. Pius IX, Iam Vos Omnes, 13 Sept. 1868 For even though by an unconscious desire and longing have a certain relationship with the Mystical Body of the Redeemer, they still remain deprived of those many heavenly gifts and helps which can only be enjoyed in the Catholic Church.

We and people
`` We the people of the Confederate States, each state acting in its sovereign and independent character, in order to form a permanent federal government, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity -- invoking the favor and the guidance of Almighty God -- do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Confederate States of America ''.
We get some clue from a few remembrances of childhood and from the circumstance that we are probably not much more afraid of people now than man ever was.
We are not now afraid of atomic bombs in the same way that people once feared comets.
We are worried about what people may do with them -- that some crazy fool may `` push the button ''.
We did our job, Mr. Stavropoulos and Mr. De Seynes and myself, taking evidence from a number of people ''.
We must avoid the notion, suggested to some people by examples such as those just mentioned, that ideas are `` units '' in some way comparable to coins or counters that can be passed intact from one group of people to another or even, for that matter, from one individual to another.
( We do, however, recommend those patented covers to prevent both people and junk -- flora and fauna generally -- from accidentally wintering in the pool.
We could scarcely find eighty in our great land of over 180 million people.
We have set up a central R & D department, as well as engineering-management departments -- about 80 people working on problems related to those of our plants.
`` We do not have people in our organization termed ' consultants ' or ' fellows ', who are specialists in one particular technical subject.
We have complete facilities to accommodate 200 people ''.
We want to know the number of people going to the mountains.
Mr. Alexander H. Wheelan's Study Helps In Point And Figure Technique tells the readers: `` We assure you that the total number of people using this method of market analysis is a very small portion of the sum total of those operating in the securities and commodities markets ''.
We were to discover, in fact, that quite a number of people share with us the impression that, in contrast to other Soviet regions, Moscow's atmosphere is depressingly subdued and official.
We recognize that young people through imaginative mind and body training can become athletes, acrobats, dancers, musicians and artists, developing many potentialities.
We cater mostly to nice people in the $5-8,000 annual income bracket and we run a string of snazzy, neon-lit, chromium-plated suburban stores.
We served our national interests, and by so doing we saved the Guatemalan people the ultimate in human misery.
Finally, Orville intoned through his hawk nose, `` We can't have people running in any time they please, Sergeant ''.
`` We must solve the problems which have forced these people to depend upon ADC for subsistence '', Martin said.
We stand more in awe of one another than most people.
We can die, too, we can die like real people.
The President ended his address with an appeal to the people of the South: " We are not enemies, but friends.

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