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We and collected
* In John Steinbeck's novel The Winter of Our Discontent, the protagonist Ethan Hawley describes a mandrake root in his family's collection of curios collected on whaling voyages, "[...] We even had a mandrake root-a perfect little man, sprouted from the death-ejected sperm of a hanged man [...]".
Days later, Norris was presented with a petition of 10, 000 signatures, collected nationwide, by the We Want Norris campaign outside Leinster House.
That same year, Adams produced Jesse Malin's first album, The Fine Art of Self Destruction, and later worked with Malin to form the punk-rock group The Finger ( under the pseudonyms, " Warren Peace " and " Irving Plaza " respectively ), who released two E. P. s which were collected together to form We Are Fuck You, released on One Little Indian Records in 2003.
Their scores for these four films were collected on the 2008 compilation They Shoot, We Score.
The Marquis de Chastellux, with whom Knox established a good friendship, wrote of Knox, " We cannot sufficiently admire the intelligence and activity with which he collected from different places and transported to the batteries more than thirty pieces ...", and " one-half has been said in commending his military genius.
We note that at the dashed line in the figure, electrons scattered in the same direction by the sample are collected into a single point.
We do know that all primitive societies had and used string — for hunting, fishing, and weaving — and that string figures have been collected from native peoples all over the world.
The three issues will be collected with bonus material in the trade paperback We Hate Tank Girl, due for release 4 December 2010.
* Orion # 4: " Tales of the New Gods: Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down ..." ( a, with Walt Simonson, 2000 ) collected in O: The Gates of Apokolips ( tpb, 144 pages, 2001, ISBN 1-56389-778-4 )
* Sinker, Daniel, " We Owe You Nothing, Punk Planet: the collected interviews ", Akashic Books, 2001 ISBN 1-888451-14-9
The hadith of ʿAbdul ʿAziz bin Ṣuhayb says: We conquered Khaibar, took the captives, and the booty was collected.
On 3 August 1835, after the small camp's imported food supplies ran low, William Todd recorded, " We have commenced eating Roots the same as the Natives do "-these were murnong or Yam Daisy roots ( Microseris lanceolata ) which were a staple of the local Aboriginal diet and would have been collected in large quantities by local Aboriginal women.
We then changed tools to the alpha particle X-ray spectrometer and collected data for 5 hours and 41 minutes about the composition of the soil in front of the rover.
The poems were later collected in Vi overlever alt (" We survive everything ") ( 1945 ).
Malin has also collaborated with Ryan Adams & Johnny T to form the band The Finger ( the pair adopted the pseudonyms " Irving Plaza " and " Warren Peace " respectively ) who released two EPs which were later collected into the album We Are Fuck You.
They began by releasing two EPs: We Are Fuck You and Punk's Dead Let's Fuck which were later collected to form the album We Are Fuck You, released in 2003.

We and lucky
We were lucky.
" We clicked on comedy, and we were lucky we found each other, because we both had so much respect for it.
" We came back into the game and scored two lucky goals, so in the end we were the winners but we were very, very lucky ", stated Franz Beckenbauer.
He also stated: " I think everybody in the band, especially myself, imagined that the reason we were doing so well was because of themselves … We were pretty young and very lucky, and things had happened very quickly for us and I don't think we were really mature to handle the situation.
' We tried and tried, but we didn't get lucky ,' says Roy.
" It wasn't on our behest that this went exclusive ... We bid and we were very fortunate and lucky and delighted to be the winning licensee.
" We were very lucky in that we didn't have an acrimonious split ," Beckinsale has said.
We were not so lucky ourselves as to see these tar geysers, much though we wished it ; as it was some distance out of the way we were to take, the Governor did not want us to go past them.
We thought it would be funny to put a huge stadium crowd in the background at a time when we were lucky to be playing to a few hundred.
" We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones.
We ’ re lucky to have two languages ; one that we share with half the world and one which belongs just to us.
" We see masses of familiar faces every time we play-we were always pretty familiar with our audiences anyway and we're very lucky that so many of them are so loyal to us.
Lou Parsons, a senior Miller adviser, later acknowledged, " We wouldn't have won it against Dennis [...] Our winning strategy was always to be against Larry ... and in the end we were lucky.
* Song We don't know how lucky we are
We should all be so lucky to live like that.
When interviewed he said, " We all know how lucky we are to have the jobs we have.
: Subject: No. We have been lucky.
" We see masses of familiar faces every time we play-we were always pretty familiar with our audiences anyway and we're very lucky that so many of them are so loyal to us.
Producer Barry Rosen said, " We were very lucky that and Stan Kirsch | Kirsch were so human-grounded, so we could really play off of them and the way they looked at things that went through.
We shipped it out and I got lucky.
We want some lucky cookies
We want some lucky cookies
We want some lucky cookies

We and stones
” You say: ‘ We worship stones and walls and boards .’ But it is not so, O Emperor ; but they serve us for remembrance and encouragement, lifting our slow spirits upwards, by those whose names the pictures bear and whose representations they are.
We are at present not in need of beautiful scenery that looks good to the eyes, but what we need are foundation stones that will bury themselves in the soil to make the building standing on them strong.
And We rained down on them a rain ( of stones ).
We also highlight the trade in precious stones, is considered the Capital International Precious Stones, which comprises a good portion of its economy.
A. Milne's Now We are Six ( 1927 ) had the following version of " Cherry stones ":
And think not to say within yourselves, We have Abraham to our father: for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Abraham.
* 2004 We throw stones, not Quarks ( essay that later became his solo novel " Blasphemy ")
A spokesman for the Way reported the letter to ZENIT, saying that " We share the sense of urgency expressed by Archbishop Chacour to evangelize ' the living stones ' in the land of the Lord.

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