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We and congratulate
We congratulate the entire membership on its record of good legislation.
We can't congratulate the devil.
We congratulate the SpaceShipOne team and wish all those who may follow safe flights.
We congratulate her,
We must congratulate firearms owners in this nation for their initiatives into the area of the safe handling of firearms, not condemn them for their efforts .” Steckle was one of three Liberal backbenchers who voted with the opposition against Bill C-68 and as a result Steckle was subsequently removed from his assignment on the Standing Committee of Agriculture and Agri-Food.
We can do no less than congratulate the general state of Christendom upon the accession of so extraordinary a convert.

We and entire
We must make certain that the aircraft is finished before we give the entire job to the missile.
We have attempted to simplify the extensive task of analyzing onset ages and completion ages of each child -- more than 1700 values for the entire group -- by constructing figures for each of the 21 centers so that the data for all 34 boys and 34 of the girls will appear together for each growth center.
We have shown that the graph of F contains at least one component whose inverse is the entire interval {0,T}, and whose multiplicity is odd.
We produce peanut oil, but to a much greater extent we eat the entire seed.
He stated, " We are raising a study to make the financial schedule of the entire project.
We can continue this reasoning along the entire height of the slit to conclude that the condition for destructive interference for the entire slit is the same as the condition for destructive interference between two narrow slits a distance apart that is half the width of the slit.
There is in fact no complex number z for which, and hence the reciprocal gamma function is an entire function, with zeros at z = 0, − 1, − 2 ,.... We see that the gamma function has a local minimum at where it attains the value.
We will continue to accept and investigate credible reports of Ivory-billed Woodpeckers, and to promote protection and restoration of the old growth conditions upon which this magnificent species depended across the entire southeastern United States .”
Fátima, Portugal | Fátima Statue of Pope Pius XII, who consecrated Russia and the World: « Just as a few years ago We consecrated the entire human race to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary ( Roman Catholic ) | Virgin Mary, Mother of God, so today We consecrate and in a most special manner We entrust all the peoples of Russia to this Immaculate Heart ...»
We want a culture that is not the culture of an elite, of a group that is considered ‘ cultivated ,’ but rather of an entire people .” Nevertheless, the success of the Ministry of Culture had mixed results and by 1985 criticism arose over artistic freedom in the poetry workshops.
" He did not say, " We shall squeeze the German lemon until the pips squeak " ( that was Sir Eric Geddes ), but he did express that sentiment about reparations from Germany to pay the entire cost of the war, including pensions.
It is said that he ran the entire distance without stopping, but moments after proclaiming his message " Nenīkēkamen " (" We have won!
We ordain that the Catholic Apostolic and Roman religion shall be restored and reëstablished in all places and localities of this our kingdom and countries subject to our sway, where the exercise of the same has been interrupted, in order that it may be peaceably and freely exercised, without any trouble or hindrance ; forbidding very expressly all persons, of whatsoever estate, quality, or condition, from troubling, molesting, or disturbing ecclesiastics in the celebration of divine service, in the enjoyment or collection of tithes, fruits, or revenues of their benefices, and all other rights and dues belonging to them ; and that all those who during the troubles have taken possession of churches, houses, goods or revenues, belonging to the said ecclesiastics, shall surrender to them entire possession and peaceable enjoyment of such rights, liberties, and sureties as they had before they were deprived of them ....
" We didn't have one crew, not one crew, in the entire command who could do a professional job " noted LeMay.
In applause Sec ' y Shinseki said, " The Department of Veterans Affairs and the entire administration are encouraged by the opportunities that electronic health record interoperability provides for Veterans, Service Members and their dependents ," ... " We are proud to join in this effort with Kaiser Permanente and to achieve the benefits of health data exchange, including improved quality, patient safety, and efficiency.
* In the online web comic Gaming Guardians, an entire page is used as an homage to the death of Supergirl, right down to the infamous line, " But ... We had a casualty.
We controlled the fundamental forces of the entire universe.
Von Bulow says, " We can recognize in these four measures the original germ of the entire romanticism of Schumann ".
The Lords still favoured a compromise, and suggested the addition of a paragraph to the petition reading " We humbly present this petition to your majesty, not only with a care of preserving our own liberties, but with due regard to leave entire that sovereign power, wherewith your majesty is trusted, for the protection, safety, and happiness of your people ".
On the official website, Shearsmith's blog entry for May 23, 2007 stated that the entire troupe had recently met up in London's West End: " We discussed our next project-it seems we have hit upon something.
Colin Greenwood said, " We played in Barcelona and the next day the entire performance was up on Napster.

We and team
Another member of the DES team, Walter Tuchman, stated " We developed the DES algorithm entirely within IBM using IBMers.
The club's traditional guernsey colours are white guernseys with navy blue hoops, white shorts and navy and white hooped socks and the team song is " We Are Geelong ".
" We don't believe a recoverable population of ivory-billed woodpeckers exists ," says Ron Rohrbaugh, a conservation biologist at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, who headed the original search team.
" As soon as I heard John Bonham play ", recalled Jones, " I knew this was going to be great ... We locked together as a team immediately ".
See Michael Buckland's conclusion: " Bush's contributions in this area were twofold: ( i ) A significant engineering achievement by the team under his leadership in building a truly rapid prototype microfilm selector, and ( ii ) a speculative article, ' As We May Think ,' which, through its skillful writing and the social prestige of its author, has had an immediate and lasting effect in stimulating others.
Crow has also recorded a studio version of " So Glad We Made It " for the " Team USA Olympic Soundtrack " in conjunction with the 2008 US Olympic team sponsors AT & T.
We never could stand each other, and instead of taking pressure off me, they put on even more by bringing Carlos Reutemann into the team .” Having announced his decision to quit Ferrari at season's end, Lauda left early due to the team's decision to run the then unknown Gilles Villeneuve in a third car at the Canadian Grand Prix.
*" With Microscope and Tweezers: An Analysis of the Internet Virus of November 1988 " by Mark W. Eichin and Jon A. Rochlis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology dated February 9, 1989 We present the chronology of events as seen by our team at MIT ...
* How We Cracked the Code Book Ciphers-Essay by the winning team of the challenge in The Code Book
" Under threat of legal action from Prince's legal team of ' potential closure of your web site 'We have removed the Prince image challenge and B3ta apologizes unreservedly to AEG / NPG and Prince for any offence caused.
Supporters of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club ( the team Elgar supported ) sing a version of the song with the lyrics changed to We will follow the Wanderers over land sea and water.
One of the team members said: " We cannot tolerate the existence of millionaire playboys whilst thousands of Latin Americans are dying of hunger.
We can see this from his appearances in the History of William Marshal, the biography of the knight assigned to him as a tutor in 1170, and who became his tournament team leader until 1182.
According to one, the big Swedish and German boys of Hutto were playing their smaller foes in football, and the visiting coach exclaimed “ We can ’ t beat those boys, they ’ re big as hippos !” Another story, also based on gridiron lore, is that the Hutto football team in the early twenties had no real jerseys and used feed sacks as their uniforms.
Other film roles for the team include Look Who's Laughing ( 1941 ) and Here We Go Again ( 1942 ), both with Fibber McGee and Molly.
** We Are Marshall, a 2006 movie about the aftermath of the 1970 plane crash that killed most of the Marshall University football team and coaching staff
In September 2010, Plantronics surveyed over 1, 800 team knowledge workers and published " How We Work: Communication Trends for Business Professionals " This report found that 90 % of U. S. respondents work remotely at least some of the time.
In 1988 he sang the song " Wij houden van Oranje " (" We love Orange "— Orange being the national color of the Netherlands and also a nickname for the Dutch national soccer team and in general all sport teams ) for the football championships.
Ajax defender Barry Hulshoff explained how the team that won the European Cup in 1971, 1972, and 1973 worked it to their advantage: " We discussed space the whole time.
Though team president Ken Young admitted that the name came from the series, he said at the name's unveiling, " We picked it because over the past year it has become a popular name, and it does have something to do with Albuquerque.
Following their discovery of the then unknown Brian Nelson's fingerprints on security documents, the Inquiry team encountered a wall of silence as they tried to investigate further: Brian Fitzsimmons, Acting Head of the RUC's Special Branch, became evasive telling Stevens: We can't help you with this man ; and, at the Grosvenor Road station, Nelson's card in the intelligence card system was initially whipped away from the investigators.
Murray went on record saying " We understand that he is an important player for the franchise ... but when you are trying to build a team it's hard to have one player at $ 10 million when your payroll is the mid to low ($ 40 million range ).
We were notified that we would be launching in 45 minutes ,” he recalled,and were going into al Qaeda and Taliban infested area .” Also on the team were Army Rangers.
John Gordon, National Nuclear Security Administrator, stated " We have prepared a detailed bottom-up cost and schedule to complete the NIF project … The independent review supports our position that the NIF management team has made significant progress and resolved earlier problems ".
* Teamwork ( We stimulate personal and professional growth, share the opportunities of development and maximize individual and team performance.

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