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We and deliberately
We might imagine deliberately upsetting this equilibrium situation by somehow momentarily altering the surface shape of the water to make it different from an equal-energy surface.
We are deliberately putting a world order before our loyalty to our own country.
Siege's goal was maximum velocity: " We would listen to the fastest punk and hardcore bands we could find and say, ' Okay, we're gonna deliberately write something that is faster than them '", drummer Robert Williams recalled.
We may reasonably suppose, that, when he rose to notice, he did not want the counsels and admonitions of scholars and critics, and that he at last deliberately persisted in a practice, which he might have begun by chance.
" We deliberately used free software as a model ," said Wendy Seltzer, who took over Open Law when Lessig moved to Stanford.
Eventually ( in Ringworld ) we learn that the Kzin reverses were deliberately engineered by the Pierson's Puppeteers, who lured the Outsiders to We Made It in the first place.
We deliberately perpetrated bad verse, and selected awkward rhymes from a Ripman's Rhyming Dictionary.
We might deliberately ignore, or avoid, or fail to feel all other human problems, but not these two, for these were too immediate and crushing in their impact, too challenging in the demand that we as individuals take the responsibility for encounter and resolution.
" He concludes that " We have doomed the wolf not for what it is, but for what we deliberately and mistakenly perceive it to be — the mythological epitome of a savage, ruthless killer — which is, in reality, no more than the reflected image of ourself.
Henlein, often under direct orders from Berlin, deliberately had worked to help create a sense of crisis that was useful to Hitler's diplomatic and military efforts ; as he once stated, " We must make demands that cannot be satisfied ".
We have in effect undertaken to dispense with the forces which produced unforeseen results and to replace the impersonal and anonymous mechanism of the market by collective and ‘ conscious ’ direction of all social forces to deliberately chosen goals .” Socialism, while presented as a means of assuring equality, does so through “ restraint and servitude ”, while “ democracy seeks equality in liberty ”.
As Lewis pointed out in his memoirs, " We found that Premier Drew and Gladstone Murray did not disclose all information to the Lebel Commission ; indeed, they deliberately prevaricated throughout.
Beck insisted they were " fucking around " when they made the video ; he told Option in 1994, " We weren't making anything slick – it was deliberately crude.
The judgement concluded: “ We find that Cardiff Bus ’ behaviour is only consistent with that of an organisation that had deliberately decided to disregard the law and that this conduct was in cynical disregard of 2Travel ’ s rights.
Asked about Thomson's role as an informal advisor to the government, a government spokesperson told the Daily Telegraph: " We talk to a lot of people, including many whose views we do not necessarily agree with ," – and some whose views are deliberately distorted by the media in order to encourage involuntary disagreement with them from the outset, just in case they might possibly have something worthwhile to say.
Buchwater's next outing " We are your friends ", with a bonus track utilising Christopher Hitchen's prose, was a deliberately low key shopping mall album predominantly composed of misfeasant soundtracks.

We and use
We use terms from our personal experience with individuals such as `` trust '', `` cheat '', and `` get tough ''.
We note the use of rhetoric as a weapon, the manipulation of the masses by propaganda, the `` mobilization '' of effort and resources.
We no longer use the particular terms of Lessing and Victor Hugo.
We must use common sense in applying conditions
We are initiating research on the use of solid state materials for infrared detection using a method which will not require cooling of materials to attain high sensitivity.
We use the term `` bio-medicine '' because of the close interrelation between biology and medical research.
We found that wherever you can use two teams on a job, five men, not four, is the magic number ''.
We are preventing or averting pathogenic phenomena such as undue regression, unhealthy suppression and repression, excessive use of denial, and crippling guilt turned against the self.
We come upon a rabbit that has been caught in one of the brutal traps in common use.
We find it in that `` common way of life pleasing to Christ and still in use among the truest societies of Christians '', that is, the better monasteries which made it easier to convert the Utopians to Christianity.
Mainstream Christianity professes belief in the Nicene Creed, and English versions of the Nicene Creed in current use include the phrase: " We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come ".
Marlborough realised the great opportunity created by the early victory of Ramillies: " We now have the whole summer before us ," wrote the Duke from Brussels to Robert Harley, " and with the blessing of God I shall make the best use of it.
We use the stronger statement that every odd ( antipode-preserving ) mapping h: S < sup > n-1 </ sup > → S < sup > n-1 </ sup > has odd degree.
We use it to unify ourselves with our people and with Latin America.
I regard myself as Left of Centre which … is where a Party Leader ought to be … It is no use asking, “ What would Keir Hardie have done ?” We must have at the top men brought up in the present age, not, as I was, in the Victorian Age .’
We use that freedom to avoid paradoxes.
:"< sup >†</ sup > We shall use the expression ' computable function ' to mean a function calculable by a machine, and let ' effectively calculable ' refer to the intuitive idea without particular identification with any one of these definitions.
We will use the notation to denote the multiplicative inverse of, it is defined exactly when and are coprime ; the following construction explains why the coprimality condition is needed.
We had to use the letter ' O '".
We can use it as basis to say, " a < b " and " b > a ", two judgments which designate the same state of affairs.
An eighteenth-century response to the novel from the Monthly Review reads: “ We must hear no more of enchanted forests and castles, giants, dragons, walls of fire and other ‘ monstrous and prodigious things ;’ – yet still forests and castles remain, and it is still within the province of fiction, without overstepping the limits of nature, to make use of them for the purpose of creating surprise .”
#* We finally use the models in which the D < sub > n </ sub > hold ( in case all are not refutable ) in order to build a model in which φ holds.
We use synthetic division as follows:
::" And Be Merry " ( Eat Drink and Be Merry for Tomorrow We Die ) A lab biologist, female, takes advantage of her husband going off on an archeology trip, to use the privacy to experiment on herself for rejuvenation by a severe and dangerous method.

We and phrase
* Gezera shava, similarity in phrase: We find a similar law in a verse containing a similar phrase to one in our verse.
We will now consider the purportedly “ positive argument ” for design encompassed in the phrase used numerous times by Professors Behe and Minnich throughout their expert testimony, which is the “ purposeful arrangement of parts .” Professor Behe summarized the argument as follows: We infer design when we see parts that appear to be arranged for a purpose.
For example, in Chulin 4a, he comments about a phrase, " We do not read this.
We avoid this phrase, preferring to reserve the term ' stop ' for sounds in which there is a complete interruption of airflow.
In the lyrics the phrase " We believe in nothing " is repeated with electronic distortion.
We could use the phrase " physical anthropomorphism about God " to mean the belief that God has a body.
On 28 March 1981 Powell gave a speech to Ashton-under-Lyne Young Conservatives where he attacked the " conspiracy of silence " between the government and the opposition over the prospective growth through births of the immigration population and added, "' We have seen nothing yet ' is a phrase that we could with advantage repeat to ourselves whenever we try to form a picture of that future ".
This is typical for all positions in state and university service as of 2007, typically using the phrase " We try to increase diversity in this line of work ".
69 ( 1912 ), based on Arthur O ' Shaughnessy's Ode, at the line " We fashion an empire's glory ", where he also quoted the opening phrase of " Rule, Britannia!
We should have done this before encouraging anyone to popularize or spread the word ( horrid phrase ) in societies for general semantics, by talking about general semantics instead of learning, using, etc.
That day, Raul Colombo, representing Argentina's candidacy, ended his speech with the phrase " We can start the world cup tomorrow.
It was during this time period that Tramiel coined the famous phrase, " We need to build computers for the masses, not the classes.
We perhaps need to revive the phrase " social fascism " to describe the modern British development of the corporate state and its bureaucratic attack on personal liberty.
We then interpret the phrase " lend me your ear " metaphorically to mean that the speaker wants the listener to grant the speaker temporary control over what the listener hears.
RCA raised objections to the phrase " up against the wall, motherfucker " in the lyrics of Kantner's " We Can Be Together ," but the group managed to prevent it from being censored on the album, pointing out that RCA had already allowed the offending word to be included on the cast album of the rock musical Hair.
Prospect Hill Baptist Church in Prospect Park claims a prominent role in instituting the phrase " In God We Trust " on United States coins and currency.
Dylan, however, did accept an invitation to perform at Woodstock ' 94, and was introduced with the phrase: " We waited twenty-five years to hear this.
Chase was instrumental in placing the phrase " In God We Trust " on United States coins.
The phrase " We must consult Brother Jonathan " appears on the graduation certificates of Yale University's Trumbull College, also named for Trumbull.
Although the substitution is ungrammatical, " vivendo " means " living ," turning the phrase " A grape changes when it sees other grapes " to " A grape is changed by living with other grapes " or, since we are not really concerned with grapes after all, to " We are changed by the lives around us.
We want Can-tor !," a phrase said to have originated in vaudeville, when the audience chanted to chase off an act on the bill before Cantor.

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