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We and ended
The President ended his address with an appeal to the people of the South: " We are not enemies, but friends.
A fan of Philip K. Dick, author of " We Can Remember it For You Wholesale ," the short story upon which the film was based, Cronenberg related ( in the biography / overview of his work, Cronenberg on Cronenberg ) that his dissatisfaction with what he envisioned the film to be and what it ended up being pained him so greatly that for a time, he suffered a migraine just thinking about it, akin to a needle piercing his eye.
He enlisted in the Army during World War I after graduating college, and again in World War II at the peak of his career, when he directed 11 documentary war films for the U. S. government's Why We Fight series, winning an Academy Award for one and a Distinguished Service Medal when the war ended.
At that time, the text ended after the words " We believe in the Holy Spirit ", after which an anathema was added.
In his acceptance speech a week after the convention ended, Secretary Hoover said: " We in America today are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before in the history of this land ... We shall soon with the help of God be in sight of the day when poverty will be banished from this land.
The first said, " We, the Deputies of the Higher College of the Rose-Croix, do make our stay, visibly and invisibly, in this city (...)" and the second one ended with the words, " The thoughts attached to the real desire of the seeker will lead us to him and him to us ".
That day, Raul Colombo, representing Argentina's candidacy, ended his speech with the phrase " We can start the world cup tomorrow.
The first book about the subject, Bill Kaysing's self-published We Never Went to the Moon: America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle, was released in 1974, two years after the Apollo Moon flights had ended.
Thereafter, the marriage was ended in divorce on 30 May 1996, though the split was friendly, and the Duke of York spoke fondly of his former wife: " We have managed to work together to bring our children up in a way that few others have been able to and I am extremely grateful to be able to do that.
In the late 1970s, reporter Mark Bonokoski unmasked Zündel and ended his career as a credible media spokesperson by revealing that using his Christof Freidrich pseudonym he was publishing neo-nazi and antisemitic pamphlets such as The Hitler We Loved and Why.
The Suicidal Tendencies tracks, " Scream Out " and " We Are Family ", were eventually re-recorded and ended up on their next album, Freedumb in 1999.
We have no further particulars of the life of Damascius ; we only know that he did not found any new school, and thus Neoplatonist philosophy ended its external existence.
" Koppel ended by asking " whether we in the media ... by our ravenous attention contribute to this phenomenon ," and answered: " We did.
His proposed preamble was founded upon the notion of popular sovereignty and ended with the words: " We, the people of Australia, do hereby enact and give to ourselves this Constitution.
Popular CBS anchor Walter Cronkite stated during a news broadcast on February 27, " We have been too often disappointed by the optimism of the American leaders, both in Vietnam and Washington, to have faith any longer in the silver linings they find in the darkest clouds " and added that, " we are mired in a stalemate that could only be ended by negotiation, not victory.
The year ended with the first Nuclear Blast releases of a remarkably high number of new signed bands, such as Seven, Cipher System and We Came as Romans.
We released the punk album of the millennium with Ass Cobra, and didn't want to make an Ass Cobra part two plus we spent two years writing new stuff, so as to make sure that every song is a hit, so we ended up making the rock album of the next millennium.
We started up as a parody but ended up as a revolution.
Such economic conditions prompted Lange to remark: " We ended up being run very similarly to a Polish shipyard ".
According to creator Martin Hollis: " We ended up with innovative gameplay, in part because we had Virtua Cop features in a FPS: A gun that only holds 7 bullets and a reload button, lots of position dependant hit animations, innocents you shouldn ’ t kill, and an aiming mode.
Stradlin recalled, " We were long-haired guys in school, so we ended up hanging out together.
When asked why the popular show ended, Broderick Crawford said, " We ran out of crimes.
The season finale ended with Paris confronting Nicole, stating " We have to talk ", and Nicole answering " So talk ...", followed by a screen that read " To be continued ... next season!
While shooting Jab We Met, Kapoor and Shahid ended their three-year relationship.

We and up
We will recall that the still confident liberals of the Truman administration gathered with other Western utopians in San Francisco to set up the legal framework, finally and at last, to rationalize war -- to rationalize want and fear -- out of the world: the United Nations.
We had stopped before a shop window to assess its autumnal display, when you suddenly turned to me, looking up from beneath one of your wrong hats, and with your nervous `` ahem ''!!
We were given a job and we carried it out, and later, his case was taken up by the Disciplinary Committee.
Referring to Britain, he says, `` We see a nation that traditionally values sovereignty above all else willing to give up its economy, placing this authority in Continental hands ''.
We set up the Lloyd's Neck school, worked out its curriculum, and taught there.
`` We were on our vacation in Canada '', Howard explained, in a muffled voice that must have been used to booming, `` and the news didn't catch up with us till we were nearly home.
We want to know when the Potlatches telephone exactly how many they are planning to bring, so that we won't end up with a splashing mob that looks like Coney Island in August.
We have seen good new products shelved because no one had the assignment to develop such facts and plans -- and management couldn't make up its mind.
We have set up a central R & D department, as well as engineering-management departments -- about 80 people working on problems related to those of our plants.
`` We also do a number of things to build up the prestige of the engineer as a ' professional ' and also to give public recognition to individual technical competence.
We found that three men -- two carpenters and a helper -- can put up wall panels or trusses more economically than four men -- because four men don't make two teams ; ;
We are abstracting from the fact of strikes here, but it should be obvious that the extent to which the public-limit price is raised by a given increase in the basic wage rate is also a function of the show of resistance put up by the industry.
We have only to think of Lady Macbeth or the policeman-murderer in Thomas Burke's famous story, `` The Hands Of Mr. Ottermole '', to realize that hands often call up ideas of crime and punishment.
We have 2,500 such projects, and they add up to a lot more than just roads and wells and schools.
`` We were brought up that way '' was one statement which won general assent.
We may now take up for consideration a hard case which seems to require either no action employing economic pressure or else action that would seem to violate the principles set forth above.
We were not, however, prepared for anything like the apparition that confronted us as Felix came up the stairs.
We followed him up the stairs.
We walked up Main Street to this big white house, then around to the back.
We straightened Pops up and I made sure there was no trace of a heartbeat.
`` We could put up cribs on the second floor sleeping porch and turn the front bedroom into a playroom where it's nice and sunny, but of course it would entail quite a bit of running up and down stairs and Chris said you were to be careful about that ''.
We were up to visit them and
England won it against the odds, and Plum Warner, the England captain, wrote up his version of the tour in his book How We Recovered The Ashes.
We built and used AppleNet in-house, but we realized that if we had shipped it, we would have seen new standards coming up.

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