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We and find
We collected `` lucky stones '' -- all the creamy translucent pebbles, worn smooth and round, that we could find in the driveway.
We need not, to be sure, expect to find such ideas in every piece of literature.
We find, in the first place, that the students overwhelmingly approve of higher education, positively evaluate the job their own institution is doing, do not accept most of the criticisms levelled against higher education in the public prints, and, on the whole, approve of the way their university deals with value-problems and value inculcation.
We find `` reluctant recruits '' whose values are not in line with their expected occupation's characteristics.
We should hope that peace corps projects will be truly international and that our citizens will find themselves working alongside citizens of the host country and also volunteers from other lands.
We could scarcely find eighty in our great land of over 180 million people.
We find too many sales and marketing executives so burdened with detail that they are short-changing planning.
`` We have tried to make both paths attractive, so that good men could find opportunity and satisfaction in either.
We shall find a polynomial Af such that Af is the identity on Af and is zero on the other Af, and so that Af, etc..
We shall find a formula for the probability of exactly X successes for given values of P and N.
We find it in Plato's Republic, and in Utopia More acknowledges his debt to that book.
We find it in that `` common way of life pleasing to Christ and still in use among the truest societies of Christians '', that is, the better monasteries which made it easier to convert the Utopians to Christianity.
We find it in the later Stoic conception of man's natural condition which included the community of all possessions.
`` We want to find out who knew about it '', Pratt said.
We simply find ourselves in the position of having no means for inquiring into the structure and meaning of this range of our experience.
We find, for example, such groupings as the Five Ancient Rulers, the Five Sacred Mountains, the Five Directions ( with Center ), the Five Metals, Five Colors, Five Tastes, Five Odors, Five Musical Notes, Five Bodily Functions, Five Viscera, and many others.
We find Cretan vessels exported to Melos, Egypt and the Greek mainland.
Patterson claimed to have screened the film for unnamed technicians " in the special effects department at Universal Studios in Hollywood ... Their conclusion was: ' We could try ( faking it ), but we would have to create a completely new system of artificial muscles and find an actor who could be trained to walk like that.
We was just tryin ' to find enough tunes to keep ' em dancin ' to not have to repeat so much.
We just sold our farms and set out north-westwards to find a new home.
::" We have no idea how consciousness emerges from the physical activity of the brain and we do not know whether consciousness can emerge from non-biological systems, such as computers ... At this point the reader will expect to find a careful and precise definition of consciousness.
We repeat this procedure to find m < sub > 2 </ sub > > m < sub > 1 </ sub >, etc.
We differentiate to find velocity:
We can find the angle at which a first minimum is obtained in the diffracted light by the following reasoning.

We and Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio remembered, " We never started and finished any one scene in any one day ".
We learn that Riker grew up in Valdez, Alaska ; that his mother, Elizabeth, died when he was two years old ; and that he was raised by his father until the age of 15, when he left home.
They thought, ' We can just tell Congress America doesn't want to see this '," Kami Cotler, who played Elizabeth Walton, said in a 2012 interview.
We give thee thanks, heavenly Father, for William Smyth, Bishop, and Richard Sutton, Knight, our Founders ; for Alexander Nowel, Joyce Frankland, Elizabeth Morley, Maurice Platnauer and for our other benefactors, humbly beseeching thee that thou wilt add to their number in goodness.
* A labeled crest etched into stone from Pécs, late 13th century ( Label: aBA SZeNTjeI vaGYUNK aKI eSZTeR ANna erZSéBeT ; We are the saints of Aba ; who are Esther, Anna and Elizabeth.
* Elizabeth Berg shares a fictionalization of the true story of Pat Raming, the first woman to give birth to baby while in an iron lung, in her book, We are all Welcome Here.
We find him connected with Jasper Heywood ; as a writer of " sonnets " he contributed to Tottel's Miscellany, and in 1560 he composed, in company with Sackville, the earliest English tragedy, Gorboduc, which was performed before Elizabeth I in the Inner Temple on 18 January 1561.
We also see it in the poem by Elizabeth I, " I grieve and dare not show my discontent ", e. g., " I am and not, I freeze and yet am burned.
When these predictions failed to come true, Elizabeth Clare Prophet reiterated her statements of impending doom, stating to her congregation: " We need your sacrifice.
Queen Elizabeth was predictably furious and was quoted as saying: " We can only think that our late and completely trusted governess has gone off her head, because she promised in writing that she would not publish ".
* Lest We Forget-The Story of Hillcrest 1895-1995, Elizabeth Camp, circa 1996
* Elizabeth Fishel, journalist and writer, in 2000 published a book profiling 10 of her Brearley classmates from the class of 1968, Reunion: The Girls We Used to Be, the Women We Became
Born Elizabeth Ellen Gillease in Jersey City, New Jersey, she began her career as a Ford Agency high-fashion model before landing the television role of the “ Away We Go !” girl on The Jackie Gleason Show in the 1950s.
We find out the woman in question was undercover FBI agent Elizabeth Marcus, as the FBI set a trap to stop Jason once and for all.

We and verbal
However, in 1962 the London Beth Din and the Chief Rabbi Israel Brodie, who formed the leadership of the United Synagogue, the UK's Orthodox establishment, refused to allow his appointment on grounds of heresy because in his 1957 book We Have Reason to Believe, Jacobs had rejected the conception of a literal, verbal revelation of the Torah.
We do know that these relationships were deeply intellectual ; they fostered verbal and physical expressions of love.

We and domain
We note that the other form for a prime p > 3 is 6k + 1 or, equivalently, p ≡ 1 ( mod 6 ), and that 3 |( 2p + 1 ) — thus excluding such p from the Sophie Germain prime domain.
We note that for an arbitrary domain one may define the Picard group Pic ( R ) as the group of invertible fractional ideals Inv ( R ) modulo the subgroup of principal fractional ideals.
We define headers as finite subsets of C. A relational database schema is defined as a tuple S = ( D, R, h ) where D is the domain of atomic values ( see relational model for more on the notions of domain and atomic value ), R is a finite set of relation names, and
* Bah Humbug – A vocal version of " Sleigh Ride " originally played over the closing credits ; it was replaced by an instrumental version of " We Wish You a Merry Christmas " ( which is in the public domain ).
We can also do deconvolution directly in the frequency domain and get similar results.
We can divide this by one diagonal, and take one half ( a triangle ) as fundamental domain.
" We have made these changes for a number of reasons ; first the emergence of our domain portfolio as an anticipated high growth area of our business, second, the importance of email as a key driver of future growth, third the increased size of our retail business as a result of recent acquisitions, and fourth the de-emphasis of our software libraries ," said Noss.
" We changed the way that registrars create value out of domain registration, by positioning ourselves to not only take advantage of revenue growth but also to create a long-term asset in the domain name portfolio ," says Noss.
We decompose the domain R² into two overlapping subdomains H < sub > 1 </ sub > =
We are promised that the function is either constant ( 0 on all inputs or 1 on all inputs ) or balanced ( returns 1 for half of the input domain and 0 for the other half ); the task then is to determine if is constant or balanced by using the oracle.
We might expect this to be simplest when D is simply connected, since then both homomorphisms above have trivial domain.
His best-known titles, which have remained in print for many years after entering the public domain, were " The Development of Seership: The Science of Knowing the Future ; Hindoo and Oriental Methods " ( 1915 ), " Genuine Mediumship, or Invisible Powers ", and " Can We Talk to Spirit Friends?
* The Way We Live Now – unabridged public domain audiobook on Librivox. org.
We, therefore, because of your qualities of prudence, justice and worthiness of government, take you under St. Peter ’ s and our own protection, and grant and confirm by apostolic authority to your excellent domain, the kingdom of Portugal, full honours of kingdom and the dignity which corresponds to kings, as well as all places which, with the help of the celestial grace, you have wrested from the hands of the Saracens, and on which your neighbouring Christian princes may not claim any rights.
We begin with some domain of discourse, whose elements are called individuals ( a synonym for mereology is " the calculus of individuals ").
We happily submit this into the public domain via wikipedia.
We have a two dimensional domain whose boundary is a boundary line, which in turn can be described by the following parametric equations
We are then in a position to characterize the notion of a frame as being either the base of the concept profile, or ( more generally ) the domain that the profile is a part of.
At a drunken revelry in Babylon, Alexander declares, " I am the son of God " ( Zeus ) and " the world is my domain .... We will march to the end of the world.
We consider all quantities in the frequency domain, and so assume a time-dependency that is suppressed throughout.

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