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from Brown Corpus
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We and followed
We followed him up the stairs.
A few concert recordings followed, and The Last Time We Saw Paris ( 1967 ) was the " Classic " Quartet's swan-song.
In the late 19th century, in a dispute between supporters of the adequacy of natural selection and those who held for inheritance of acquired characters, one of the arguments made repeatedly by Herbert Spencer, and followed by others, depended on what Spencer referred to as co-adaptation of co-operative parts, as in: " We come now to Professor Weismann's endeavour to disprove my second thesis — that it is impossible to explain by natural selection alone the co-adaptation of co-operative parts.
This was followed in 2006 by re-releases of ' Songs for Polarbears ' and ' When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up ', including as-before unseen bonus tracks.
The Vibrators followed the next month with " We Vibrate " and, backing long-time rocker Chris Spedding, " Pogo Dancing ".
In 1980, Tharp's work first appeared on Broadway with Twyla Tharp Dance performing When We Were Very Young, followed in 1981 by The Catherine Wheel, her collaboration with David Byrne at the Winter Garden.
We have not always followed our light, but we have never been utterly faithless to it.
We do not know what rule this community followed, although it seems most likely it was the Rule of St. Benedict.
1982's We of the Never Never followed up on the theme of the female experience of life in the Australian bush.
The title line of " For Those About to Rock ( We Salute You )" by AC / DC is played when the cannon is fired followed by the chorus of " The Whip " by Locksley.
Confederation was accomplished when the Queen gave royal assent to the British North America Act ( BNA Act ) on March 29, 1867, followed by a royal proclamation stating: " We do ordain, declare, and command that on and after the First day of July, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-seven, the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, shall form and be One Dominion, under the name of Canada.
We followed up ... and understand from the customer the situation was resolved to his satisfaction.
While His ' n ' Hers, Different Class and This Is Hardcore were re-released in this way, We Love Life never followed suit.
We start by dividing up our unsorted array into a single heap of one element, followed by an unsorted portion.
The single featured " We Will Rock You " as a B-side, and followed the song on the album.
Everybody's Angel followed in 1991, with Jennifer Warnes providing vocals on two tracks, including the lead single " Only The Ones We Love ".
Members of the National Guard followed the march, and when Lafayette called this march nonsense, the National Guard's men openly defied his power and according to some sources, they said " We are going with you, or over you ", then Lafayette reluctantly led the National Guard army to Versailles.
He soon recovered his chart momentum with the number two " Something That We Do " followed by two straight chart-toppers in the album's Steve Wariner-penned title track and " The Shoes You're Wearing ".
Burrows left the group soon after and as a four-piece, The Brotherhood of Man followed " United We Stand " with another hit, " Where Are You Going to My Love ".
A début album United We Stand followed soon after.
When We Were Kids, which followed in 1998, was produced by Keir Stewart, who also played on the album and has frequently worked with Reilly since.
The airport security / TSA song entitled The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore kicked off the performance while he followed it with " We the People " and concluded the appearance with a song entitled " Mr. President-Mr. President " which takes a comical look at how President Barack Obama is viewed by a segment of the population amidst domestic and foreign turmoil.
The Brand New Heavies then released their greatest hits album, Trunk Funk-The Best of The Brand New Heavies ( 2000 ) with Carleen Anderson on vocals for some newly recorded songs, followed by the Japan only album We Won't Stop ( 2003 ) featuring a variety of vocalists and Allaboutthefunk ( 2004 ) featuring British singer Nicole Russo on vocals.
: We have followed too much the devices and desires of our own hearts.

We and road
We were off the road, gleaming barbed wire pulling taut.
We were back on the road.
We were less than a quarter of a mile from the road, and we could trace its shape from the ribbon of powder smoke and dust that hung over it.
We ran east for about half a mile before we turned back to the road, panting from the effort and soaked with sweat.
We did 80 miles an hour across a hard dirt road to a cluster of shacks.
We left the main road and wound into the leafy fastnesses of the hills, till we reached a little hamlet and an isolated white villa high on the hillside.
Again, in 2001, she made the following statement: " As I have stated repeatedly, consistently and unequivocally since assuming the leadership of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party, I shall state once again for the record – independence is not an issue that we will address in our first term and probably not in our second term .... We believe that there are a number of areas that need addressing before Bermuda heads down this road.
Yassin's declaration that " We chose this road, and will end with martyrdom or victory " later became an oft repeated mantra among Palestinians.
The city takes its name from a former road, Gun Barrel Lane ( which is now State Highway 198 ), as well as its motto, " We Shoot Straight with You " and its symbol-a rifle with two crossed antique pistols.
We also have a Doddathougur road, which host all sorts of shops of daily need.
" My friend and I were driving a once-familiar road, when the car stalled .... We started to walk .... We made no effort to conceal our presence .... Suddenly I realized where I was.
We understand it still that there is no easy road to freedom.
When the frontline reached it at the end of the summer of 1944 he wrote in his diary, " Our hillside happens to lie between the principal line of German retreat along the Via Bolognese and a side road ... We are at the heart of the German rearguard action, and seriously exposed .".
In MSN Autos ' Cool Cars We Miss ' feature they listed the Corrado among its top eight " Gone but not forgotten: a short list of cars once loved, still missed ", describing it in the following manner: " The VW Corrado VR6 is coveted because of its seductive styling, road handling capabilities and its role as trailblazer, introducing the VR6 to the American market.
We will not support you if you rail road this evil bill in Parliament.
We will not kick the can down the road.
* We make the road by walking: conversations on education and social change.
She was critical of the final report of the conference saying " We need to recognise that even the best possible outcome from Durban still only takes us half way down the road we need to travel ".
Another added, " We like to think of it as the fastest car on the water and fastest boat on the road.
I ordered Ma Dai to deploy the black wagons in the valley-they had been loaded earlier with fire launchers called ' earth thunder ', each containing nine missiles ... We cut off the road and burned out the enemy ..." ( 90-41 )
One of them later recalled, ' We attracted a certain amount of attention on the road because of our large packs but we made a point of keeping ourselves clean and shaven and also cleaned our boots regularly.
We have forgotten the wisdom which says that since we cannot foresee where any road will lead in the end, we should stick to the straight and honest one.

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