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from Brown Corpus
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We and had
`` We had to do something ''.
We haven't had anything to eat all day ''.
`` We were possessed by visions of a new civilization to come, very pure and elevated '', he has said, `` in fact some ideal form of socialism such as we had dreamed of since the war of 1914-1918 ''.
We had been walking quite briskly, for despite your being so small and me so tall, your stride in those days could easily match mine.
We had stopped before a shop window to assess its autumnal display, when you suddenly turned to me, looking up from beneath one of your wrong hats, and with your nervous `` ahem ''!!
We were almost the same age, she was fifteen, I was twelve, and where I felt there was a life to look forward to Lilly felt she had had as much of it as was necessary.
We found that a charitable society in New York had a long case-history of the two ; ;
He said, `` We had a good time tonight, didn't we, Earl ''??
We had walked it many times and shivered, figuring what a fish barrel it had been for the French.
We had assumed that at least this local legislative body had nothing to hide, and, therefore, had no objections to making the deliberations of its committees and the city commissions available to the public.
`` We just sit quiet and wait '', Prevot had said.
We came down off the wall as if he had toppled all of us, and we crouched behind it.
We both had hangovers.
We still had that much in common.
`` We found some owls had built a nest in the chimney, milord, but I promise you you'll never have trouble of that sort again ''.
We also continued to run a series of ads featuring endorsement of Rhode Island by industrialists who had recently established new plants here.
We have had sound grounding in the principles of the mailed-fist-in-velvet-glove school of diplomacy.
We had merely been discovered by the pool sharks.
We unanimously agreed that Prokofieff had won his rights as a world citizen to the first ranks of Twentieth-Century Composers.
We have seen good new products shelved because no one had the assignment to develop such facts and plans -- and management couldn't make up its mind.

We and couple
We went there a couple of times to swim and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
We were struck by the notable absence of banana skins and beer cans, but just so that we wouldn't go overboard on Greek refinement, perfection was side-stepped by a couple of braying portable radios.
We therefore reach out to the couple with the hope that the non-Jewish partner will move closer to Judaism and ultimately choose to convert.
In March 2000 CCAR issued a new resolution stating that " We do hereby resolve that, that the relationship of a Jewish, same gender couple is worthy of affirmation through appropriate Jewish ritual, and further resolved, that we recognize the diversity of opinions within our ranks on this issue.
Sondheim said of the project, " two people and what goes into their relationship ... We ’ ll write for a couple of months, then have a workshop.
He explains, " We have probably three songs we wrote a couple, two, three months ago.
We did a session lasting a couple of hours and had some reasonable pictures to use ...
We worked together for a couple of years creating The National Lampoon Show, writing The National Lampoon Radio Hour, and even working on stuff for the magazine.
The couple made two surprise impromptu reunion performances: the first on The Mike Douglas Show in the spring of 1979, singing a medley of " United We Stand " and " Without You ", and the second on November 13, 1987 on Late Night with David Letterman where they performed their hit song " I Got You Babe ".
At the very beginning of the televised portion of the Philadelphia concert, Joan Baez announced to the assembled crowd ( and the viewing audience ) that " this is your Woodstock, and it's long overdue ", before leading the crowd in " Amazing Grace " ( paired with a couple of verses of " We Are the World ").
We have groups operating now in about 12, 000 high schools, 2, 000 colleges and universities and a couple of thousand other community groups.
The magazine was published only a couple of times per year, so the strip moved to Finnish magazine called Me ( We ) in 1976.
We scrapped a couple of songs on the record, so maybe we'll work on those, too.
Alison Goldfrapp provided vocals on a couple of the tracks, including the single " Are We Here ?".
Together We Stand is about a married couple, David ( Elliott Gould ) and Lori Randall ( Dee Wallace ), and their array of adopted children from all walks of life.
In its apology, the Daily Star apologised for printing " stories suggesting the couple were responsible for, or may be responsible for, the death of their daughter Madeleine and for covering it up " and stated that " We now recognise that such a suggestion is absolutely untrue and that Kate and Gerry are completely innocent of any involvement in their daughter's disappearance.
We also had a couple of the winos act as ramrods — sort of like production assistants — and put them in charge of the other wino extras.
We only had a couple of intense, 1-or 2-week writing sessions and really, we just ran out of time.
*" We Are In Control " was used in Poland by Gellwe for their " Fitella " muesli advertisement, and has also been used in Top Gear a couple of times.
In February 2007, the couple publicly apologised live on air due to the discovery of a TV quiz phone scam regarding the daily phone in You Say We Pay.
We played to a couple bartenders down there, but even though it was a bad scene, it was a good experience.
" Palumbo has said that Roadrunner didn't put the band on enough tours: " We never toured half as much as we wanted to, I just wish we got to tour more in support of "; and " We were on Roadrunner for a couple of years and Roadrunner was a joke, a fuckin ' joke of a label.
We hated each other for a couple years and then we started sneaking out and going to raves when we were about 13 and we formed a bond over intense music.

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