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We and hardly
We feel uncomfortable at being bossed by a corporation or a union or a television set, but until we have some knowledge about these phenomena and what they are doing to us, we can hardly learn to control them.
We know nothing further about the mode in which Xenocrates carried out his dialectic, as it is probable that what was peculiar to Aristotelian logic did not remain unnoticed in it, for it can hardly be doubted that the division of the existent into the absolutely existent, and the relatively existent, attributed to Xenocrates, was opposed to the Aristotelian table of categories.
We shall recommend policies for the simple reason that we consider them right ( rather than “ non-controversial ”); and we consider them right because they are based on principles we deem right ( rather than on popularity polls )... The New Deal revolution, for instance, could hardly have happened save for the cumulative impact of The Nation and The New Republic, and a few other publications, on several American college generations during the twenties and thirties.
" We can hardly conclude even so desultory a survey of grammatical misdemeanours as this has been without mentioning the most notorious of all.
" We hardly ever bother to write something like " dog ( the mammal )", even when we write something like, " The feral dog dogged the human invaders of its territory until they eventually left the area.
The theatrical newspaper, The Era commented, " We can hardly overpraise the beauty and grace of the Opera Comique as it now appears to the delighted audience.
We know that Stig is a caveman, and really Barney hardly seems to give any thought to where Stig has come from until the end of the book.
We can construct a story of backdoor illicit liaisons and front door respectability from these fragments and others — Rydberg would hardly be the first, if it were true — but he never spoke openly about his private life at any time, and our best guess would still be guesswork.
We can hardly overestimate the influence which Rufinus exerted on Western theologians by thus putting the great Greek fathers into the Latin tongue.
“ It is remarkable that ludus, as the general term for play, has not only not passed into the Romance languages but has left hardly any traces there, so far as I can see ... We must leave to one side the question whether the disappearance of ludus and ludere is due to phonetic or to semantic causes .”
We hardly really knew it, and when we went in we had some extra time and we just threw it in, and that was the miracle of it.
We can hardly refrain from describing things altogether, but we can bear in mind that we could append to any name or description the word ' etc.
We formulate this proof directly for the case of polynomials over a UFD R, which is hardly different from its special case for R = Z.
" Alan Gibson wrote: " We hardly think of him as a stylist, and he was mostly a back-foot player, getting the greater number of his runs in the segments fanning out from point and square-leg.
We recorded everything live, in one room without headphones and hardly any overdubs.
We had hardly any idea what was going down on that film.

We and earn
Says Clarence Thompson: `` We dealers must earn our mark-up by performing a service for the builder cheaper than he could do it himself ''.
We are pleased to recommend the University of North Florida's Coggin College of Business to readers of our book and users of our website as one of the best institutions they could attend to earn an MBA.
We pay 52 % of our income now to the Federal Government at Washington and under the proposed State Income Tax Law, we shall have to pay an additional 18 %, so that out of every dollar we earn from our writings, 70 ¢ will go out in taxes!
We should also explore innovative approaches being pursued here in New York City ; innovations like Bard High School Early College and Medgar Evers College Preparatory School that are challenging students to complete high school and earn a free associate's degree or college credit in just four years.
In the episode, to earn money for her husband Homer's snoring problem, Marge agrees to stay with her old prom date, Artie Ziff, for one weekend ( on the grounds that he try not to grope her like he did in " The Way We Was "), but when Homer thinks Marge broke her promise, he runs away with Lenny to work on an oil rig.

We and bread
We sent the waiter away and ate a tremendous amount of cold ham, hot hard-boiled eggs and hot garlic bread.
Sign: We want coal, we want bread
" We demand bread " – a march during the 1956 protests
We wretched and needy men reverently give thee thanks, almighty God, heavenly Father, for the food which thou hast sanctified and bestowed for the sustenance of the body, so that we may use it thankfully ; at the same time we beseech thee that thou wouldst impart to us the food of angels, the true bread of heaven, the eternal word of God, Jesus Christ our Lord, so that our mind may feed on him and that through his flesh and blood we may be nourished, sustained and strengthened.
: We lead the fight for freedom and for bread!
: We lead the fight for freedom and for bread!
We know that there are more than 40, 000 parishes in the kingdom where they distribute blessed bread "
: We will need a lot of bread: wheat, granary, wholemeal, etc.
We marched, we asked for work and bread.
The popular mythology of the strike includes signs being carried by women reading " We want bread, but we want roses, too!
150: " We call this food Eucharist ; and no one else is permitted to partake of it, except one who believes our teaching to be true .... For not as common bread nor common drink do we receive these ; but since Jesus Christ our Savior was made incarnate by the word of God and had both flesh and blood for our salvation, so too, as we have been taught, the food which has been made into the Eucharist by the Eucharistic prayer set down by Him, and by the change of which our blood and flesh is nourished, is both the flesh and the blood of that incarnated Jesus " ( Jurgens § 128 ).
Cyprian again: " We can understand this petition us this day our daily bread in a spiritual and in a literal sense.
The Eastern Orthodox Church Synod of Jerusalem declared: " We believe the Lord Jesus Christ to be present, not typically, nor figuratively, nor by superabundant grace, as in the other Mysteries, ... but truly and really, so that after the consecration of the bread and of the wine, the bread is transmuted, transubstantiated, converted and transformed into the true Body Itself of the Lord, Which was born in Bethlehem of the ever-Virgin Mary, was baptised in the Jordan, suffered, was buried, rose again, was received up, sitteth at the right hand of the God and Father, and is to come again in the clouds of Heaven ; and the wine is converted and transubstantiated into the true Blood Itself of the Lord, Which, as He hung upon the Cross, was poured out for the life of the world.
" We demand bread " – a march during the 1956 protests
", " We want bread!
We put the guitar through the Leslie speaker of an organ, and it sounds like jelly bread, you know …. It ’ s based on a very, very simple American Indian style, you know, very simple.
: We made loaf with bread and chicory accompanied ( but not always ) from a piece of ventresca or budellone.
Her phrase " bread and roses ", recast as " We want bread and roses too ", became the slogan of the largely immigrant, largely women workers of the Lawrence textile strike.
In the churches of the Anglican Communion, the rite is similar to that practised in the Roman Catholic Church, and consists of the priest breaking the Host in half and making an exclamation, such as, " We break this bread to share in the body of Christ ", and the faithful making a response, such as, " Though we are many we are one body, because we all share in one bread " The response may change during certain liturgical seasons, or according to the rite being celebrated.
The nucleus of the forbidden blessing read: ' We bless this bread into the sacramental body and this wine into the sacramental blood of our Lord Jesus Christ ,' etc.
The organisers stressed the importance of lawful behaviour during the march, and Drummond was quoted as declaring: " We will let them see it is not riot and disturbance we want, it is bread we want and we will apply to our noble Prince as a child would to its Father for bread.

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