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Page "hobbies" ¶ 95
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

We and have
`` We know Penny spent some -- and Carmer must have dropped a few dollars getting that load on ''.
`` We have now a national character to establish '', Washington wrote in 1783.
We have ample light when the sun sets ; ;
We have staved off a war and, since our behavior has involved all these elements, we can only keep adding to our ritual without daring to abandon any part of it, since we have not the slightest notion which parts are effective.
We are forced, in our behavior towards others, to adopt empirically successful patterns in toto because we have such a minimal understanding of their essential elements.
We showed them to each other and said `` Would you have guessed ''??
A Yale historian, writing a few years ago in The Yale Review, said: `` We in New England have long since segregated our children ''.
We hear equally fervent concern over the belief that we have not enough generalists who can see the over-all picture and combine our national skills and knowledge for useful purposes.
We have proved so able to solve technological problems that to contend we cannot realize a universal goal in the immediate future is to be extremely shortsighted, if nothing else.
We must believe we have the ability to affect our own destinies: otherwise why try anything??
We have recourse to the scientifically-trained specialist in the laboratory.
We must not forget, to be sure, that free discussion and debate have produced beneficial results.
We have so completely entered the child's fantasy that his illness and his death are the plausible and the necessary conclusion.
We experience a vague uneasiness about events, a suspicion that our political and economic institutions, like the genie in the bottle, have escaped confinement and that we have lost the power to recall them.
We feel uncomfortable at being bossed by a corporation or a union or a television set, but until we have some knowledge about these phenomena and what they are doing to us, we can hardly learn to control them.
`` We have nothing to hide under a bushel.
We already have the only one of its kind ''.
We may also recognize cases in which the poets have influenced the philosophers and even indirectly the scientists.
We must, therefore, have a look at the new archaeological material and re-examine the literary and place-name evidence which bears upon the problem.
`` We have just returned from Roswell, N.M., where we were defeated, 34 to 9 '', the young man noted.
`` We have a tremendous amount of talent -- but we lack cohesion ''.
We in East Greenwich have the example of two neighboring communities, one currently utilizing double sessions in their schools, and the other facing this prospect next year.
We have far less to fear in the migrant family than we have in the migrant developer under these conditions.

We and technology
We investigate the most challenging, fundamental problems in science and technology in a singularly collegial, interdisciplinary atmosphere, while educating outstanding students to become creative members of society.
The difference is that it was a primitivist planned economy, as opposed to the advanced technology of We or Brave New World.
Bush describes the memex and other visions of " As We May Think " as projections of technology known in the 1930s and 1940s in the spirit of Jules Verne or Arthur C. Clarke's 1945 proposal to orbit geosynchronous satellites for global telecommunication.
As We May Think also predicted many kinds of technology invented after its publication in addition to hypertext such as personal computers, the Internet, the World Wide Web, speech recognition, and online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia: " Wholly new forms of encyclopedias will appear, ready-made with a mesh of associative trails running through them, ready to be dropped into the memex and there amplified.
They used no synthesizers or digital effects on the album ; Shink noted, " We turned our back on technology.
The classic example is Vannevar Bush's July 1945 essay " As We May Think ", which inspired Douglas Engelbart and later Ted Nelson to develop the modern workstation and hypertext technology.
We celebrate discovery, and the responsible application of technology, to create knowledge and global prosperity.
An alternative title is So Shall We Reap: how everyone who is liable to be born in the next ten thousand years could eat very well indeed ; and why, in practice, our immediate descendants are likely to be in serious trouble, on the future of agriculture, in which he challenges the current science and technology paradigm and outlines a sustainable way of feeding the population of the world, expected to stabilise at ten billion people by the middle of the 21st Century.
" We have requested that Sega return our confidential information and technology and they have failed to honor that request for one month now ," said Ms. Onopchenko, a reporter for the online technology journal Pahkasika.
We have developed technology that empowers our audience to create their own videos, select our video rotation, and even to host the shows we broadcast.
We strongly caution Real and their customers that when we update our iPod software from time to time it is highly likely that Real's Harmony technology will cease to work with current and future iPods.
# We are presently undergoing a ( postindustrial ) revolution in technology ;
We achieved a meld of media, high technology, and aesthetic force unequaled by anything else I have experienced.
In 2007, the Ottawa Citizen reported that Hellyer is demanding that world governments disclose alien technology that could be used to solve the problem of climate change: " I would like to see what ( alien ) technology there might be that could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels within a generation ... that could be a way to save our planet ... We need to persuade governments to come clean on what they know.
We feel that this is a new game, with wireless technology ", referring to the bundled wireless adapter.
Wolf remarked, " We don't want to give them the opportunity to take advantage of our technology, and we have nothing to gain from dealing with them.
We must then, guided by our moral values influence society ’ s institutions, libraries for example, to adopt responsible technology use.
* a technician, a worker in a field of technology e. g. " We may need to call in a tech "
She is the co-author of We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs ( ISBN 0-7645-4962-6 ), and a frequent speaker at technical conferences concerning online journalism and the role of women in technology.
The supporters of the Amitron were confident and stated in 1977, " We don't see a major obstacle in the technology.
He said, "... We were trying to put a product into production and learning the technology simultaneously.
In an interview with Charles Gibson on Good Morning America, Dr. Farwell stated, " We showed not only in the laboratory but in over 100 actual real-life situations that the technology was effective.

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