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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

We and pointed
We thus obtain a functor from the category of pointed topological spaces to the category of groups.
Dr Simon Kraiz, an expert on Eastern European Jewry at the University of Haifa, pointed out that no Khazar writings have been found: " We know a lot about them, and yet we know almost nothing: Jews wrote about them, and so did Russians, Georgians, and Armenians, to name a few.
We are now in a position like that of the British Interplanetary Society of the 1930s which described how multistage liquid-fueled rockets could reach the Moon and pointed to early rockets as illustrations of the basic principle.
Lenin had also been known to say about NEP: " We are taking one step backward to later take two steps forward ", suggesting that, though the NEP pointed to another direction, it would provide the economic conditions necessary for socialism eventually to evolve.
We pointed out our latest aggressor to them ... and we went west while they went east ... and just a little later we heard the thunder of their guns.
As Eddie Bullard pointed out to me, the fact that the Villas Boas family possessed a tractor put them well above the peasant class ... We now know that AVB was a determinedly upwardly mobile young man, studying a correspondence course and eventually becoming a lawyer ( at which news the ufologists who had considered him too much the rural simpleton to have made the story up, now argued that he was too respectable and bourgeois to have done so ).
The oldies format returned to WCBS-FM on July 12, 2007 in an updated form featuring music from 1964 to 1989 ( and without the word " Oldies ", but rather " Greatest Hits " in the on-air positioning ), with songs such as " Girls Just Want to Have Fun " by Cyndi Lauper, " Gloria " by Laura Branigan, and " We Built This City " by Starship in rotation ( though it should be pointed out that the original WCBS-FM played current hits mixed in with its oldies as late as the late 1980s and the three songs mentioned here during most of their years ).
As Lewis pointed out in his memoirs, " We found that Premier Drew and Gladstone Murray did not disclose all information to the Lebel Commission ; indeed, they deliberately prevaricated throughout.
Moreover, Dougherty rightly points out that the data in the US Department of Defense source were casualties, not deaths alone ... We wanted to show that the three sources all similarly pointed to an escalating conflict.
We were in the poetry section, and he grabbed a book from the shelf and pointed out Wichita Vortex Sutra.
: We hit several hares, rabbits and birds, and Leslie swore at one point that he'd seen a huge ten-foot tall figure in a long cloak, wearing a tall pointed hat, striding toward him along the verge.
We ’ re watching history being made .” Siebert pointed to the uptick rule, saying, “ The S. E. C.
When the storyline of I Love Lucy pointed towards a Hollywood setting in the 1954-1955 season, the characters " drove " ( in episode 110, " California Here We Come ") to the West Coast in a 1955 Star Chief convertible.

We and out
We ran out of money and we haven't eaten for two days ''.
We will recall that the still confident liberals of the Truman administration gathered with other Western utopians in San Francisco to set up the legal framework, finally and at last, to rationalize war -- to rationalize want and fear -- out of the world: the United Nations.
We were given a job and we carried it out, and later, his case was taken up by the Disciplinary Committee.
We went out of the office and down the hall to a window where documents and more officials awaited us, the rest of the office personnel hot upon our heels.
We lived for a while in a movie melodrama with a German cook and her son who turned out to be Nazis.
President Kennedy was right when he said, `` We shall never negotiate out of fear and we never shall fear to negotiate ''.
We can force Britain and France out of the Suez, but we cannot so much as try to force the Russian tanks back from Budapest.
We out here don't see enough of the conference to know he is being abused.
We had a couple of schools in this country, the principal one being on the Marshall Field estate out in Lloyd's Neck.
We set up the Lloyd's Neck school, worked out its curriculum, and taught there.
We heard him before he ever showed, and we heard him yelling after he was out of sight.
We blushed and were flustered, and it turned out to be the fleetest brush of lips upon cheek.
We would have the means to seek out and destroy the enemy's force -- whether it were fixed or mobile.
We quickly ran into the same trouble that plagued Bill Ruger in his first experiments: Three or four bullets would be placed well in a six-inch bull at 100 yards and then, unaccountably, one could stray far out of the group.
We also worked out logistics for Sunday afternoon swimmers who arrive two hours early with their weekend guests while we are still enjoying an alfresco lunch en famille.
We can escape from such a difficulty by ruling out the animal as not constituting a trial, but such a solution is not always satisfactory.
We now know that things rarely ever work out in such cut-and-dried fashion, and that car loadings, while perhaps interesting enough, are nevertheless not the magic formula that will always turn before stock prices turn.
We got a bunch of sippers out there tonight.
We discussed the candle and decided the hypothetical other bum would have left it burning to light his way to the window and because he'd have no reason to blow it out.
We met at Maxine's and decided we were set to stay as long as it took, into or even through the evening, to talk things out.
`` We want to find out who knew about it '', Pratt said.
The President of the United States has said: `` We will never negotiate out of fear, and we will never fear to negotiate ''.
We must also remember those who reacted against the dream as a kind of myth -- among them Melville, Hawthorne, and Henry James the elder, all of them out of a Christian background.
We hold safe little jobs illustrating tooth-paste ads or the salacious incidents in trivial novels, and most of our easel painting is nothing but picking the fluff out of the navel so it can be contemplated in greater purity.

We and emotional
We may for example be only expressing our emotional feelings about these things.
Here, we are told, ' We need to go beyond the pleasure principle, the reality principle, and repetition compulsion to ... the fantasy principle ' - ' not, as Freud did, reduce fantasies to wishes ... consider all other imaginable emotions '; and thus envisage emotional fantasies as a possible means of moving beyond stereotypes to more nuanced forms of personal and social relating.
The band's frontman Fred Durst claimed the band had attempted to take precautions that fell on deaf ears, " We begged, we screamed, we sent letters, we tried to take precautions, because we are Limp Bizkit, we know we cause this big emotional blister of a crowd ".
' We did an encore and then went off, and instead of just keeping clapping, they sang " You'll Never Walk Alone " to us, and we were just completely knocked out and taken aback – it was quite an emotional experience really, and I think these chant things are in some way connected with that.
We suffer in this country from a lack of emotional focus ... New Zealand will become a republic just as Britain will be blurred into Europe ".
Dance therapy, or dance movement therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance for emotional, cognitive, social, behavioral and physical conditions .< ref >“ Who We Are ,” American Dance Therapy Association, < http :// www. adta. org / about / who. cfm >.</ ref > As a form of expressive therapy, DMT is founded on the basis that movement and emotion are directly related.
We may seek logical explanations for such events, when in fact the proper emotional response is grief.
We ask you to please keep this investigation strictly confidential because of the nature of the charges and the highly emotional effect it could have on our community.
We learn more of the character's human qualities: his estrangement from his son, now an Ensign in the Naval Reserve ( played by Brandon deWilde ), and his romance with a divorced Navy Nurse Corps Lieutenant ( played by Patricia Neal ), which brings out his yearning for a stable emotional anchor in his life.
We were in the studio for what appeared to be the last time, so it was very emotional, and we had only three days.
We were really emotional the first time ... but this time we don't give a shit!
" He attributed the album's lackluster performances to the emotional toll of Van Vliet's behavior toward the band: " We were just emotionally beat to death by his particular environment ... we were playing really anemically and it sucks because of that.
We commit to foster in all our seminarians – men, women, single, married, married with children – spiritual and emotional maturity, integrity, grace, and holiness of life.
We got the order of songs down, and spent a lot of time honing it and making it an emotional journey.
Personal interviews, music and Motown, the meaning of the POW bracelet and the emotional view on the ' Wall That Heals ' - a half-scaled replica of the Vietnam Veteran Memorial in Washington, D. C. We salute our Vietnam veteran heroes for their patriotism and honor them for their service, courage and sacrifice.
We all live with worries, burdened by our responsibilities, loaded down with past emotional baggage, and stressed by the seemingly

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