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We and possess
We can also argue that the three brothers Karamazov and Smerdyakov were the external representatives of an internal conflict within one man, Dostoevsky, a conflict having to do with father-murder and the wish to possess the father's woman.
We have explained that ' regularity ' must be understood to exclude all pseudo-initiatic organizations, which, regardless of pretention and outward appearance, in no way possess any spiritual influence and thus are incapable of transmitting anything .”
We possess only a Latin translation of the first book, made by Rufinus ;
We also possess in fragments a History of Physics.
We possess a treatise On Stones, in which Theophrastus classified rocks based on their behavior when heated, further grouping minerals by common properties, such as amber and magnetite, which both have the power of attraction.
We still possess a collection of proverbs under his name, probably an abridgment of the collection made by himself from his lexicon ( ed.
:" We have no autograph manuscripts of the Greek and Roman classical writers and no copies which have been collated with the originals ; the manuscripts we possess derive from the originals through an unknown number of intermediate copies, and are consequentially of questionable trustworthiness.
We possess two works which are ascribed to him.
We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome.
We possess no historical documents on St Margaret as distinct from St Pelagia.
We possess by him part of a treatise De notis, probably an excerpt from a larger work.
Soon after he returned, he learned of the death of King Baldwin III of Jerusalem, and out of respect for such a formidable opponent he refrained from attacking the crusader kingdom: William of Tyre reports that Nur ad-Din said " We should sympathize with their grief and in pity spare them, because they have lost a prince such as the rest of the world does not possess today.
It called for signatories to " overthrow the kingdom of darkness " and pledge that " We shall to our power relieve the church and subjects of this kingdom of that opposition that hath been exercised upon their consciences, civil rights and liberties, that men may serve him holily, without fear, and possess their civil rights in quietness, without disturbance.
We ought not, therefore, to have anything in common with the Jews, for the Saviour has shown us another way ; our worship follows a more legitimate and more convenient course ; and consequently, in unanimously adopting this mode, we desire, dearest brethren, to separate ourselves from the detestable company of the Jews ... They do not possess the truth in this Easter question ; for, in their blindness and repugnance to all improvements, they frequently celebrate two Passovers in the same year ... we should have nothing in common with the Jews.
We still possess the words of these men, who very sternly rebuked Victor.
We possess but three Provençal romances of adventure:
We also possess the oration of thanks which Themistius addressed to the senate of Constantinople early in 356, in reply to the emperor's letter.
We would predict that bats and monkeys are more closely related to each other than either is to a fish, because they both possess hair — a synapomorphy.
We possess under the name of Alciphron 116 fictional letters, in 3 books, the object of which is to delineate the characters of certain classes of men by introducing them as expressing their peculiar sentiments and opinions upon subjects with which they were familiar.
We probably do not possess the original work, which must have suffered from alterations and interpolations at the hands of the copyists of the Middle Ages, but on the whole the scholia form a valuable aid to the student of Horace.
We are trying to overcome our economic weakness by using the weapons of the economically strong – weapons which in fact we do not possess.
We still possess some sections:
We probably possess a few of Bardaisan's hymns in the Gnostic Acts of Thomas ; the " Hymn on the Soul "; the " Espousals of Wisdom "; the consecratory prayer at Baptism and at Holy Communion.
We possess a translation by Aurelianus of two works of Soranus of Ephesus ( 2nd century ), the chief representative of the methodic school of medicine, on chronic and acute maladies — Tardae or Chronicae Passiones, in five, and Celeres or Acutae Passiones in three books.

We and two
We ran out of money and we haven't eaten for two days ''.
We followed the asphalt road for a few miles and then swung off onto a smaller road which was nothing more than two tire marks on the earth.
We note that, first, America has already made great contributions in the past two years to the world's fund of knowledge of astrophysics and space science.
We found that a charitable society in New York had a long case-history of the two ; ;
We in East Greenwich have the example of two neighboring communities, one currently utilizing double sessions in their schools, and the other facing this prospect next year.
We are left to choose between the two Lindemanns.
We all seek the same thing through different ways -- an end to this long night of two thousand years of darkness and unspeakable abuses which will continue to plague us until the Star of David flies over Zion ''.
We must ask ourselves which of the two alternatives will help the commuter -- the two-way B. & O. - C. & O. merger, or the three-way New York Central - B. & O. - C. & O. merger.
`` We, the Subscribers, do agree, that as soon as a convenient Number of Persons have subscribed to this, or a similar Writing, We will present a petition to the Hon'ble General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, praying for an Act incorporating into a Body politic the subscribers to such Writing with Liberty to build such a Bridge, and a Right to demand a Toll equal to that received at Malden Bridge, and on like Terms, and if such an Act shall be obtained, then we severally agree each with the others, that we will hold in the said Bridge the several shares set against our respective Names, the whole into two hundred shares being divided, and that we will pay such sums of Money at such Times and in such Manners, as by the said proposed Corporation, shall be directed and required ''.
We also worked out logistics for Sunday afternoon swimmers who arrive two hours early with their weekend guests while we are still enjoying an alfresco lunch en famille.
`` We have two approaches for the technical man: the position of staff engineer, which is rated as high in salary as department manager ; ;
We have two media for publicizing individual technical activity, a magazine widely distributed both within and without the company, and an information bulletin for engineering personnel distributed to the homes of all engineers.
We found that three men -- two carpenters and a helper -- can put up wall panels or trusses more economically than four men -- because four men don't make two teams ; ;
We found that wherever you can use two teams on a job, five men, not four, is the magic number ''.
We note that two such curves C and Af, cannot coincide at more than a finite number of points ; ;
We must now show that on some component of the graph there exist two points for which the corresponding diagonal points in the C-plane are on opposite sides of C.
We actually have two issues in this question -- goal and method.
We may carry this sequence one step further and say that at seventy he was a poet at the height of his powers, wanting only the impetus of two tragedies, one personal, the other national, to loose those powers in poetry.
We can see the general characteristics of the earlier decade if we look at two poems of very different qualities: `` Revulsion '' ( 1866 ) and `` Neutral Tones '' ( 1867 ).
We have evaluated the `` matching integrals '' for two types of photocathodes ( S-11 and S-20 ) and three types of light input.
We made the date for two o'clock in the afternoon at Maxine Wells's pad.
in effect, he was practicing what he preached in his Berlin message two weeks ago when he declared: `` We shall always be prepared to discuss international problems with any and all nations that are willing to talk, and listen, with reason ''.
We have already seen that odd numbers were considered as being Yang, while the even numbers were Yin, so that the eight outer numbers of the Lo Shu represented these two principles in balanced equilibrium around the axial center.

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