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Page "adventure" ¶ 947
from Brown Corpus
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We and pulled
We kept our focus and we pulled it out.
". Lemmy liked the song, " We didn't make commercial records-the best thing we made was ' Urban Guerrilla ', but that got pulled off the racks because it was when the IRA bombed Harrods.
We think we pulled it off, and because we pulled it off, other people might feel inspired to put the effort in, and we think that's a good thing.
We have pulled this item in all of our locations and will no longer be selling it online either.
We can tell that McGonigle is a trans-dimensional entity because when he is flustered he finds himself being pulled away from reality into a world that lies beyond his own distant hand, and he recites: " From so far away she calls to me.
We hear voiceovers describing how he has identified the body of his daughter and how the car was in good condition, but a van pulled out in front of them, causing the crash.
At Rechy's suggestion, Friedkin deleted a scene showing the Gay Liberation slogan " We Are Everywhere " as graffiti on a wall just before the first body part is pulled from the river, and added a disclaimer:
In an interview with music paper NME on the same day, Kate Thornton was quoted to say: " We wanted to see the sleeve pulled and we thought it was a crusade we would take up single-handedly.
We then see a blinking fluorescent light, then a mouse crawling over a press-sticker credit, followed by the title, " Rubber Johnny " which is seen written on a condom, on a backwards-playing scene of it being pulled off a penis.
The 1761 Bath Journal reports, quote, ' We are this instant informed, that one Edmund Roach, of Marshfield, a Chandler ( candlemaker ) was found dead near Westwood, on the Turnpike road leading from this city to Colerne gate ; and from all circumstances that yet appear, was murdered and robbed, marks of violence appearing about his head, his pockets pulled out, and his silver watch and money gone.
Five-year-old Peter, Brian, Quagmire, Joe ( who is pulled around in a wagon ), Cleveland, and Mayor West belong to the " We Hate Broads Club ".
The only single pulled from the album was in Germany: " In My Car " b / w " As Far as We Can Go ".

We and swore
Beneath this flag, Peter Lalor, leader of the Ballarat Reform League, swore this oath to the affirmation of his fellow demonstrators: " We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.
: We hit several hares, rabbits and birds, and Leslie swore at one point that he'd seen a huge ten-foot tall figure in a long cloak, wearing a tall pointed hat, striding toward him along the verge.
We were compelled to travel fourth-class, in the company of people who were no less filthy than the carriages ; and I remember ..... I swore a big oath that if ever I had any money I would travel in the most luxurious style possible.

We and wept
*" We wept tears of joy.
Such constructions are not actually redundant ( unlike " She slept a sleep " or " We wept tears ") because the object's modifiers provide additional information.
We do not learn who has been subjected to his ministrations – the assumption is Bum – only that he was given “ the works ”, that he “ wept ”, “ screamed ” and although he “ egged for mercy ” he still refused to “ say it ”.

We and our
`` We the people of the Confederate States, each state acting in its sovereign and independent character, in order to form a permanent federal government, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity -- invoking the favor and the guidance of Almighty God -- do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Confederate States of America ''.
We, in our country, think of war as an external threat which, if it occurs, will not be primarily of our own doing.
We have staved off a war and, since our behavior has involved all these elements, we can only keep adding to our ritual without daring to abandon any part of it, since we have not the slightest notion which parts are effective.
We are forced, in our behavior towards others, to adopt empirically successful patterns in toto because we have such a minimal understanding of their essential elements.
We use terms from our personal experience with individuals such as `` trust '', `` cheat '', and `` get tough ''.
We were forbidden to swing on the gates, lest they sag on their hinges in a poor-white-trash way, but we could stand on them, when they were latched, rest our chins on the top, and stare and stare, committing to memory, quite unintentionally, all the details that lay before our eyes.
A Yale historian, writing a few years ago in The Yale Review, said: `` We in New England have long since segregated our children ''.
We hear equally fervent concern over the belief that we have not enough generalists who can see the over-all picture and combine our national skills and knowledge for useful purposes.
We must believe we have the ability to affect our own destinies: otherwise why try anything??
We are tempted to blame others for our problems rather than look them straight in the face and realize they are of our own making and possible of solution only by ourselves with the help of desperately needed, enlightened, competent leaders.
We are reminded, however, that freedom of thought and discussion, the unfettered exchange of ideas, is basic under our form of government.
We experience a vague uneasiness about events, a suspicion that our political and economic institutions, like the genie in the bottle, have escaped confinement and that we have lost the power to recall them.
We and our friends are, of course, concerned with self-defense.
We did our job, Mr. Stavropoulos and Mr. De Seynes and myself, taking evidence from a number of people ''.
We went out of the office and down the hall to a window where documents and more officials awaited us, the rest of the office personnel hot upon our heels.
We saw it frequently afterward, but our suggestion for the very first encounter is near sunset.
We met some charming Athenians, and among them our chauffeur Panyotis ranked high.
We can be virtuous only if we control our lower natures, the passions in this case, and strengthen our rational side ; ;
We saw Giuseppe Berto at a party once in a while, tall, lean, nervous and handsome, and, in our opinion, the best novelist of them all except Pavese, and Pavese is dead.

We and hands
Referring to Britain, he says, `` We see a nation that traditionally values sovereignty above all else willing to give up its economy, placing this authority in Continental hands ''.
We have only to think of Lady Macbeth or the policeman-murderer in Thomas Burke's famous story, `` The Hands Of Mr. Ottermole '', to realize that hands often call up ideas of crime and punishment.
We first see him shaking Mrs. Joe's hand on discovering the sizable amount of the premium paid to her husband for Pip's indenture as an apprentice and later pumping Pip's hands `` for the hundredth time at least '' ( `` May I -- may I -- ''??
We shook hands on it.
( Churchill sent a telegram to Alexander on 23 September 1942 which began, " We are in your hands and of course a victorious battle makes amends for much delay.
We accept and welcome, therefore, as conditions to which we must accommodate ourselves, great inequality of environment ; the concentration of business, industrial and commercial, in the hands of the few ; and the law of competition between these, as being not only beneficial, but essential to the future progress of the race.
We find that the centering of the management of industries into fewer and fewer hands makes the trade unions unable to cope with the ever growing power of the employing class.
We have, however, no clue to the circumstances which led to the peculiar favor which this city seems to have received at the hands of its Roman conquerors.
We put the musket in his hands because it was necessary ; for the same reason we must give him the franchise.
We then alternate between hands in short bursts written out in short note values until the last three bars of the first section.
We are menaced less by fleets and armies than by catastrophic technologies in the hands of the embittered few ," and required " defending the United States, the American people, and our interests at home and abroad by identifying and destroying the threat before it reaches our borders.
" Tsar Alexander perhaps best summed up the harsh times for the Allies by stating, " We are babies in the hands of a giant.
We strive to satisfy our Sailors ’ personal goals and improve their quality of life ; we will provide them with meaningful and rewarding career opportunities, promote and retain the best, and ensure fair and equitable treatment of all hands, by all hands, at all times.
Emerson wrote in his speech " The American Scholar ": " We will walk on our own feet ; we will work with our own hands ; Divine Soul which also inspires all men.
We have with the utmost deliberation, examined the matter, with an anxiety to duly discharge the duty which we owe on all hands — the duty which we owe the prisoner of not meting out punishment beyond the just measure of the offence, and the duty we owe to the public that the degree of punishment will be such as to carry out the object of all punishment, which is not the mere infliction of the penalty upon the person convicted, but the prevention of crime — that that punishment should carry with it a security to the country, as far as possible, that one who has offended so perseveringly — that so deliberate a violator of the law shall not be permitted to continue his course of conduct to the disturbance of its peace and prosperity.
' We shook hands and I never saw him again.
We thank You and utter Your praise, for our lives that are delivered into Your hands, and for our souls that are entrusted to You ; and for Your miracles that are with us every day and for your marvelously kind deeds that are of every time ; evening and morning and noon-tide.
" We are in the hands of the Jews ", Adams lamented.
We vow to your noble service our hands and hearts and lives.
We spit in our hands and we start over!
According to Plutarch, upon seeing the Spartans, one of Thebans allegedly told Pelopidas " We are fallen into our enemy's hands ;" to which Pelopidas replied, " And why not they into ours?
We really counted on the hands and fingers left over.
We have to push a falling one unexpectedly, not with our hands.

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