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Page "government" ¶ 430
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

We and repeat
We was just tryin ' to find enough tunes to keep ' em dancin ' to not have to repeat so much.
We repeat this procedure to find m < sub > 2 </ sub > > m < sub > 1 </ sub >, etc.
We would like the engine to repeat the process again and again to provide us with a steady work source.
" In conclusion, Hazlitt admitted, " We could repeat these lines to ourselves not the less often for not knowing the meaning of them.
We could repeat such verses as the following down a green glade, a whole summer's morning ".
On 28 March 1981 Powell gave a speech to Ashton-under-Lyne Young Conservatives where he attacked the " conspiracy of silence " between the government and the opposition over the prospective growth through births of the immigration population and added, "' We have seen nothing yet ' is a phrase that we could with advantage repeat to ourselves whenever we try to form a picture of that future ".
We repeat, then, in the light of this recapitulation of events, almost too recent to be called history, but which are familiar to us all, and on the most casual examination of the language of these amendments, no one can fail to be impressed with the one pervading purpose found in them all, lying at the foundation of each, and without which none of them would have been even suggested ; we mean the freedom of the slave race, the security and firm establishment of that freedom, and the protection of the newly made freeman and citizen from the oppressions of those who had formerly exercised unlimited dominion over him.
We will repeat this message.
We will repeat this on 6210 kilocycles.
We repeat this for i from 1 to n. After n steps, we get A < sup >( n + 1 )</ sup >
Heads of the G20 meeting in London on 2 April 2009 pledged " We will not repeat the historic mistakes of protectionism of previous eras ".
We can then repeat the argument, and imagine another divide, and ask if it would be better for more extra people to exist, unknown to the people in B, and so on, as before.
Hagström comments: " We try never to repeat ourselves.
We shall not repeat the mistake of 1947.
We was just tryin ' to find enough tunes to keep ' em dancin ' to not have to repeat so much.
We then use this new value of as and repeat the process using and instead of and.
We can then repeat the process for the xz subspace to zero c. Acting on the full matrix, these two rotations produce the schematic form
We repeat and again reaffirm that neither a State nor the Federal Government can constitutionally force a person " to profess a belief or disbelief in any religion.
Lowther: “ We repeat what we have said .”
We can perform four row exchanges on the initial matrix to preserve the determinant and repeat the process, with most of the determinants precalculated:
We repeat this until the volume has been doubled.
" The result of the complaint was, as quoted from the ASA report, " We told Midway not to repeat the approach and told them to consult CAP Copy Advice before producing future ads.
" Pope Paul VI continues: " We wish to take up this invitation and to repeat it in this encyclical, for We consider it timely and urgent and relevant to the needs of the Church in our day.

We and test
We cannot test public opinion until the President and the leaders of the country have gone to the public to explain what is required and have asked them for support for the necessary action.
He said, `` We Democrats must resolve our issues on the test of what is right and just, and not what is expedient at the time ''.
We can only study their behavior ( i. e., by giving them our own Turing test ).
We can therefore distinguish in the epistle both a general purpose ( to increase mutual joy ) and a specific purpose ( to provide readers with test by which they might assure themselves of their salvation ).
We could test the hypothesis that computers fail more during some times of the year than others.
We enclose groups of objects in sets of hierarchical bounding volumes and first test for intersection with the bounding volume, and then only if there is an intersection, against the objects enclosed by the volume.
We can test prime ps manually given the formula above.
In his privately published " Wilmot's World " biography, he says " I took the test to get into the Navy V-12 program .... We had military drills and wore Navy uniforms, but it was mostly just going to college.
When attempting it himself later in the novel, Paul says, " We will see now whether I'm the Kwisatz Haderach who can survive the test that the Reverend Mothers have survived.
At Sullavan's suggestion Universal agreed to test him for her leading man and eventually he was borrowed from a willing MGM to star with Sullavan in Next Time We Love.
We expect the student with the highest test score on the second day to have done worse on the first day.
There is, nevertheless, a small chance that we are unlucky and hit an a which is a strong liar for n. We may reduce the probability of such error by repeating the test for several independently chosen a.
We don't need to assume anything about the distribution of test scores to reason that before we gave the test it was equally likely that the highest score would be any of the first 100.
" We have in the Dogon information a predictive mechanism which it is our duty to test, regardless of our preconceptions.
" We also meet Earl, who is looking for a place to put up a tent for a revival meeting, where " folks go to dance with snakes " in order to test their faith in Jesus.
We could also say that with 98. 6 % confidence we reject the null hypothesis that the 55 test takers are comparable to a simple random sample from the population of test-takers.
We test the hypotheses.
Sentamu said that he had conducted wedding services for “ many cohabiting couples ” during his time as a vicar in south London and that " We are living at a time where some people, as my daughter used to say, want to test whether the milk is good before they buy the cow ".
“… We are engaged in national campaigns that will test the resources of the union.
We aim to create a cohesive brotherhood that will stand the test of time while giving back to the world in which we live through charity.
We noted sourly that you would probably fail a driving test in the XM, because you cannot apply the brake ( using your left foot ) until you have put the car in neutral.
We apply the same example-generation strategy to the test documents, then run each example through the learner.
We can compute the likelihood ratio to find the key statistic in this test and its effect on the test's outcome:

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