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We and most
We spoke of the need for advertising, and I agreed that the deep dive would be most useful for publicity.
We assume for this illustration that the size of the land plots is so great that the distance between dwellings is greater than the voice can carry and that most of the communication is between nearest neighbors only, as shown in Figure 2.
We find, in the first place, that the students overwhelmingly approve of higher education, positively evaluate the job their own institution is doing, do not accept most of the criticisms levelled against higher education in the public prints, and, on the whole, approve of the way their university deals with value-problems and value inculcation.
We submit that this is a most desirable effect of the law -- and one of its principal aims.
We have been grand to Formosa itself -- lots of aid, and, most of the time, a policy of support for the offshore islands.
We expected, in short, that most of the world would make itself over in our image and that it would be relatively simple, from such a position, to deal with the localized aberrations of the Soviet Union ''.
We stand more in awe of one another than most people.
We have not the leisure, or the patience, or the skill, to comprehend what was working in the mind and heart of a then recent graduate from the Harvard Divinity School who would muster the audacity to contradict his most formidable instructor, the majesterial Andrews Norton, by saying that, while he believed Jesus `` like other religious teachers '', worked miracles, `` I see not how a miracle proves a doctrine ''.
We hold safe little jobs illustrating tooth-paste ads or the salacious incidents in trivial novels, and most of our easel painting is nothing but picking the fluff out of the navel so it can be contemplated in greater purity.
" In practical terms, the most important law in the code may well be the very first: " We enjoin, what is most necessary, that each man keep carefully his oath and his pledge ," which expresses a fundamental tenet of Anglo-Saxon law.
We will very shortly review the most popular:
" We are most grateful to Professor James Cormack of the Department of Greek, University of Aberdeen, for suggesting this term.
Jensen's most controversial work, published in February 1969 in the Harvard Educational Review, was titled " How Much Can We Boost IQ and Scholastic Achievement?
Ecologist Robert Michael Pyle argues that most cultures have human-like giants in their folk history: " We have this need for some larger-than-life creature.
We investigate the most challenging, fundamental problems in science and technology in a singularly collegial, interdisciplinary atmosphere, while educating outstanding students to become creative members of society.
Also noteworthy are Cheryl Lynn's " Got to Be Real " ( 1978 ), Evelyn " Champagne " King's " Shame " ( 1978 ), Cher's " Take Me Home " ( 1979 ), Sister Sledge's " We Are Family " ( 1979 ), Geraldine Hunt's " Can't Fake the Feeling " ( 1980 ), and Walter Murphy's various attempts to bring classical music to the mainstream, most notably his hit " A Fifth of Beethoven " ( 1976 ).
If this letter were to Ephesus, one would expect it to have more of the warmth evidenced in Philippians ... We may safely assume the letter was a general letter to Gentile believers in southwestern Asia Minor and that it became identified with Ephesus as the most important city between Rome and Antioch.
The most memorable appearance is that of Pauline Hanson in The Shadow We Cast ( series 3 ), in which she turns her famous " please explain?
We cannot build a water-tight theology promising physical healing, surely, for the most ' miracle-ridden ' Christian will die in the end, yielding to the natural processes of senescence.
The most telling passage reads: " We have an example of these things ( that act on the senses ) in sound and fire of that children's toy which is made in many parts of the world ; i. e. a device no bigger than one's thumb.
We are told that he was " plain and powerful in preaching, fervent in prayer ", " a discerner of other men's spirits, and very much master of his own ", skilful to " speak a word in due season to the conditions and capacities of most, especially to them that were weary, and wanted soul's rest "; " valiant in asserting the truth, bold in defending it, patient in suffering for it, immovable as a rock ".
We can, therefore, regard ‘ suggestion ’ as the most simple form of a typical reflex in man.
In public, Goebbels remained confident of German victory: " We live at the most critical period in the history of the Occident ," he wrote in Das Reich in February 1943.
The platform argues that " We have vital need of an organization which, having attracted most of the participants in the anarchist movement, would establish a common tactical and political line for anarchism and thereby serve as a guide for the whole movement ".

We and dialogue
Bishop John Tong Hon of Hong Kong used it with regard merely to an openness to dialogue with others, saying: " We are guided by the spirit of Vatican II: only dialogue and negotiation can solve conflicts.
It states that " We give thanks to the Author of all that is good, who allows us once again, in prayer and in dialogue, to express the joy we feel as brothers and to renew our commitment to move towards full communion ".
We regret any hurt that may remain from that turbulent time and our present hope is to rebuild bridges of understanding and dialogue between our movement and the gay community.
According to the show's creator, Guy Daniels, " We got all the dialogue in by noon, or else we wouldn't get it done at all.
We have met with scores of Muslim leaders, including top officials of Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Tunisia, Bosnia, Kuwait, Qatar, Malaysia, and Indonesia, to discuss topics ranging from relations with Israel and the United States to the promotion of international Muslim-Jewish dialogue.
" This is the first time I say this – We contacted [...] the opposition to encourage them and to facilitate the process of dialogue with the regime.
" We are concerned that Canberra's policies are aimed at excluding and containing the peoples of the region, instead of working collectively to address fundamental problems of social instability that can only be solved through dialogue, rather than the use of development aid, and political force as leverage, to dictate Australia's involvement "
We set in train policies for which we were attacked from all sides but are now accepted as mainstream: large-scale investment in public services ; raising the issue of Ireland and arguing for a dialogue for peace ; equal opportunities ; police accountability.
We reject this conception and affirm the need for an effective class movement in and for itself, which requires new forms of action, thinking and dialogue rather than repeating the known formulas.
We continue to build on these roots using some of the latest research in the emerging field of dialogue.
He performed Dr. Teeth from 1991 to 2003, but made only very brief appearances, with very little dialogue, some examples being the 1999 film Muppets from Space, and once in the music video for the We Are Family charity song in 2002.
In the process, several sequences were deleted: the instrumental bridge from " We Are Santa's Elves " ( featuring the elf orchestra, which are barely glimpsed on screen outside this bridge ), the duet reprise of " We're a Couple of Misfits ," additional dialogue by Burl Ives, and the " Peppermint Mine " scene resolving the fate of Yukon Cornelius.
We want to encourage a dialogue about our plays with as wide a group as possible, blogs and other online media is a really good way of doing this.
We encourage civil, informed dialogue among scientists, philosophers, and theologians and between such experts and the public at large, for the purposes of definitional clarity and new insights.
Marc Leclerc said, " We think that it ’ s not a scientific perspective, nor a theological or philosophical one … This make a dialogue difficult, maybe impossible.
According to the NBC website, she died in 2004, and according to dialogue in " In God We Trust " Vinick stopped attending church with her " five or six years " before Vinick won the Republican nomination, because she was too sick to attend with him.
" We believe there are good reasons for a more honest dialogue about the positive and negative effects of marijuana use.
We dialogue with Roman Catholics as with brothers and sisters in the faith ; we certainly do not regard them as people under the authority and spirit of Antichrist.
Speaking on separatist violence, Erkin Alptekin, a former East Turkestan National Congress chairman and prominent Uyghur activist, said “ We must emphasise dialogue and warn our youth against the use of violence because it de-legitimises our movement ”.
David Tall Pine White, one of the proficient speakers of the tribe, worked as an actor, script translator, and language consultant on PBS ' documentary We Shall Remain, which includes dialogue in Nipmuc.
We will legislate to outlaw it and will continue the dialogue we have started with faith groups from all backgrounds about how best to balance protection, tolerance and free speech ".
A series of sketches, interspersed with dialogue between the two, the show ran for at least six series between 1985 and 1992 with associated Christmas specials, along with a World Cup special in 1990 and a Millennium special broadcast in 1996 (" We reckon that by the time the year 2000 arrives the mere mention of the word ' millennium ' will be enough to send people into life-threatening comas ").

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