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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1017
from Brown Corpus
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We and saw
We saw Giuseppe Berto at a party once in a while, tall, lean, nervous and handsome, and, in our opinion, the best novelist of them all except Pavese, and Pavese is dead.
We saw similar displays in the other three campgrounds in this 70-mile-long National Seashore Recreation Area.
We walked miles and saw various shrines and gardens.
We visited the Okamoto home -- where for the first time I saw the famous tea ceremony.
* We saw a light ashore-The Diary Junction Blog
After Peligro joined the band, the extended play In God We Trust, Inc. ( 1981 ) saw them moving toward full on hardcore / thrash.
He described the Cold War: " We face a hostile ideology global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose and insidious in method ..." and warned about what he saw as unjustified government spending proposals and continued with a warning that " we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military – industrial complex.
At the time the two of us were in Heliopolis and we both witnessed the extraordinary phenomenon of the moon hiding the sun at the time that was out of season for their coming together ... We saw the moon begin to hide the sun from the east, travel across to the other side of the sun, and return on its path so that the hiding and the restoration of the light did not take place in the same direction but rather in diametrically opposite directions ..."
1987's Life as We Know It saw a decline in sales, but still managed to provide the band with the hits " That Ain't Love " ( U. S. # 16 ) and " In My Dreams " ( U. S. # 19 ).
Then, when We decreed ( Solomon's ) death, nothing showed them his death except a little worm of the earth, which kept ( slowly ) gnawing away at his staff: so when he fell down, the Jinns saw plainly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have tarried in the humiliating Penalty ( of their Task ).
Price wrote: " We saw several sorts of dung of different animals, one of which Wilson called a Whom-batt, which is an animal about 20 inches high, with short legs and a thick body with a large head, round ears, and very small eyes ; is very fat, and has much the appearance of a badger.
In the churches of the Germans his emissaries saw no beauty ; but at Constantinople, where the full festival ritual of the Byzantine Church was set in motion to impress them, they found their ideal: " We no longer knew whether we were in heaven or on earth ," they reported, describing a majestic Divine Liturgy in Hagia Sophia, " nor such beauty, and we know not how to tell of it.
" We ... saw his red face lit like a hot turnip lamp as he crouched to stoke up the flames.
We want more Murdocks, for of all others he is the most active man and best engine erector I ever saw ... When I look at the work done it astonishes me & is entirely owing to the spirit and activity of Murdoch who hath not gone to bed 3 of the nights.
According to Theodore Roosevelt: " We have taken into our language the word prairie, because when our backwoodsmen first reached the land the Midwest and saw the great natural meadows of long grass — sights unknown to the gloomy forests wherein they had always dwelt — they knew not what to call them, and borrowed the term already in use among the French inhabitants.
After the missing councillors eventually arrived in Bahrain they defended their Bangkok stay, telling journalists it was a " fact-finding mission ", explaining: " We benefited a lot from the trip to Thailand because we saw how they managed their transport, landscaping and roads.
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
In the foreword to I saw it Happen, a 1942 collection of eye-witness accounts of the war, Lewis Gannet wrote: "(...) We shall be hearing and reading of this war for decades to come.
" Southwest Airlines saw his tweet, rebooked Armstrong on another flight and released this statement, " We reached out to apologize.
May 2012 saw a group of Pulp fans create a petition to attempt to gain support for a re-released We Love Life, with a deluxe edition.
We saw a band and we needed to hear the instruments.
I was reminded of some of those leprous facades in the vieux port at Marseille, until suddenly I was disturbed by such a bawling and caterwauling as you never heard, and there, down in the little piazza, I saw a mob of about twenty terrible young men, and do you know what they were chanting We want Blanche.
" We saw the high antenna beyond the shacks of Glint.
" We met at this coffee shop, and I saw her and I thought " Oh, God.

We and frequently
We have sought to be strictly neutral as between the parties, but at the same time we have been required frequently to rule on specific issues or situations as they arose.
Mohammed Khan says, " We have ways of making men talk " ( a line which is frequently misquoted ) and has his prisoners tortured.
We are frequently presented with situations wherein a decision must be made when we are uncertain of exactly how to proceed.
When asked about their optimism to reach the town of Social Circle, the travelers would frequently reply, " We have GOOD HOPE.
" Sublime frequently covered other Camper Van Beethoven songs live, and Camper Van Beethoven eventually returned the favor by covering the Sublime song " Garden Grove " for the 2005 Sublime tribute album Look at All the Love We Found.
Between 1955 and 1957, the Moonglows reached the R & B chart frequently with hits like " Most of All ", " In My Diary ", " When I'm With You ", " See Saw ", " We Go Together ", and " Please Send Me Someone to Love.
When We Were Kids, which followed in 1998, was produced by Keir Stewart, who also played on the album and has frequently worked with Reilly since.
The seminary is also frequently at the center of debate among religious and secular intellectuals on issues ranging from politics, religion, science and culture .” Fuller instructors have been cited as proposing a different perspective on the conservative / liberal debate: " We need to be the voice of a third way that flows out of biblical values, instead of buying into the political ideology of either the right or the left.
We frequently think with deep gratitude of our rescuer, who alone is responsible for our being able to survive the horrible period of three years of incarceration and hunger in Theresienstadt concentration camp, at my age a veritable wonder.
" A frequently recurring rule is indicated by some such formula as " We find many like this.
We ought not, therefore, to have anything in common with the Jews, for the Saviour has shown us another way ; our worship follows a more legitimate and more convenient course ; and consequently, in unanimously adopting this mode, we desire, dearest brethren, to separate ourselves from the detestable company of the Jews ... They do not possess the truth in this Easter question ; for, in their blindness and repugnance to all improvements, they frequently celebrate two Passovers in the same year ... we should have nothing in common with the Jews.
" We rarely hear, it has been said, of the combinations of masters, though frequently of those of workmen.
When We Were Kings is frequently regarded as one of the best boxing documentaries ever, and maintains a 98 % positive rating at Rotten Tomatoes.
such as " People We Take Our Hats Off To " ( frequently the French ),
The Chariot is frequently called a Christian band, which Scogin agreed with in a 2005 interview: " We are Christians in a band therefore we are a Christian band.
Another frequently used, extended example, is Winston Churchill's address, " We shall fight on the beaches ":
We meet Fearless, detective and Gulf War veteran with a list of things to do before he dies, and a habit of telling stories ; Joel, a detective who is still attempting to hide the suicide attempt of his wife Kelly ; Teresa, the kind-hearted paramedic who was on duty the night of said attempt ; David McNorris, the manipulative deputy district attorney ; reporter Andrea Little, his secret mistress ; Ray Hechler, a cop under suspicion of corruption ; and his young partner Tom, a mediocre officer who is frequently criticized by his father.
" According to Revere, " We frequently took turns, two and two, to watch the ( British ) soldiers by patrolling the streets all night.
Although his band frequently served as an opening act for his friends in Barenaked Ladies, the band never made it big, scoring only one Canadian radio hit, " If We Turn Out the Lights ".
We feel in some sense bound by social rules and laws frequently appear to be types of social rule.
# The burial mounds proudly standing ; Our ancient warriors lie therein ; We shall tell our children this we know, How in days gone things were. Our forefathers have for many centuriesPlowed and toiled here, And frequently, the high seas they fared ; Faithful to Sylt they remained at sea and on land.
We are frequently reminded that Blinky is not blind but sees more, because the show takes place in 1957 and his best friend is black, this shows the viewer that Blinky is not racist but could be if he wanted.
We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently.
Their style would frequently be linked to Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam, even though critics admitted that " the trio wants, and inexplicably even manages it, to create their own musical identity ;" a style that would become known as power rock, which the band would later also use to describe themselves and were more comfortable with than the term grunge: " We are not so wild about the descriptor grunge, as it has become a predicate for a variety of dimensions.

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