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:: and We
:: We perceive no need to refute these arguments with somber reasoning and copious citation of precedent ; to do so might suggest that these arguments have some colorable merit.
:: We are sensitive to the need for the courts to remain open to all who seek in good faith to invoke the protection of law.
:: Example: We have consistently applied that presumption to language in the ADEA that was " derived in haec verba from Title VII.
:: Example: We caution, however, that our analysis might have been different if Lanciloti had shown that anyone had been excluded from jury service by the way the boundaries had been drawn ( for example, to save the cost of reimbursing mileage ) or if he had been tried, over objection, before a jury drawn from a district other than where the crime was alleged to have been committed, or if the clear legislative purpose had not been to create a broader and more representative jury pool.
:: We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.
:: c. We know < u > who Larry sent to the store </ u >.
:: b. We know < u > who he is trying to avoid </ u >?
:: c. * We know < u > who is he trying to avoid </ u >.
:: We know < u > what he said </ u >.
:: We consider < u > that a joke </ u >.
:: " We are not in the least afraid of ruins.
:: e. We loaded up on Mountain Dew and chips.
:: standby: We are keeping the old equipment on standby, in case of emergency.
:: We go into battle to reclaim our lives.
:: In God We Trust.
:: " We have always sought explanations when it was only representations that we could seek to invent "
:: We want to stay in part.
:: b. We are working.
:: c. * We are working, which is occurring on the problem.
:: We see therefore that it is no absurdity, that one self act be ascribed to God, to Satan, and to man: but the diversity in the end and manner of doing, causeth that therein appeareth the justice of God to be without fault, and also the wickedness of Satan and man, bewrayeth itself to their reproach.
:: as a noun, " We already got a pérmit.
:: We want to know
:: Stockstill: We did something to the altitude.
:: We unawares run into danger ’ s mouth.
* What Poor Gods We Do Make CD :: Riot Fest Records ( 2007 )

:: and should
:: If patients fail to experience the healing power of Christian Science, and think they can be benefited by certain ordinary physical methods of medical treatment, then the Mind-physician should give up such cases, and leave invalids free to resort to whatever other systems they fancy will afford relief.
:: d. You should keep an eye out for that.
:: be ( am, are, is, was, were, being ), can, could, do ( did, does, doing ), have ( had, has, having ), may, might, must, shall, should, will, would
:: This principle, that consciousness causes the collapse, is the point of intersection between quantum mechanics and the mind / body problem ; and researchers are working to detect conscious events correlated with physical events that, according to quantum theory, should involve a wave function collapse ; but, thus far, results are inconclusive.
:: Vasectomy should not be confused with castration, which is the surgical removal of the testicle ( s ).
:: you should admit, that of the children of the Æsir,
:: a. the idea < u > that we should alter the law </ u >
:: This should not be confused with Nebet Het, meaning lady of the house, the Egyptian name of Nephthys
:: But, since he is born, a man should make utmost haste through the gates of Death
:: The dawnings of peace should fresh darkness deform,
:: To be a heat wave such a period should last at least one day, but conventionally it lasts from several days to several weeks.
:: f. You should stand by your friend.
:: b. You should think it over.
:: d. You should not give in so quickly.
:: It was, accordingly, ordered that, in addition to the jewels in the imperial jewel house, rubies, garnets, diamonds, rich pearls and emeralds in all weighing 230 kg should be brought for the inspection of the Emperor and they should be handed over to Bebadal Khan, the superintendent of the goldsmith ’ s department.
:: Remember: The two come from the same place in equation ( 7 '), and should both have the same sign, while the sign of is independent.
:: While the party argue that the free market system should " permeate " economic life, they also aim for an inclusive society which guarantees security, safety, and fair and equal opportunity for each individual.
:: " I do not admit that Main Street is as beautiful as it should be!
:: Actions should be logical and follow naturally from actions that precede them.
:: Main character should be
:: The Chorus too should be regarded as one of the actors.
:: To conclude, they which are most miserable of all, those climb a degree higher, that their fall might be more grievous: for they are raised so high by some gift of grace, that they are little moved with some taste of the heavenly gift: so that for the time they seem to have received the seed ... But this is plain, that the spirit of adoption, which we have said to be only proper unto them which are never cast forth, but are written in the secret of God's people, is never communicated to them, for were they of the elect they should remain still with the elect.
:: which should be changed,
:: This article uses the non-SI unit of cal /( mol · K ) for heat capacity, because it offers greater accuracy for single digits. For an approximate conversion to the corresponding SI unit of J /( mol · K ), such values should be multiplied by 4. 2 J / cal.

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