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Page "learned" ¶ 369
from Brown Corpus
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We and should
We should not become confused or let our public become confused over irrelevant questions of number or even of geography.
We should stand firmly and courageously for our right to free access into Berlin.
We believe that the list of vital things left undone to date by the Eighty-seventh Congress should have included repeal by the Senate of the Connally amendment.
We should avoid these congestion points or, putting it another way, keep cars starting and ending on the East side of the river -- on the East side.
We found in Gonzales v. United States, supra, that this was the controlling reason why copies of the recommendation should be furnished a registrant.
We should hope that peace corps projects will be truly international and that our citizens will find themselves working alongside citizens of the host country and also volunteers from other lands.
We should like to re-emphasise the importance of stating results solely in terms of international units of TSH activity and of avoiding the re-introduction of biological units.
We should do what we can to discourage this conclusion, both by offering assistance for their domestic needs and by reacting firmly to irresponsible actions on the world scene.
We should spread the view that planning and national development are serious matters which call for effort as well as enthusiasm.
We should first recognize our tendency to develop a hierarchy of values, locating brief treatment at the bottom and long-term intensive service at the top, instead of seeing the services as part of a continuum, each important in its own right.
We should expect that general phonologic theory should be as adequate for tone as for consonants and vowels, but it has not been.
We are abstracting from the fact of strikes here, but it should be obvious that the extent to which the public-limit price is raised by a given increase in the basic wage rate is also a function of the show of resistance put up by the industry.
We should say that we made our point with feeling the first time and little or no feeling the second time, but that it was the same point we were making.
We should think of it more as an act of justice than compassion ''.
We should not allow the image of an immanent end brought about indirectly by our own action in the continuing human struggle for a just endurable order of existence to blind us to the fact that in some measure accelerating the end of our lease may be one consequence among others of many other of mankind's thrusts toward we know not what future.
We should recall the number of movements for the service of mankind which arose from the kindred Evangelicalism of the British Isles and the Pietism of the Continent of Europe -- among them prison reform, anti-slavery measures, legislation for the alleviation of conditions of labour, the Inner Mission, and the Red Cross.
" You don't think she would have remembered this from the first time ", ' We should consult Absolem " and " your majesty ".
We show this by contradiction by making a program that creates a string that should only be able to be created by a longer program.
We should have never had a day off last Wednesday.
We should never have three days off after the season.
An early statement appeared in Discourse of the Common Wealth of this Realm of England, 1549: " We must always take heed that we buy no more from strangers than we sell them, for so should we impoverish ourselves and enrich them.
Attlee responded the next day in the debate on increased air estimates that Hitler's speech contained unfavourable references to the Soviet Union but that " We see here a chance to call a halt in the armaments race ... We do not think that our answer to Herr Hitler should be just rearmament.

We and encourage
We would also encourage other filmmakers and actors invited to festivals to check for Israeli state backing before attending, and if so, to respect the boycott.
For in the Epistle which he wrote to the priests of Gaul, charging them with connivance with error, in that by their silence they failed in their duty to the ancient faith, and allowed profane novelties to spring up, he says: " We are deservedly to blame if we encourage error by silence.
We must develop decentralised, participative systems that encourage individuals to control the decisions that affect their own lives.
We all agree that the ultimate reduction in tax revenues can be less than this first order effect, because lower tax rates encourage greater economic activity and thus expand the tax base.
Again, elements of absurdity (" We must offer every child in America three nuclear missiles ") are combined with the accusation of US complicity with terrorists (" One by one the terrorists are learning: We are building a culture to encourage international terrorism ").
" I would encourage you to pick something, whether it ’ s health care, education, the environment, you know, there ’ s four key areas that the corporation has identified as the areas of service ," Sergant said on the call, making reference to the four areas of focus earlier outlined by Nell Abernathy, Director of Outreach for United We Serve.
" This is the first time I say this – We contacted [...] the opposition to encourage them and to facilitate the process of dialogue with the regime.
We acknowledge and encourage respect for other life forms than our own and the preservation of biodiversity.
We also encourage the insurance and credit-rating industries to look closely at a company ’ s compliance with the ANSI standard in assessing its insurability and creditworthiness.
We were anxious not to created the impression which the official SDF was trying to encourage, that we were only the tools of the American SLP.
He wrote, " We should ... without deceiving ourselves about Khrushchev's political personality and without nurturing any unreal hopes, be concerned to keep him politically in the running and to encourage the survival in Moscow of the tendencies he personifies.
* We believe in the operation of the nine gifts of the Spirit and encourage our people to so live that these gifts may be manifested in their lives.
Furthermore, he voted to encourage the display of “ In God We Trust ” in public buildings and schools.
We want people, where they can, to pay a fair contribution for the system they are using, which will encourage them to look for alternatives.
: We believe that during the last 25 years Canadians have been unable to change things because of the political and economic bankruptcy of old line parties who encourage the enshrinement of flawed vision of Canada's future, a politically imposed Canadian Constitution, the greed of big business and the existence of an " establishment " consists of institutionalized elites who strive to retain power by maintaining the status quo and perpetuating myths about Canada's past.
We encourage you to visit and contribute to the site.
The Board of Trustees of the College Board voted unanimously in support of the DREAM Act. The College Board works with the national United We DREAM coalition, helping to encourage U. S. legislators to cosponsor the federal DREAM Act.
" We encourage the use of recycled fruitcakes ," says Leslie Lewis of the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce.
State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said, " We will work closely with partners in the international community to encourage the council to address serious cases of human rights abuse in countries such as Iran, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Burma, Sudan, and North Korea.
We are introducing reforms to minimise conflict and encourage conciliation by greater and early use of mediation.
We must do everything possible to encourage philanthropy and not create barriers to charitable giving.
" Palestinian President Yasser Arafat said, " We completely condemn this serious operation ... We were completely shocked ..." Many, though, considered those reactions as hypocrisy, since many Arab and Muslim states encourage anti-Americanism and many newspapers in the Arab world — for example the Islamist opposition press in Egypt -- openly celebrated the September 11 attacks.

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