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We and spent
`` We know Penny spent some -- and Carmer must have dropped a few dollars getting that load on ''.
Another US $ 200 million were spent during the 1982 to 1986 advertising campaigns, where the " Datsun, We Are Driven!
::" We loved the time we spent with you,
However, in 2006 the Victorian Auditor General noted that in spite of $ 750 million spent, " We found that the delivery of more frequent fast rail services in the Geelong, Ballarat, and Bendigo corridors by the agreed dates was not achieved.
Margaret Thatcher proclaimed in 1983: " We have a duty to make sure that every penny piece we raise in taxation is spent wisely and well.
We spent hours looking for it.
In 1816, a United States officer at Fort Osage, on the Missouri, wrote, " We have been honored by a visit from Colonel Boon, the first settler of Kentucky ; he lately spent two weeks with us.
We have only traveled on the last month, including the time spent at this place, which has been about three weeks.
Pulp then spent a few years " in the wilderness " before reappearing in 2001 with a new album, We Love Life.
Karl Sanders commented: " We are finished tracking drums for the new Nile album-George, Dallas, Neil Kernon, and I spent a week with Bob Moore at the Soundlab in Columbia SC, tracking drums.
We are also informed that " he spent several years in sciences among Oxonians, particularly, as it seems, in Gloucester Hall ; but that study, which he used for a diversion only, proved at length an employment of profit ".
We spent eleven years trying to explain how to pronounce it.
We spent a good part of my adult life being somewhat estranged from each other.
Although we seemed to have little in common — I was a redneck from Aragon, and he an elegant Andalusian — we spent most of our time together ... We used to sit on the grass in the evenings behind the Residencia ( at that time, there were vast open spaces reaching to the horizon ), and he would read me his poems.
The Go-Go ’ s subsequently spent half of 1980 touring England, earning a sizable following and releasing the demo version of " We Got the Beat " on Stiff Records, which became a minor UK hit.
We had spent about a $ 1 / 4 million in rights and licensing for samples.
We also planned a socialist picnic, which we spent quite a lot of time organizing.
We spent eight wonderful years together and I know you will continue to make great television.
We released the punk album of the millennium with Ass Cobra, and didn't want to make an Ass Cobra part two plus we spent two years writing new stuff, so as to make sure that every song is a hit, so we ended up making the rock album of the next millennium.
We do have some fairly detailed historical accounts of Narendradeva, who not only spent some time as an exile in Tibet, but was placed on the Nepalese throne with the help of the Tibetans.
*" I am tired of all this sort of thing called science here ... We have spent millions in that sort of thing for the last few years, and it is time it should be stopped.
Murray spent his youth in Philadelphia before moving to New York City where he began playing with Cecil Taylor: " We played for about a year, just practicing, studying-we went to workshops with Varèse, did a lot of creative things, just experimenting, without a job " He was featured on the influential 1962 concerts in Denmark released as Nefertiti the Beautiful One Has Come.
We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work .... After eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started ... and an enormous debt to boot!
We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work.

We and one
We can also argue that the three brothers Karamazov and Smerdyakov were the external representatives of an internal conflict within one man, Dostoevsky, a conflict having to do with father-murder and the wish to possess the father's woman.
We had stopped before a shop window to assess its autumnal display, when you suddenly turned to me, looking up from beneath one of your wrong hats, and with your nervous `` ahem ''!!
We already have the only one of its kind ''.
We must avoid the notion, suggested to some people by examples such as those just mentioned, that ideas are `` units '' in some way comparable to coins or counters that can be passed intact from one group of people to another or even, for that matter, from one individual to another.
We submit that this is a most desirable effect of the law -- and one of its principal aims.
`` We got one at home.
We in East Greenwich have the example of two neighboring communities, one currently utilizing double sessions in their schools, and the other facing this prospect next year.
We take the position, however, that the third choice still remains the only sane one open to us.
We had a couple of schools in this country, the principal one being on the Marshall Field estate out in Lloyd's Neck.
We would write to one another and make a definite plan.
We do not favor one field over another: we think that all inquiry, all scholarly and artistic creation, is good -- provided only that it contributes to a sense and understanding of the true ends of life, as all first-rate scholarship and artistic creation does.
We quickly ran into the same trouble that plagued Bill Ruger in his first experiments: Three or four bullets would be placed well in a six-inch bull at 100 yards and then, unaccountably, one could stray far out of the group.
We designated one day a week as the time when neighborhood teen-agers might swim at definite hours.
We have seen good new products shelved because no one had the assignment to develop such facts and plans -- and management couldn't make up its mind.
`` We do not have people in our organization termed ' consultants ' or ' fellows ', who are specialists in one particular technical subject.
We couldn't be seen together, for the tongue of Scandal was ever ready to link our names, and the tongue of Scandal finds but one thing to say of the association of a man with a girl, no matter how innocent.
Another woman, addressing Christmas cards, said to her husband: `` We sent them one last year but they didn't send us one, so they probably won't send us one this year because they'll think we won't send them one because they didn't last year, don't you think, or shall we ''??
`` We go to the park with this nice lady '', one of them said.
`` We bump '', one said ; ;
We have shown that the graph of F contains at least one component whose inverse is the entire interval {0,T}, and whose multiplicity is odd.
We observe first that no line, l, can meet its image except at one of its intersections with Q.

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