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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1016
from Brown Corpus
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We and stopped
We drove close to the boulder, stopped the Land Rover, and walked over toward the family.
We had stopped before a shop window to assess its autumnal display, when you suddenly turned to me, looking up from beneath one of your wrong hats, and with your nervous `` ahem ''!!
We at LCS have stopped using W, and are now
One of the books contains a discussion among Masters that " We should cap humans sooner, to reduce the risk of precocious people getting independent-minded soon enough to try to evade being Capped, but we cannot, because we cannot Cap them until their braincases have stopped growing.
Some of Cao Cao's subordinates wanted to pursue Guan Yu and bring him back but Cao stopped them, saying " We are only serving different lords, let him go.
Hume, however, stopped short when it came to the positive side of the theory, where God was called upon to replace such connections, complaining that ' We are got into fairy land [...] Our line is too short to fathom such immense abysses.
*" I am tired of all this sort of thing called science here ... We have spent millions in that sort of thing for the last few years, and it is time it should be stopped.
:" In his book, Clarke recounts a critical ' principals ' meeting close to the millennium celebration when Sandy Berger looked hard at Janet, George Tenet, and me, and said, ' We have stopped two sets of attacks planned for the millennium.
But he told BBC1 ’ s Sunday AM: “ We cannot have a reincarnation of the old ‘ sus ’ laws under which mostly black people, ethnic minorities, were literally stopped on sight and that created a really bad atmosphere and an erosion of civil liberties .”
We stopped the project because our clinical studies revealed that products using hoodia would not meet our strict standards of safety and efficacy.
We may see this in the Bolshevik Revolution before the movement was stopped by Stalin, a proponent of Socialism in One Country.
We got in the car and Al stopped talking.
In another interview, recalling an altercation with law enforcement, Van Zandt recalled, " We got stopped by these two policeman and ... they said ' What do you do for a living?
After her daughter's birth, Richardson stopped working regularly, because, she said: “ We ’ d vowed to be an intact revolutionary black family.
*" We stopped.
On his way to Richmond, he stopped in New Orleans where he made a public speech lamenting the fact that Europe looked down on the Confederacy over the issue of slavery, stating, " We cannot look for any sympathy or help from abroad.
::" We veered a little to the left after we came to Tilford, at which place on the Green we stopped to look at an oak tree, which, when I was a little boy, was but a very little tree, comparatively, and which is now, take it altogether, by far the finest tree that I ever saw in my life.
According to the NBC website, she died in 2004, and according to dialogue in " In God We Trust " Vinick stopped attending church with her " five or six years " before Vinick won the Republican nomination, because she was too sick to attend with him.
We stopped it because it became not fun.
We stopped at a barber shop at Brainerd going up, and he hit the jackpot in a machine in the lower lobby of the hotel.
: We stopped the bus at a drugstore in a little country town ;
" We are going to see what we can do initially with shippers that have been on the line that have stopped shipping like Thomas and Betts.
While touring for We Have You Surrounded, Ko Melina stopped playing her parts on a " fuzzed " bass and instead started playing a baritone guitar.
We stopped very often to listen as it was so dark we had difficulty in keeping the man in front in view.

We and first
We note that, first, America has already made great contributions in the past two years to the world's fund of knowledge of astrophysics and space science.
`` We are menaced for the first time in the history of the Republic by the open and unblushing effort of a multi-millionaire to purchase the Presidential nomination.
We saw it frequently afterward, but our suggestion for the very first encounter is near sunset.
We find, in the first place, that the students overwhelmingly approve of higher education, positively evaluate the job their own institution is doing, do not accept most of the criticisms levelled against higher education in the public prints, and, on the whole, approve of the way their university deals with value-problems and value inculcation.
We must, first of all, be willing to forgive others before we can secure God's forgiveness.
We who are living today may learn a valuable lesson from those who celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day.
We quickly ran into the same trouble that plagued Bill Ruger in his first experiments: Three or four bullets would be placed well in a six-inch bull at 100 yards and then, unaccountably, one could stray far out of the group.
We unanimously agreed that Prokofieff had won his rights as a world citizen to the first ranks of Twentieth-Century Composers.
We first discuss the Af bond in Af.
We shall show that the polynomials Af behave in the manner described in the first paragraph of the proof.
We first show that the function is single-valued in some neighborhood.
We first define a function b{t} as follows: given the set of squares such that each has three corners on C and vertex at t, b{t} is the corresponding set of positive parametric differences between T and the backward corner points.
We observe first that no line, l, can meet its image except at one of its intersections with Q.
We should first recognize our tendency to develop a hierarchy of values, locating brief treatment at the bottom and long-term intensive service at the top, instead of seeing the services as part of a continuum, each important in its own right.
We will deal first with the program in the Congo though this was put into operation later than the other.
We should say that we made our point with feeling the first time and little or no feeling the second time, but that it was the same point we were making.
We had looked forward to what we hoped to be our first informal meeting with a number of Moscow's artists.
`` Disaffiliation '', by the way, is the term used by the critic and poet, Lawrence Lipton, who has written several articles on this subject, the first of which, in The Nation, quoted as Epigraph: `` We disaffiliate.
We first see him shaking Mrs. Joe's hand on discovering the sizable amount of the premium paid to her husband for Pip's indenture as an apprentice and later pumping Pip's hands `` for the hundredth time at least '' ( `` May I -- may I -- ''??
We visited the Okamoto home -- where for the first time I saw the famous tea ceremony.
`` We intend to attend the downtown theaters before the first of the year '', the identically worded letters said.
We may show, first, that there cannot possibly be an alternative other than the three typically represented by Bultmann, Barth, and Buri.
Clearly we can do this: We start at the first box, choose an item ; go to the second box, choose an item ; and so on.
Even his old literary home, Punch, where the When We Were Very Young verses had first appeared, was ultimately to reject him, as Christopher Milne details in his autobiography The Enchanted Places, although Methuen continued to publish whatever Milne wrote, including the long poem ' The Norman Church ' and an assembly of articles entitled Year In, Year Out ( which Milne likened to a benefit night for the author ).

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