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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1044
from Brown Corpus
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We and think
We, in our country, think of war as an external threat which, if it occurs, will not be primarily of our own doing.
We think differently.
We don't think she can make her child defective, emotionally disturbed or autistic.
We can't think of anyone else who would want to separate serious candidates from other candidates, either.
We now have to think not only of our national security but also of the future generations who will suffer from any tests we might undertake.
We in this Department must think about foreign policy in its total context.
We do not favor one field over another: we think that all inquiry, all scholarly and artistic creation, is good -- provided only that it contributes to a sense and understanding of the true ends of life, as all first-rate scholarship and artistic creation does.
We want no part in such discussions, because we think them largely futile ; ;
Another woman, addressing Christmas cards, said to her husband: `` We sent them one last year but they didn't send us one, so they probably won't send us one this year because they'll think we won't send them one because they didn't last year, don't you think, or shall we ''??
We should think of it more as an act of justice than compassion ''.
We have only to think of Lady Macbeth or the policeman-murderer in Thomas Burke's famous story, `` The Hands Of Mr. Ottermole '', to realize that hands often call up ideas of crime and punishment.
We are evidently trying hard to think of new ways to deal with the problem of fear these days.
" We hardly earn the bread ", wrote Abby May to her brother, " the butter we have to think about.
" You don't think she would have remembered this from the first time ", ' We should consult Absolem " and " your majesty ".
Said Edward Leech of Scripps, " We don't think it is good editing or sound citizenship to picture the Senate as an assemblage of freaks and crooks ... boobs and undesirables.
Said Edward Leech of Scripps, " We don't think it is good editing or sound citizenship to picture the Senate as an assemblage of freaks and crooks ... boobs and undesirables.
We do not think you can do it by national defence.
We think you can only do it by moving forward to a new world — a world of law, the abolition of national armaments with a world force and a world economic system.
Attlee responded the next day in the debate on increased air estimates that Hitler's speech contained unfavourable references to the Soviet Union but that " We see here a chance to call a halt in the armaments race ... We do not think that our answer to Herr Hitler should be just rearmament.
" I think the biggest black mark against our management to date is the Cukor situation and we can no longer be sentimental about it .... We are a business concern and not patrons of the arts ..." Cukor was relieved of his duties, but he continued to work with Leigh and De Havilland off the set.
We have to walk, and when we give the men any thing kneel, in blood and water ; but we think nothing of it at all.
We think along the lines that there is no force on the object, then all of the sudden there is a force on the object.

We and governor
In a speech on the subject of confederation, made in 1866 to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada, John A. Macdonald said of the planned governor: " We place no restriction on Her Majesty's prerogative in the selection of her representative ...
Though the monarch retains all executive, legislative, and judicial power in and over Canada, the governor general is permitted to exercise most of this, including the Royal Prerogative, in the sovereign's name ; some as outlined in the Constitution Act, 1867, and some through various letters patent issued over the decades, particularly those from 1947 that constitute the Office of Governor General of Canada ; they state: " And We do hereby authorize and empower Our Governor General, with the advice of Our Privy Council for Canada or of any members thereof or individually, as the case requires, to exercise all powers and authorities lawfully belonging to Us in respect of Canada.
We next hear of Caratacus in Tacitus's Annals, leading the Silures and Ordovices of Wales against Plautius ' successor as governor, Publius Ostorius Scapula.
Wallace considered Happy Chandler, the former baseball commissioner and two-term former governor of Kentucky, as his running mate in his 1968 campaign as a third party candidate ; as one of Wallace's aides put it, " We have all the nuts in the country ; we could get some decent people –- you working one side of the street and he working the other side.
" We here observe that God is the only supreme governor and independent being in whom all fullness and perfection dwell ; who is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient ; without beginning of days or end of life ; and that in him every good gift and every good principle dwell ; and that he is the Father of lights ; in him the principle of faith dwells independently, and he is the object in whom the faith of all other rational and accountable beings center for life and salvation.
We next hear of him in Tacitus's Annals, leading the Silures and Ordovices in what is now Wales against the Roman governor Publius Ostorius Scapula.
She serves as a national vice president for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, a governor of the We Are Family Foundation, and as executive director of the Mattie J. T.
" We were officially greeted by Jimmy Fitzmorris ( later lieutenant governor ) who was chairman of the New Orleans City Council.
One of the condemned, Thomas Morris, quipped as he climbed the gallows, " We have a good governor, but a harsh one.
Jevdet Pasha the governor of Van, is reported to have held a meeting in February 1915 at which he said, " We have cleansed the Armenians and Syriac s from Azerbaijan, and we will do the same in Van.
He said " We deserve a governor who will bring us a leaner, better-run state government that doesn't demand endless tax increases before it delivers results to its bosses, you the taxpayers.
Challenging incumbent Republican governor Charles R. Mabey, Dern ran on the catchy slogan " We want a Dern good governor, and we don't mean Mabey.
< p > We take pleasure in giving publicity to the next great work of Gen. Daniel Pratt, the travelling encyclopedia and universal genius, the library of facts, the original oratorical author, the great favorite of the students of all the colleges, the greatest pedestrian in the world ; been talked of for the mayoralty, the governor, member of Congress, and the President of the United States for the last twenty years ; the general of generalities, the harmonizer of the laws of the solar system, the only value of knowledge and wealth of the universe of worlds, non terra sed cosmos.
On the evening of the 11 April 2002 coup attempt against Chávez, Enrique Mendoza, then governor of Venezuela's Miranda State, while being interviewed by Venevisión announced " a esa basura de canal la vamos a cerrar " (" We are going to shut down that trashy channel "), referring to VTV.
Still, all declarations of war are issued with the approval, and in the name, of the monarch, and must be signed by either the sovereign or the governor general, as was done with the proclamation that declared Canada at war with Nazi Germany, issued on 10 September 1939 ; it stated: " Whereas by and with the advice of Our Privy Council for Canada We have signified Our Approval for the issue of a Proclamation in the Canada Gazette declaring that a State of War with the German Reich exists and has existed in Our Dominion of Canada as and from the tenth day of September, 1939.

We and treated
Said he: `` We will see whether whites and Negroes are treated the same around here ''.
We note here that ensembles of quantum mechanical system are sometimes treated by physicists in a semi-classical fashion.
We must be treated as equals – and communication is the way this can be brought about.
We treated you as kin.
When the term reverend is used alone without a name as a third-person reference to a member of the clergy, it is treated as a normal English noun and therefore requires either a definite or indefinite article ( e. g., We spoke to a / the reverend yesterday.
We know that many of these do not wish to be treated in Six County hospitals.
We look for a solid and impregnable barrier of the Democracies against the three Axis powers, and we refuse to accept the dictum that the Pacific struggle must be treated as a subordinate segment of the general conflict.
We did Looking Back and Consumer Guide features that beat the competition out of sight, and we did this not just to surpass our rivals but because we reckoned that rock had finished its first wind around 1969 / 70 and deserved to be treated as history, as a canon of work.
: One witness wrote, " We are driven from our homes for acting under the authority of Ohio ; our houses broken open in the dead of night ; citizens taken prisoners, bound hand and foot, and tied to fiery horses, gagged that they may not alarm the rest of the citizens ; the females too in the same house are treated with violence by being held and prevented from going to alarm the neighbors ; and all this for saying to an individual, he need not obey the laws of Michigan.
In 2008 Burke discussed his reasons for leaving Atlantic Records forty years earlier: " We left Atlantic because we weren ’ t being treated properly and so many things had been done that, as I said before, have still not been overturned to this day.
We must continue to fight against discriminatory marriage amendments and work toward the day when all American families are treated equally.
:" We frankly confess that we detest his subjects ... he has chosen the least pictorial range of scenery and civilization ; he has resolutely treated them as if they were pictorial ... and, to reward his audacity, he has incontestably succeeded.
We are told by chroniclers that Henry legislated about theft, restored capital punishment ( which had been suspended for a great many crimes by William Rufus ), harshly treated utterers of bad money and rapacious exactions of his courtiers.
We are fed up with people speaking for us, with being treated with contempt.
* We respect the individual, and believe that individuals who are treated with respect and given responsibility respond by giving their best.
We don't make war to preserve the enemy ... Struggle against Russia: Extermination of Bolshevik Commissars and of the Communist intelligentsia ... Commissars and GPU personnel are criminals and must be treated as such.
* E. Bucci and J Saunders ( 1960 USA ): " We observed a new liveliness and mental vigour in 16 of the 25 patients treated "
We reviewed the efficacy of Quintero staging to predict survival rate in TTTS treated with laser therapy.
We put up a big bluff, and treated him with great formality and instructed him to return to the place whence he came, and make formal application in writing for a charter from our ancient and honorable body.
We never overwhelmed the South ... What we won from the South we won by hard fighting .” He further noted that when comparing resources the “ 4, 000, 000 of negroes ” who “ kept the farms, protected the families, supported the armies, and were really a reserve force ” were not treated as a southern asset.
We did not instill the proper treatment for the people in the camps for them to be fully treated ..." Castro then decided that it was best to close down the camps.
We should recall the gentleness with which saints like St. Francis of Assisi or St. Philip Neri treated animals ...
Gordon Love, chairman of the Calgary Stampede Board, owners of the Stampeders stated: " We have been treated so shabbily by Chicago, that we have no alternative ... Tommy Ivan simply wasn't interested in the future of hockey in Calgary, and that's all there is to it.
We were treated to a cappella singing as Song Director Curtis Darnall from Glendale Church led us all in seven songs ; St. Leo's rafters rang with enormous voice power.

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