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Some Related Sentences

We and used
`` We were on our vacation in Canada '', Howard explained, in a muffled voice that must have been used to booming, `` and the news didn't catch up with us till we were nearly home.
We have noted how some electronic techniques, developed for the defense effort, have evenutally been used in commerce and industry.
`` Disaffiliation '', by the way, is the term used by the critic and poet, Lawrence Lipton, who has written several articles on this subject, the first of which, in The Nation, quoted as Epigraph: `` We disaffiliate.
We used to kid him by saying he only painted that way because he was so nearsighted.
We built and used AppleNet in-house, but we realized that if we had shipped it, we would have seen new standards coming up.
Many pop songs are used as anthems, such as Queen's " We Are the Champions ", which is commonly used as a sports anthem.
We learn names by connecting an idea with a sound, so that speaker and hearer have the same idea when the same word is used.
We are told also, that the Demiurge is of a fiery nature, the words of Moses being applied to him, “ the Lord our God is a burning and consuming fire ,” a text used also by Simon.
We see this as diminishing of pressure on the outer shell ( which is used in the ideal gas law ), so we write ( something ) instead of.
Initially, Milne thought Shepard's style was not what he wanted, but used him to illustrate his book of poems When We Were Very Young.
After 1806 he used the titles: " We, Francis the First, by the grace of God Emperor of Austria ; King of Jerusalem, Hungary, Bohemia, Dalmatia, Croatia, Slavonia, Galicia and Lodomeria ; Archduke of Austria ; Duke of Lorraine, Salzburg, Würzburg, Franconia, Styria, Carinthia and Carniola ; Grand Duke of Cracow ; Grand Prince of Transylvania ; Margrave of Moravia ; Duke of Sandomir, Masovia, Lublin, Upper and Lower Silesia, Auschwitz and Zator, Teschen and Friule ; Prince of Berchtesgaden and Mergentheim ; Princely Count of Habsburg, Gorizia and Gradisca and of the Tirol ; and Margrave of Upper and Lower Lusatia and in Istria ", President of the German Confederation.
Verner wrote, " We can conclude that although the ancient Egyptians could not precisely define the value of π, in practice they used it ".
* The instrumental case indicates an object used in performing an action: We wiped the floor with a mop.
We will now consider the purportedly “ positive argument ” for design encompassed in the phrase used numerous times by Professors Behe and Minnich throughout their expert testimony, which is the “ purposeful arrangement of parts .” Professor Behe summarized the argument as follows: We infer design when we see parts that appear to be arranged for a purpose.
Savoy dancer " Shorty " George Snowden stated that " We used to call the basic step the Hop long before Lindbergh did his hop across the Atlantic.
We used their sense of dynamics, being soft and quiet and then loud and hard.
Bishop John Tong Hon of Hong Kong used it with regard merely to an openness to dialogue with others, saying: " We are guided by the spirit of Vatican II: only dialogue and negotiation can solve conflicts.
::“ We certainly cannot hope directly to compare their effects except within a limited future ; and all the arguments, which have ever been used in Ethics, and upon which we commonly act in common life, directed to shewing that one course is superior to another, are ( apart from theological dogmas ) confined to pointing out such probable immediate advantages …
The 1934 Philadelphia strike appears in two versions: one with a light motto " In God We Trust ", which is the same as that used on the 1932 strikings, and the other a heavy motto seen after the dies were reworked.
The Why We Fight series became a heavily used means of presenting information about Axis powers for the American government during World War II.
" We deliberately used free software as a model ," said Wendy Seltzer, who took over Open Law when Lessig moved to Stanford.
Furthermore, " I and I " is used instead of " We ", and is used in this way to emphasize the equality between all people, in the belief that the Holy Spirit within all people makes them essentially one and the same.

We and latter
We do know that he was not expected to succeed to the throne after his brother king Agis II, largely due to the fact that he was crippled from birth, and since the latter had a son, named Leotychidas.
We are like travellers at an inn, or guests at a stranger's table ; whatever is offered we take with thankfulness, and sometimes, when the turn comes, we may refuse ; in the former case we are a worthy guest of the gods, and in the latter we appear as a sharer in their power.
History would forget these latter despicable beings, and speak, in latter ages of the glory of these grand Kings of forest and plain that Cooper loved to heroize .</ br >< p > We cannot honestly regret their extermination, but we at least do justice to the manly characteristics possessed, according to their lights and education, by the early Redskins of America.
The album contained many songs tailor-made for live performance, including two of rock's most recognisable anthems, " We Will Rock You " and the rock ballad " We Are the Champions ", both of which became enduring international sports anthems, and the latter reached number four in the United States.
He went on to become a household name in New Zealand in 1975, with the release by Clarke ( as Dagg ) of two singles with EMI, " Traditional Air "/" Unlabelled ", and " We Don't Know How Lucky We Are "/" Larry Loves Barry ", with the latter making it to number 17 on the national music single charts.
After recording one album with Fear Itself, McIlwaine went solo, recording two albums for Polydor, Honky Tonk Angel ( 1972 ) and We the People ( 1973 ), the latter featuring a hit single, " I Don't Want to Play ".
Singles included " He's the Greatest Dancer " (# 9 US, # 1 R & B ) and " We Are Family " (# 2 US, # 1 R & B ), the latter song becoming their biggest hit.
Of particular importance to the development of folk rock were the subtle folk influences evident in such Beatles ' compositions as " I'll Be Back ", " Things We Said Today ", and " I'm a Loser ", with the latter song being directly inspired by folk singer-songwriter Bob Dylan.
We have already remarked that the institution of the Office of Compline transformed the Lucernarium by taking from it something of its importance and symbolism, the latter at the same time losing its original sense.
The singles ' Smoothly ' and ' Eric's Bar ' are released, the latter appears on Racoon's new album ' Here We Go, Stereo '.
We tried boards of 10 × 10 squares and 10 × 8 squares, and we concluded that the latter was preferable because hand-to-hand fights start earlier on it.
We can only infer that the totality of all numbers is infinite, that the number of squares is infinite, and that the number of their roots is infinite ; neither is the number of squares less than the totality of all numbers, nor the latter greater than the former ; and finally the attributes " equal ," greater ," and " less ," are not applicable to infinite, but only to finite, quantities.
" and " We The Jury " ( the latter song Proby penned ).
We are entitled therefore to regard the latter as representing the more original form.
We can drop the accessibility clause from the latter stipulation because it is trivially true of all S5 frames that w R v.
We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea and Secret Water are set in coastal Suffolk and Essex, with the former involving a voyage to Flushing, Netherlands and the latter the exploration of the islands of Hamford Water near Walton-on-the-Naze.
We might call the former optimists about philosophical progress and the latter pessimists.
We choose to name the different conventions by privileging the latter, for a simple and obvious reason: in a matrix composition like
The Sinclair Diploma, written or at least commissioned by his grandson states: "... he retirit to the parts of Orchadie and josit them to the latter tyme of his life, and deit Erile of Orchadie, and for the defence of the country was slain there cruellie by his enemiis ..." We also know that sometime in 1401: " The English invaded, burnt and spoiled certain islands of Orkney.
Songs from the album were covered by other artists: Crystal Gayle and Gary Morris featured " Wanna Give My Love " and " What if We Fall in Love " on a 1987 duet album named for the latter song ; Celine Dion recorded " The Last to Know " on 1990s Unison while Mexican singer Yuri featured the tune on her album Espejos De Alma ( 1995 ); Patti LaBelle covered " Still in Love " on 1989's Be Yourself ; Pia Zadora recorded " Floating Hearts " on 1989's Pia Z ; and " Telefono " was covered by the Mexican band Timbiriche.
The group rode to fame with several more releases over the years including " The Love I Lost ", a song which predated the upcoming disco music scene ; the ballad " Hope That We Can Be Together Soon ", and socially conscious singles " Wake Up Everybody " and " Bad Luck ", the latter song about the Watergate scandal.

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