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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

We and visited
We have more definite information regarding the parts of India Megasthenes visited.
The owner of the Tampa strip club 2001 Odyssey in Florida said that while attending a nearby conference several years prior, a number of Promise Keepers visited his club: " We had phenomenal numbers all weekend, and they walked in wearing badges and name tags and weren ’ t shy at all.
We had to feed the Nickelodeon ", recalls Harold E. Ross, who often visited the club and was 18 years old at the time.
That June, Lafayette visited Hull and declared, " We both have suffered contumely and reproach ; but our characters are vindicated ; let us forgive our enemies and die in Christian love and peace with all mankind.
We visited schools, everything.
In a diary entry of 1773, Josiah Wedgwood wrote of the area " We next visited Worsley which has the appearance of a considerable Seaport Town.
She visited the Soviet Union in 1932, and wrote We Have Been Warned about her experiences during that trip.
When the former visited Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami to aid Muralitharan in his " great work " there, he developed an amiable rapport with his long-time foe: " We even wagged ," he confirmed later.
Four months after the city was rocked by the Buffalo riot, on November 10, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King visited Kleinhan's and in a speech titled " The Future of Integration " before about 2, 500 persons and sponsored by the Graduate Student Association at the University at Buffalo proclaimed: " We are moving toward the day when we will judge a man by his character and ability instead of by the color of his skin.
In 1977 Margaret Thatcher visited the Cambridge Graduate Conservative Association of Peterhouse where she " cut through the compact subtlety and ‘ rational pessimism ’ of " and sharply retorted: " We don't want pessimists in our party ".
We feel abandoned the Prefect has not even visited the Police Headquarters.
" We don't consider ourselves completely French ... Our parents were Arabs ... We were born in France ( and only visited Algeria a few times )... So what are we?
Qays ibn Abi Hazim said, " We visited Khabbab ibn al-Aratt when he was ill and he had been cupped seven times.
We have visited the site a few times this summer, and lately someone has definitely tried breaking in.

We and Okamoto
The chief of the NIMD, Kōji Okamoto, said, " We presume that the high mercury concentrations are due to the intake of dolphin and whale meat.

We and home
`` We got one at home.
`` We were on our vacation in Canada '', Howard explained, in a muffled voice that must have been used to booming, `` and the news didn't catch up with us till we were nearly home.
We had tea at Mr. Washizu's home where I learned that he, too, comes from a very wealthy family.
Even his old literary home, Punch, where the When We Were Very Young verses had first appeared, was ultimately to reject him, as Christopher Milne details in his autobiography The Enchanted Places, although Methuen continued to publish whatever Milne wrote, including the long poem ' The Norman Church ' and an assembly of articles entitled Year In, Year Out ( which Milne likened to a benefit night for the author ).
We just sold our farms and set out north-westwards to find a new home.
Anna Crona, marketing director at IKEA UK and Ireland, explained: " We are committed to understanding how our customers live life at home so we can provide solutions to make life happier.
We in NC state that the Tuscarora that left NC abandoned the home lands and both should have a relationship with the fedral government if one does already.
After hitting a home run in his last career at-bat in Fenway Park, Williams characteristically refused either to tip his cap as he circled the bases or to respond to prolonged cheers of " We want Ted!
In the 1940 film A Plumbing We Will Go, the trio were cast as plumbers who nearly destroy a socialite's mansion, causing water to exit every appliance in the home.
" We have no slaves at home – Then why abroad?
We learn that Riker grew up in Valdez, Alaska ; that his mother, Elizabeth, died when he was two years old ; and that he was raised by his father until the age of 15, when he left home.
We only know that he lives in an apartment, because he is occasionally awakened from sleep to go to his office ; he does not entertain anyone at home.
We meet the undertaker, Joe Stoddard, and a young man Sam Craig who has returned home for his cousin's funeral.
This confidence began to spread from the trenches to the home front and it was said " We believed in Clemenceau rather in the way that our ancestors believed in Joan of Arc.
In his letters home to his wife, Rupert Edward Inglis ( 1863 – 1916 ), who was a former rugby international and now a Forces Chaplain, describes passing through the town of Albert: We went through the place today ( 2 October 1915 ) where the Virgin Statue at the top of the Church was hit by a shell in January.
We are menaced less by fleets and armies than by catastrophic technologies in the hands of the embittered few ," and required " defending the United States, the American people, and our interests at home and abroad by identifying and destroying the threat before it reaches our borders.
" We just wanted you to feel like home when you walked in and then go explore the museum part ," Haddock told Alexandria Daily Town Talk.
We are going home.
56 when he stated "" We managed in the past without illegal immigrants to pick the tomatoes here, and I haven't heard anyone say that if we sent them all home nobody would be left to do that work.
At the end of Motor Booty Affair, and after Sir Nose's defeat, the citizens of Atlantis raise their home out of the sea on the song " Deep " (" We need to raise Atlantis from the bottom of the sea, dancing ' til we bring it to the top ...").
Interest originally centred on the hamlet of Pin Mill ( featured in two children's novels by Arthur Ransome: We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea and Secret Water ), which is home to the Pin Mill Sailing Club and its Hard.
We make our home a newborn world
We make our home a newborn world
14 ), " Tamoanchan probably means " We go down to our home ".

We and where
We went out of the office and down the hall to a window where documents and more officials awaited us, the rest of the office personnel hot upon our heels.
We were almost the same age, she was fifteen, I was twelve, and where I felt there was a life to look forward to Lilly felt she had had as much of it as was necessary.
`` We have just returned from Roswell, N.M., where we were defeated, 34 to 9 '', the young man noted.
We don't 'low nigras to walk on the same sidewalk with white men where I come from.
We gently usher them to an island of tables and chairs strategically placed on the far side of the pool where they can amuse each other until we get ready to merge sides.
We have just observed that we can write Af where D is diagonalizable and N is nilpotent, and where D and N not only commute but are polynomials in T.
We now write Af where Af are distinct complex numbers.
We also give, for each property, an example where the property is absent.
We can argue that where residence makes pupil desegregation impossible teacher assignment can create a partially desegregated situation.
We got to one house where there were five secessionists.
We started at 9 a.m. to visit the Kyoto University where Mr. Washizu is attending.
`` We could put up cribs on the second floor sleeping porch and turn the front bedroom into a playroom where it's nice and sunny, but of course it would entail quite a bit of running up and down stairs and Chris said you were to be careful about that ''.
We entered one where the front door stood ajar and climbed a flight of steep steps to the main floor.
We have a language where is a constant symbol and is a unary function and the following axioms:
We could, alternatively, choose an encoding for Turing machines, where an encoding is a function which associates to each Turing Machine M a bitstring < M >.
Said Romney: " We simply cannot live in a setting where a project of this scale has the potential of threatening human life, as has already been seen ".
We might have 20 supporters pushing right, and 21 other supporters pushing left, where each supporter is exerting equivalent amounts of force.
We don't know where we are, the water is green, no white.
I regard myself as Left of Centre which … is where a Party Leader ought to be … It is no use asking, “ What would Keir Hardie have done ?” We must have at the top men brought up in the present age, not, as I was, in the Victorian Age .’
We want to know, where Heaven is, how it looks, who are there, what they wear, and how to get there !” Sunday speaks of many aspects of the afterlife such as the nice weather and eternal health, although there is no mention of the resurrection of the dead.
Another US $ 200 million were spent during the 1982 to 1986 advertising campaigns, where the " Datsun, We Are Driven!

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