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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1014
from Brown Corpus
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We and went
We went there a couple of times to swim and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
We went once more over every point, then triple-checked.
We went into Mrs. Monmouth's library, which had low bookshelves all along the walls, and above them a Modigliani portrait, a Jackson Pollock twelve feet long, and a gorgeous Miro with a yellow background, that looked like an inscription from a Martian tomb.
We went to the Louvre for a few hours, then by Metro to a cabaret in Montmartre.
We entered a small, narrow doorway, and went down two steps, but beyond those one could see nothing.
" We had not got forty yards on our retreat ," remembered Captain Peter Drake, the Irish mercenary serving with the French – " when the words sauve qui peut went through the great part, if not the whole army, and put all to confusion "
After filming Apocalypse Now, Coppola famously stated: " We were in the jungle, there were too many of us, we had access to too much money, too much equipment, and little by little, we went insane.
* The nominative case indicates the subject of a finite verb: We went to the store.
In addition he released two albums in July 1990: the instrumental jazz trio album Lofty's Roach Souffle and a big-band album of mostly original songs titled We Are in Love, which also went double platinum.
He went on to say that " we repudiate the Dáil … We will set up an Executive which will issue orders to the IRA all over the country.
We went towards the centre of this small island where at the foot of a round hill a crystal-clear river rushes forth, dividing up further on into several arms.
We went in confident.
We went and got a cup of coffee together.
Powell went on to say that if the Soviet invasion had already begun and Britain resorted to a retaliatory strike the results would be the same, " We should be condemning, not merely to death, but as near as may be the non-existence of our population ".
We went into the studio, we wrote some songs, Jon demoed the songs on his computer, and then we took them into the studio and played them live and tweaked them a little bit.
Raeder went on to call for indifference to National Socialism in the Kriegsmarine to be destroyed " root and branch " and stated: " We cannot win the war against a fanatical enemy with the old principle of ' live and let live '".
We could begin with Aristotle, who argued that sensory information went from the senses to the heart, which he thought was the seat of reason.
We can also arrange to have a minimally invasive detector at one of the slits to detect which slit the particle went through.
In this number Astaire had to compromise on his one-take philosophy, as Sandrich acknowledged: " We went to huge lengths to make the ' Top Hat ' number look like one take, but actually it's several.
" Mother Simpson " ( season seven, 1995 ) depicts Homer's mother, Mona, as a radical who went into hiding in the mid-1960s following a run-in with the law ; " The Way We Was " ( season two, 1991 ) shows Homer falling in love with Marge Bouvier as a senior at Springfield High School in the 1970s ; and " I Married Marge " ( season three, 1991 ) implies that Marge became pregnant with Bart in 1980.
We set the thing up front in D-flat, and then we just went on playing in F ." It became his signature tune.
He went on to become a household name in New Zealand in 1975, with the release by Clarke ( as Dagg ) of two singles with EMI, " Traditional Air "/" Unlabelled ", and " We Don't Know How Lucky We Are "/" Larry Loves Barry ", with the latter making it to number 17 on the national music single charts.
In his letters home to his wife, Rupert Edward Inglis ( 1863 – 1916 ), who was a former rugby international and now a Forces Chaplain, describes passing through the town of Albert: We went through the place today ( 2 October 1915 ) where the Virgin Statue at the top of the Church was hit by a shell in January.

We and out
We ran out of money and we haven't eaten for two days ''.
We will recall that the still confident liberals of the Truman administration gathered with other Western utopians in San Francisco to set up the legal framework, finally and at last, to rationalize war -- to rationalize want and fear -- out of the world: the United Nations.
We were given a job and we carried it out, and later, his case was taken up by the Disciplinary Committee.
We lived for a while in a movie melodrama with a German cook and her son who turned out to be Nazis.
President Kennedy was right when he said, `` We shall never negotiate out of fear and we never shall fear to negotiate ''.
We can force Britain and France out of the Suez, but we cannot so much as try to force the Russian tanks back from Budapest.
We out here don't see enough of the conference to know he is being abused.
We had a couple of schools in this country, the principal one being on the Marshall Field estate out in Lloyd's Neck.
We set up the Lloyd's Neck school, worked out its curriculum, and taught there.
We heard him before he ever showed, and we heard him yelling after he was out of sight.
We blushed and were flustered, and it turned out to be the fleetest brush of lips upon cheek.
We would have the means to seek out and destroy the enemy's force -- whether it were fixed or mobile.
We quickly ran into the same trouble that plagued Bill Ruger in his first experiments: Three or four bullets would be placed well in a six-inch bull at 100 yards and then, unaccountably, one could stray far out of the group.
We also worked out logistics for Sunday afternoon swimmers who arrive two hours early with their weekend guests while we are still enjoying an alfresco lunch en famille.
We pointed out that emotional excitement may lead to psychosomatic disorders and neurotic symptoms, particularly in certain types of personality, but it is also known that the reliving of a strong emotion ( `` abreaction '' ) may cure a battle neurosis.
We can escape from such a difficulty by ruling out the animal as not constituting a trial, but such a solution is not always satisfactory.
We now know that things rarely ever work out in such cut-and-dried fashion, and that car loadings, while perhaps interesting enough, are nevertheless not the magic formula that will always turn before stock prices turn.
We got a bunch of sippers out there tonight.
We discussed the candle and decided the hypothetical other bum would have left it burning to light his way to the window and because he'd have no reason to blow it out.
We met at Maxine's and decided we were set to stay as long as it took, into or even through the evening, to talk things out.
`` We want to find out who knew about it '', Pratt said.
The President of the United States has said: `` We will never negotiate out of fear, and we will never fear to negotiate ''.
We must also remember those who reacted against the dream as a kind of myth -- among them Melville, Hawthorne, and Henry James the elder, all of them out of a Christian background.
We hold safe little jobs illustrating tooth-paste ads or the salacious incidents in trivial novels, and most of our easel painting is nothing but picking the fluff out of the navel so it can be contemplated in greater purity.

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