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Page "lore" ¶ 693
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

We and were
We were coming to an intersection, turning right, chuffing to a stop.
We were off the road, gleaming barbed wire pulling taut.
We were in a field, in a tight, screeching turn.
We were back on the road.
We were slowing.
We enjoyed a paradoxical freedom when we were still too young for school.
We were not, however, entirely unacquainted with the varying aspects of the street.
We were forbidden to swing on the gates, lest they sag on their hinges in a poor-white-trash way, but we could stand on them, when they were latched, rest our chins on the top, and stare and stare, committing to memory, quite unintentionally, all the details that lay before our eyes.
We can also argue that the three brothers Karamazov and Smerdyakov were the external representatives of an internal conflict within one man, Dostoevsky, a conflict having to do with father-murder and the wish to possess the father's woman.
`` We were possessed by visions of a new civilization to come, very pure and elevated '', he has said, `` in fact some ideal form of socialism such as we had dreamed of since the war of 1914-1918 ''.
We were given a job and we carried it out, and later, his case was taken up by the Disciplinary Committee.
`` We were requested by the Secretary General, as I understand it, to discuss with you such matters as appear to us to be relevant, and we are not of course either a formal group or a committee in the sense of being guided by any rules or regulations of the Secretariat.
We were struck by the notable absence of banana skins and beer cans, but just so that we wouldn't go overboard on Greek refinement, perfection was side-stepped by a couple of braying portable radios.
We were almost the same age, she was fifteen, I was twelve, and where I felt there was a life to look forward to Lilly felt she had had as much of it as was necessary.
We may say of some unfortunates that they were never young.
We were at a party once and heard an idealistic young European call that awful charge glorious.
`` We have just returned from Roswell, N.M., where we were defeated, 34 to 9 '', the young man noted.
We were less than a quarter of a mile from the road, and we could trace its shape from the ribbon of powder smoke and dust that hung over it.
`` We were on our vacation in Canada '', Howard explained, in a muffled voice that must have been used to booming, `` and the news didn't catch up with us till we were nearly home.
We blushed and were flustered, and it turned out to be the fleetest brush of lips upon cheek.
We would have the means to seek out and destroy the enemy's force -- whether it were fixed or mobile.
We were in business!!
We were camping a few weeks ago on Cape Hatteras Campground in that land of pirates, seagulls and bluefish on North Carolina's famed Outer Banks.

We and Bill
We, therefore, considered the `` suggestion '' an insult to our intelligence, ethics, Bill of Rights, etc..
We quickly ran into the same trouble that plagued Bill Ruger in his first experiments: Three or four bullets would be placed well in a six-inch bull at 100 yards and then, unaccountably, one could stray far out of the group.
* Enemies: How America's Foes Steal Our Vital Secrets-And How We Let It Happen, by Bill Gertz
* Gordon Bell and Bill Strecker's 1975 paper, What We Learned From the PDP-11
The first book about the subject, Bill Kaysing's self-published We Never Went to the Moon: America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle, was released in 1974, two years after the Apollo Moon flights had ended.
It stated in part " We do understand though that The Salvation Army ’ s official opposition to the Reform Bill was deeply hurtful to many, and are distressed that ill-feeling still troubles our relationship with segments of the gay community.
Her biggest hits include " Up Where We Belong " ( a duet with Joe Cocker from the 1982 film, An Officer and a Gentleman ) and "( I've Had ) The Time of My Life " ( a duet with Bill Medley from the 1987 film, Dirty Dancing ).
Bill Stevenson attributed to change there sound by adding to the band's invention of the " Bonus Cup ": " We took ⅓ of a cup of instant coffee grounds, added some hot water, threw in about 5 spoonfuls of sugar, and proceeded to play 10 second songs.
A high-profile incident in which Bushwick Bill lost an eye in a shooting helped boost sales of the group's 1991 album, We Can't Be Stopped.
** The Bill Gaither Trio for Jesus, We Just Want to Thank You
Bill Stewart subsequently became the group's drummer, and played on Meant To Be ( 1991 ) and What We Do ( 1993 ).
John Rutledge of South Carolina, delegate to the Constitutional Convention, is said to have read lengthy tracts of Iroquoian law to the other framers, beginning with the words " We, the people, to form a union, to establish peace, equity, and order ..." In October 1988, the US Congress passed Concurrent Resolution 331 to recognize the influence of the Iroquois Constitution upon the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.
The first video of Mount Weather shot from the air to be broadcast on national TV was filmed by ABC News producer Bill Lichtenstein, and was included in the 1983 20 / 20 segment " Nuclear Preparation: Can We Survive ", featuring 20 / 20 correspondent Tom Jarriel.
** Bill Evans for We Will Meet Again
Bill: We are of different kinds.
We Hold These Truths was first broadcast on December 15, 1941, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the United States Bill of Rights.
An English translation of part of the Sovereignty Bill reads, " We, the people of Quebec, declare it our own will to be in full possession of all the powers of a state ; to levy all our taxes, to vote on all our laws, to sign all our treaties and to exercise the highest power of all, conceiving, and controlling, by ourselves, our fundamental law.
* Bill Bissett – What We Have
The Rock and Roll Era is generally dated from the March 25, 1955 premiere of the motion picture, “ The Blackboard Jungle .” This film ’ s use of Bill Haley and His Comets ’ “( We ’ re Gonna ) Rock Around the Clock ” over its opening credits, caused a national sensation when teenagers started dancing in the aisles.
Johnson was also responsible for Government's Enterprise Bill, commenting that ' We will provide a robust regime for dealing with those who abuse their creditors.
* Aliens, Ghosts, and Cults: Legends We Live, by Bill Ellis ( 2001 ) ISBN 1-57806-325-6
** The Bill Gaither Trio for Jesus, We Just Want to Thank You
** Bill Evans for We Will Meet Again
We can recover without this government, we cannot recover from this Bill ," said part of an emboldened paragraph, which was edited out of the document, part of the Military's draft submission to the parliamentary committee considering the bill, before publication.

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