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We and were
We were coming to an intersection, turning right, chuffing to a stop.
We were off the road, gleaming barbed wire pulling taut.
We were in a field, in a tight, screeching turn.
We were back on the road.
We were slowing.
We enjoyed a paradoxical freedom when we were still too young for school.
We were not, however, entirely unacquainted with the varying aspects of the street.
We were forbidden to swing on the gates, lest they sag on their hinges in a poor-white-trash way, but we could stand on them, when they were latched, rest our chins on the top, and stare and stare, committing to memory, quite unintentionally, all the details that lay before our eyes.
We can also argue that the three brothers Karamazov and Smerdyakov were the external representatives of an internal conflict within one man, Dostoevsky, a conflict having to do with father-murder and the wish to possess the father's woman.
`` We were possessed by visions of a new civilization to come, very pure and elevated '', he has said, `` in fact some ideal form of socialism such as we had dreamed of since the war of 1914-1918 ''.
We were given a job and we carried it out, and later, his case was taken up by the Disciplinary Committee.
`` We were requested by the Secretary General, as I understand it, to discuss with you such matters as appear to us to be relevant, and we are not of course either a formal group or a committee in the sense of being guided by any rules or regulations of the Secretariat.
We were struck by the notable absence of banana skins and beer cans, but just so that we wouldn't go overboard on Greek refinement, perfection was side-stepped by a couple of braying portable radios.
We were almost the same age, she was fifteen, I was twelve, and where I felt there was a life to look forward to Lilly felt she had had as much of it as was necessary.
We may say of some unfortunates that they were never young.
We were at a party once and heard an idealistic young European call that awful charge glorious.
`` We have just returned from Roswell, N.M., where we were defeated, 34 to 9 '', the young man noted.
We were less than a quarter of a mile from the road, and we could trace its shape from the ribbon of powder smoke and dust that hung over it.
`` We were on our vacation in Canada '', Howard explained, in a muffled voice that must have been used to booming, `` and the news didn't catch up with us till we were nearly home.
We blushed and were flustered, and it turned out to be the fleetest brush of lips upon cheek.
We would have the means to seek out and destroy the enemy's force -- whether it were fixed or mobile.
We were in business!!
We were camping a few weeks ago on Cape Hatteras Campground in that land of pirates, seagulls and bluefish on North Carolina's famed Outer Banks.

We and ultimately
Even his old literary home, Punch, where the When We Were Very Young verses had first appeared, was ultimately to reject him, as Christopher Milne details in his autobiography The Enchanted Places, although Methuen continued to publish whatever Milne wrote, including the long poem ' The Norman Church ' and an assembly of articles entitled Year In, Year Out ( which Milne likened to a benefit night for the author ).
We therefore reach out to the couple with the hope that the non-Jewish partner will move closer to Judaism and ultimately choose to convert.
We can then introduce a new symbol for ; it's in this way that definitions in ordinary mathematics ultimately work when their statements are reduced to purely set-theoretic terms.
When a phone call informs Caul that " We know that you know ; keep your mouth shut ", he believes his own apartment has been bugged and goes on a frantic search for the listening device, tearing up walls and floorboards and ultimately destroying his apartment to no avail.
That led to the 1977 – 78 motto of " We owe you one ", which would ultimately backfire when they lost in the playoffs that season to the Washington Bullets, who went on to win the NBA championship.
Though his methods are questioned, Britain's Field Marshal Haig was ultimately proved correct in his grand strategic vision: " We cannot hope to win until we have defeated the German Army.
We can appeal to clear and distinct ideas as a criterion for the veridicality of judgements about physical things, but it is God who is ultimately responsible for our ideas.
We considered many factors in reaching this difficult decision, and ultimately decided that the Answers community's limited size and other product considerations made it more effective for us to focus our efforts on other ways to help our users find information.
We contend that attempts to foster unity ( among the schools or in the wider profession ) at the expense of scientific integrity is ultimately self-defeating.
That soon cascaded to 50 or more and ultimately to 400 problems with that software ... We were indeed disappointed.
We need to explore the intention of the teachings on sexual misconduct, which ultimately is to eliminate attachment, obsessive desire and dissatisfaction.
This attempt to silence Muir was, however, overwhelmingly opposed and although the Address ‘ in its original form ’ was ultimately rejected, Muir obtained permission to read it over and ended by declaring to the Convention,We do not, we cannot, consider ourselves as mowed and melted down into another country.
* " We accept faith by hearing it not so that we can understand it rationally, but that our hearts may be cleansed, that, by theoria, we may attain faith and ultimately experience the Revelation of God.
" We started as a performance art piece about entertainment that ultimately became legitimate entertainment ", said Casey Spooner, when talking about the group's origins in an April 2009 interview.
U. S. Representative Cynthia McKinney, speaking on September 24, acknowledged that " We must find and hold accountable all those who perpetrated those most terrible crimes against our nation and its people ," but denounced what she saw as impending " suspensions of fundamental civil liberties " and said that she was " greatly concerned that we are about to engage in an extremely hazardous military campaign of unknown duration, with unrealistic objectives and perhaps even ultimately harmful long-term consequences for our nation ," adding, " Already there is growing disquiet in the Muslim world that the U. S. is poised to turn its terrorist campaign into a war against Islam.
Mrs. Lee ultimately gives the secret away by sticking her head into the front room where Mr. Lee and the customer are standing, and shouts " We need more Calgon!
" Kris Benson himself later said that he felt New York traded him to Baltimore because of his wife, but Omar Minaya, general manager of the Mets, ultimately discounted speculation that her behavior had played a role, saying, " We just made a baseball trade.
We believe the first way, that society controls you and makes you a better person, ultimately, because when you're little, you're just a little asshole.
We begin again .” It is apparent that the Doctor and Nyssa have, ultimately, failed to change the future.
After Hawash was formally charged, McGeady, acting as spokesman for Hawash's family, said " People who know Mike believe the idea that Mike would have fought for the Taliban in Afghanistan is completely absurd and that he ultimately will be cleared " and “ We hope that once a jury hears what happened, they ’ ll realize that a mistake was made .”
In this role, Young investigated information leaks within the Nixon administration, ultimately being jointly responsible with Egil Krogh for the founding of the White House Special Investigations Unit, subsequently known as " The Plumbers " (" We stop leaks ").

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