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Page "news" ¶ 466
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

We and won't
-- We won't be too long.
We want to know when the Potlatches telephone exactly how many they are planning to bring, so that we won't end up with a splashing mob that looks like Coney Island in August.
`` We won't live long enough if I wait for you, besides which you don't need to worry -- there'll be plenty more ''.
Another woman, addressing Christmas cards, said to her husband: `` We sent them one last year but they didn't send us one, so they probably won't send us one this year because they'll think we won't send them one because they didn't last year, don't you think, or shall we ''??
He said: " We won't be signing off until the world ends.
This was adopted by the government but there was a public storm when the Conservatives, with covert support from the First Sea Lord Admiral Jackie Fisher, campaigned for more with the slogan " We want eight and we won't wait ".
We won't second-guess Mitchell and the rest.
We won't go into such depth in this article.
According to former Victorian Premier Steve Bracks, " We won't be renaming the National Gallery of Victoria.
" We won't accept behavior that would be considered inappropriate, if not illegal, anywhere else ", said one City official.
Another theory is that there may be a " gentlemen's agreement " in place ; i. e. " We won't jam yours if you don't jam ours ".
We won't play no longer the time left on the clock.
" The dockers replied: " We won't forget.
We won't pay " ( June-November 1996, " Chor der Werkst├Ątigen und Nichtwerkst├Ątigen " ( Choir of the Working and the Not Working ) ( Winter 1996 ), " EKHberet " ( January 1997 ) " Theatercollagen " ( Theatre Collages ) ( March 28 and 29 1997 ), " Der Auftrag " ( The Commission ) ( May / June and October 1997 ) and " Schluss mit Lustig " ( No More Joking ) ( December 1999 ).
We won't pay!
We know that is a significant issue ," he said, explaining that research published last year found that some won't admit infidelity in person but will anonymously.
We won't reveal your address to anyone, unless you use the " E-mail this user " feature to send mail to another user .</ div >
Following Vaughn's departure from Anaheim, Angels closer Troy Percival took a shot at him saying " We may miss Mo's bat, but we won't miss his leadership.
We won't reject it.
We won't be annihilated ," promising that Meretz will continue to be " a key element in the establishment of a Zionist dovish and humanistic Social-Democratic Left in the State of Israel.
We won't sleep on floors, we won't tour endlessly and we're embarrassed by self-promotion.
Later in 2005, The Waifs indicated they had no immediate plans for another album, " We won't be going into the studio any time soon.

We and know
`` We know Penny spent some -- and Carmer must have dropped a few dollars getting that load on ''.
We don't know this guy ''.
We know that much is made of the multiplicity and ambiguity of the identities that cluster around the key symbol of the Jew.
We know that the Saxon Shore was a phenonenon of late Roman defensive policy ; ;
We also know that the Saxon Shore as reflected in the Notitia was created as a part of the Theodosian reorganization of Britain ( post A.D. 369 ).
We will know, and He will know, to whom it is rendered, what the birds would ask:
We out here don't see enough of the conference to know he is being abused.
`` We all know that Jake Camaret and the woman are brazenly living together.
We are, as we know, utterly dependent on the quality of advice we get ; ;
We know now that a 15-degree differential in temperature is the maximum usually desirable, and accurate controls assure the comfort we want.
We know, too, that health is never harmed by summer cooling.
We didn't even know them till about a month after we moved -- at that time, they had called on us, after I met Fran at a PTA meeting, and had taken us in hand socially.
We want to know the number of people going to the mountains.
We know that in the C-plane both C and Af are analytic.
We now know that things rarely ever work out in such cut-and-dried fashion, and that car loadings, while perhaps interesting enough, are nevertheless not the magic formula that will always turn before stock prices turn.
We, ourselves, are always eager to know how others feel about us and the way in which we live.
We know that the number of radio and television impulses, sound waves, ultra-violet rays, etc., that may occupy the very same space, each solitary upon its own frequency, is infinite.
We know that actors can learn to portray a wide variety of character roles.
We have learned from earthquakes much of what we now know about the earth's interior, for they send waves through the earth which emerge with information about the materials through which they have traveled.
We do know that Morse left the house before nine o'clock.
`` We don't want to know whether he's dead, yet.
We should not allow the image of an immanent end brought about indirectly by our own action in the continuing human struggle for a just endurable order of existence to blind us to the fact that in some measure accelerating the end of our lease may be one consequence among others of many other of mankind's thrusts toward we know not what future.

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