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Wentworth and was
Governor Wentworth contributed an ox for a barbecue on the green beneath the three-hundred-foot pines, and a barrel of rum was broached.
It was renamed Concord in 1765 by Governor Benning Wentworth following a bitter boundary dispute between Rumford and the town of Bow ; the city name was meant to reflect the new concord, or harmony, between the disputant towns.
As early as 1749, Benning Wentworth, New Hampshire's governor, was selling land grants in the area west of the Connecticut River, to which New Hampshire had always laid somewhat dubious claim.
While many historians have believed that Allen took these actions because he already held Wentworth grants of his own, there is no evidence that he was issued any such grants until after he had been asked to take up the defense of grants held by others.
The outrage of the Wentworth proprietors was renewed in 1774 when Governor Tryon passed a law containing harsh provisions clearly targeted at the actions of the " Bennington Mob ".
The length of the name was justified ; it was a 200-page polemic arguing the position of the Wentworth proprietors.
The English Rosicrucian society, founded in 1867 by Robert Wentworth Little, claimed Bulwer-Lytton as their ' Grand Patron ', but he wrote to the society complaining that he was ' extremely surprised ' by their use of the title, as he had ' never sanctioned such '.
Hanover was chartered by Governor Benning Wentworth on July 4, 1761, and in 1765 – 1766 its first inhabitants arrived, the majority from Connecticut.
Lincoln was named after Henry Fiennes Pelham-Clinton, 2nd Duke of Newcastle, 9th Earl of Lincoln – a cousin of the Wentworth governors.
Wentworth argued that a state university was imperative for the growth of a society aspiring towards self-government, and that it would provide the opportunity for ' the child of every class, to become great and useful in the destinies of his country '.
Likewise, when Carter Wentworth was charged for his role in the Clamshell Alliance's 1977 illegal occupation of the Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant, the judge instructed the jury to disregard his competing harms defense, and he was found guilty.
John Wentworth ( nicknamed " Long John ") ( March 5, 1815 – October 16, 1888 ) was the editor of the Chicago Democrat, a two-term mayor of Chicago, and a six-term member of the United States House of Representatives, both before and after his service as mayor.
Wentworth was affiliated with the Democratic Party until 1855 ; then he changed to the Republican Party.
John Wentworth was born in Sandwich, New Hampshire.
Jane Seymour was born at Wulfhall, Savernake Forest, Wiltshire, the daughter of Sir John Seymour and Margery Wentworth.
Fyodor Martens and other diplomats from both nations stayed in New Castle, New Hampshire at the Hotel Wentworth ( where the armistice was signed ), and were ferried across the Piscataqua River for negotiations held on the base located in Kittery, Maine.
Dudley's son Wentworth was the first child born in Takoma Park.
Of Francis Walsingham's five sisters, one married Sir Walter Mildmay, who was Chancellor of the Exchequer for over 20 years, and another married the parliamentarian Peter Wentworth.
The Great Earl's most famous enemy was Thomas Wentworth, 1st Earl of Strafford.
An illuminating example of the humiliations to which Wentworth subjected Boyle, was the instance where he forced Boyle to remove his wife ’ s tomb from the choir in St Patrick ’ s at Dublin.
Boyle made an entry concerning Wentworth in his diary: “ A most cursed man to all Ireland and to me in particular .” It seems Boyle was someone whom you betrayed at your peril, no matter how safe your position might have seemed to be.
Unsurprisingly, he was in full support of the condemnation of Wentworth and wholeheartedly approved of his execution, making a grim entry in his diary " he had his head struck off on Tower Hill, as he well deserved ".

Wentworth and by
Within the sects of the Latter Day Saint movement, the Articles of Faith are a list composed by Joseph Smith, Jr. as part of an 1842 letter sent to " Long " John Wentworth, editor of the Chicago Democrat.
" Poole announces his intention to redeem Mather's name, using as a springboard a harsh critique of a recently published tome by Charles Wentworth Upham called " Salem Witchcraft Volumes I and II With an Account of Salem Village and a History of Opinions on Witchcraft and Kindred Subjects.
Dartmouth's campus buildings vary in age from Wentworth and Thornton Halls of the 1820s ( the oldest surviving buildings constructed by the College ) to new dormitories and mathematics facilities completed in 2006.
Eleazar Wheelock, with a Royal Charter from King George III, on land donated by Royal Governor John Wentworth.
New York, which had also issued land grants that overlapped some of those sold by Wentworth, insisted that holders of the Wentworth grants pay a fee to New York to have their grants validated.
These included denying surveyors sent by the province the ability to survey any land in the Grants, not just land owned through the Wentworth grants.
The most prominent reference to the term evangelist in the denomination's literature is found in its Articles of Faith, derived from the Wentworth letter, a statement by Joseph Smith in 1842 to a Chicago newspaper editor that the church believes in " the same organization that existed in the primitive church ", including " evangelists ".
* 1760 – Pownal, Vermont is created by Benning Wentworth as one of the New Hampshire Grants.
Some of the earliest ideas on how physical and mathematical processes and constraints affect biological growth, and hence natural patterns such as the spirals of phyllotaxis, were written by D ' Arcy Wentworth Thompson and Alan Turing.
Manuscripts are blind-judged ( with names deleted ), and are separated out in quarterfinal and semifinal award rounds by the Coordinating Judge ( currently K. D. Wentworth, previously Dave Wolverton during much of the 1990s, and originally Algis Budrys ).
In 1665, the Dutch settlers on Tortola were attacked by a British privateer, John Wentworth, who is recorded as capturing 67 slaves, who were removed to Bermuda.
* 10 exhibits, displayed at the Portsmouth Historical Society, New Hampshire State Archives, Portsmouth Athenaeum, NH Art Association, Seacoast African-American Cultural Center, Children's Museum of Portsmouth, Green Acre Baha ’ i School, Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion, Old York Historical Society, Wentworth by the Sea hotel, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
* two State Dinners hosted by the Governor of New Hampshire and a Mayor's Tea Reception for Portsmouth's Sister Cities of Nichinan, Japan and Severodvinsk, Russia, all at the Wentworth by the Sea hotel, which provided accommodations for both the Japanese and Russian delegations in 1905 for 30 days, at no charge
Thomas Wentworth, who arrived as the new Lord Deputy in Ireland in 1633, deflected the pressure for conformity by stating that firstly, the Church of Ireland itself would have to be properly resourced, and he set about its re-endowment.
Laud and Wentworth shared, with King Charles I, the same fate as many others who at some time in his life, found reasons to conspire against Boyle: an early demise, with Boyle showing his customary astuteness by putting on a convincing show of politically appropriate response at every crucial juncture.
Another, given by D ' Arcy Wentworth Thompson, is that the shape simply results from the process of individual bees putting cells together: somewhat analogous to the boundary shapes created in a field of soap bubbles.
Pembroke, New Hampshire, was named after the ninth Earl by Governor Benning Wentworth.
The county is part of the 21st District in the United States House of Representatives, represented by Republican Lamar Smith, the 25th district of the Texas State Senate, represented by Republican Jeff Wentworth, and the 73rd District of the Texas House of Representatives and is represented by Republican Doug Miller.

Wentworth and crown
Wentworth planned large scale confiscations of Catholic-owned land, both to raise money for the crown and to break the political power of the Irish Catholic gentry, a policy which Ormonde supported.

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