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West and Low
In English, the terms poniard and dirk are loaned during the late 16th to early 17th century, the latter in the spelling dork, durk ( presumably via Low German, Dutch or Scandinavian dolk, dolch, ultimately from a West Slavic tulich ), the modern spelling dirk dating to 18th-century Scots.
The name Freyja is in fact a title meaning " lady ", from Proto-Germanic * frawjōn, cognate with West Frisian frou, Dutch vrouw, Low German Fro, Fru, German Frau.
* West Low German
The term " Merovingian " comes from medieval Latin Merovingi or Merohingi (" sons of Merovech "), an alteration of an unattested Old West Low Franconian form, akin to their dynasty's Old English name Merewīowing, with the final-ing being a typical patronymic suffix.
Lowry was born in Low Moor, Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, in a Cornish family.
There are cognates in most Germanic languages, such as the Swedish, Faroese and Nynorsk ; West Frisian and Middle Low German ; Middle Dutch ; Dutch ; Middle Low German ; Middle High German (""); German, and perhaps Old English.
After the death of Lothair, the Low Countries were coveted by the rulers of both West Francia and East Francia.
The Wadden Sea (,, Low German: Wattensee or Waddenzee,, West Frisian: Waadsee ) is an intertidal zone in the southeastern part of the North Sea.
Dialects with strong Frisian substrates, including Low German and Low Franconian, are also spoken in West Frisia.
Many Frisians speak Low Saxon dialects, especially in East Frisia, but also in West and North Frisia.
A 800 m long track climbs Mount Coolum from the east, starting at a carpark on Tanah Street West off David Low Way in the suburb of Mount Coolum.
It is one of the municipalities of Friesland, where the spoken language is not West Frisian ; instead, Stellingwerfs, a dialect of Dutch Low Saxon, is spoken here.
It is one of the municipalities of Friesland, where the spoken language is not West Frisian ; instead, Stellingwerfs, a dialect of Dutch Low Saxon, is spoken here.
There are two waterfalls and dams on the river within the village limits, known as the Great and Little Falls ; and two auto bridges, the Walden Veterans ' Memorial Bridge ( known colloquially as the High Bridge, which carries NY 52, known in the village as West Main Street ) and Low ( Oak Street ) bridges ).
West Frisian kearel, archaic tsjerl, tsjirl, Dutch kerel, Low German Kerl ( also borrowed into German ), Swedish karl, and so on.
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Low Franconian, Low Frankish, or Istvaeonic, is a group of several West Germanic languages spoken in the Netherlands, northern Belgium ( Flanders ), in the northern department of France, in western Germany ( Lower Rhine ), as well as in Suriname, South Africa and Namibia that originally descended from Old Frankish.
Old Low Franconian is sometimes divided in two groups, Old Dutch ( also Old West Low Franconian ) and Old East Low Franconian.

West and German
That this and the closing of the East Berlin-West Berlin border have not been accepted by the Western governments appears in notes which Britain, France, and the United States sent to Moscow after the latter's gratuitous protest over a visit of Chancellor Adenauer and other West German officials to West Berlin.
Remembering the step-by-step fate of Danzig and the West German misgivings about `` salami '' tactics, it is to be hoped that the dispatch of General Clay to West Berlin as President Kennedy's representative will mark a stiffening of response not only to future indignities and aggressions but also to some that have passed.
As was to be expected Kennedy's latest speech was greeted with enthusiasm by revenge-seeking circles in Bonn, where officials of the West German government praised it ''.
The weekly loss is partly counterbalanced by 500 arrivals each week from West Germany, but the hard truth, says Crossman, is that `` The closing off of East Berlin without interference from the West and with the use only of East German, as distinct from Russian, troops was a major Communist victory, which dealt West Berlin a deadly, possibly a fatal, blow.
They are leaving so fast that the president of the West German Employers' Federation issued an appeal this week to factory workers in the West to volunteer for six months' front-line work in factories in West Berlin.
Was not this dropped primarily in order to `` appease '' the Chinese -- especially after `` Khrushchev's `` humiliating '' surrender to the West in canceling the German peace-treaty deadline of December 31??
The breeze and chancellor Neitzbohr, a movie melodrama that concerns the attempts of a West German politician to woo a plaster cast of the Apollo Belvedere.
In 1970, the character of Miss Marple was portrayed by Inge Langen in a West German television adaptation of The Murder at the Vicarage ( Mord im Pfarrhaus ).
The High German consonant shift is thought to have originated around the 5th century either in Alemannia or among the Lombards ; before that the dialect spoken by Alemannic tribes was little different from that of other West Germanic peoples.
* 1962 – East German border guards kill 18-year-old Peter Fechter as he attempts to cross the Berlin Wall into West Berlin becoming one of the first victims of the wall.
Aachen is at the western end of the Benrath line that divides High German to the south from the rest of the West Germanic speech area to the north.
* 1960 – The Netherlands and West Germany sign an agreement to negotiate the return of German land annexed by the Dutch in return for 280 million German marks as Wiedergutmachung.
A 1974 West German television adaptation, titled Nora Helmer was directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and starred Margit Carstensen in the title role.
After World War II, the city became divided into East Berlin — the capital of East Germanyand West Berlin, a West German exclave surrounded by the Berlin Wall ( 1961 – 1989 ).
In 1949, the Federal Republic of Germany was founded in West Germany and eventually included all of the American, British, and French zones, excluding those three countries ' zones in Berlin, while the Marxist-Leninist German Democratic Republic was proclaimed in East Germany.
West Berlin issued its own postage stamps, which were often the same as West German postage stamps but with the additional word " Berlin " added.

West and also
And one cannot but wonder whether Marshal Malinovsky, who was blowing hot and cold, exalting peace but also almost openly considering the possibility of preventive war against the West, wasn't trying to keep the Chinese quiet.
He also speaks of Franklin D. Roosevelt's `` puerile '' assumption that `` if only he ( Stalin ) could be exposed to the persuasive charm of someone like F.D.R. himself, ideological preconceptions would melt and Russia's co-operation with the West could be easily arranged ''.
In the East abbots, if in priests ' orders and with the consent of the bishop, were, as we have seen, permitted by the second Nicene council, AD 787, to confer the tonsure and admit to the order of reader ; but gradually abbots, in the West also, advanced higher claims, until we find them in AD 1489 permitted by Innocent IV to confer both the subdiaconate and diaconate.
Using his excellent knowledge of Greek, which was then rare in the West, to his advantage, he studied the Hebrew Bible and Greek authors like Philo, Origen, Athanasius, and Basil of Caesarea, with whom he was also exchanging letters.
Seward also negotiated to purchase the Danish West Indies, but the Senate refused to approve the purchase in 1867 ( it eventually was accomplished in 1917 ).
Rhoticity was further supported by Hiberno-English, West Country English and Scottish English as well as the fact most regions of England at this time also had rhotic accents.
In total Carnegie funded some 3, 000 libraries, located in 47 US states, and also in Canada, the United Kingdom, what is now the Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the West Indies, and Fiji.
Plans were also made for a new retractable-roof ballpark, Bank One Ballpark, nicknamed the BOB, ( renamed in 2005 to Chase Field ) to be built in an industrial / warehouse district on the southeast edge of downtown Phoenix, one block from the Suns ' America West Arena ( now US Airways Center ).
At that time, they also led the NL West by 6. 5 games.
An Alford plea ( also called a Kennedy plea in the state of West Virginia, an
Following the rise of the Taliban in 1996, Massoud, who rejected the Taliban's fundamentalist interpretation of Islam, returned to the armed opposition, serving as the military and political leader of the United Islamic Front ( also known in the West as Northern Alliance ).
` Ali ibn al-Husayn ul-Isfahānī (), also known as Abu-l-Faraj or, in the West, as Abulfaraj ( 897 – 967 ) was an Iranian scholar of Arab-Quraysh origin who is noted for collecting and preserving ancient Arabic lyrics and poems in his major work, the Kitāb al-Aghānī.
The Baltic Sea, in ancient sources known as Mare Suebicum ( also known as Mare Germanicum ), is also known by the equivalents of " East Sea ", " West Sea ", or " Baltic Sea " in different languages:
Benin is also a member of the Economic Community of West African States ( ECOWAS ).
He also is parsimonious in his praise for Aldhelm, a West Saxon who had done much to convert the native Britons to the Roman form of Christianity.
The bay ends at Trenton ( Quinte West ) and the Trent River, both also on the north side.
Crown Green Bowls is very popular mostly in the North of England but also in Wales, West Midlands and Shropshire.
The Batavi ( the name is believed to derive from a West Germanic root also present in " better " ( possibly meaning " superior men ")) moved into the Betuwe in the late 1st century BC.
WBAL also feeds the games to a network of 43 stations, covering Washington, D. C. and all or portions of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina.
It was also in 1990 that he made his belated Test debut for West Indies against Pakistan, scoring 44 and 5.
Stories of banshees were also prevalent in the West Highlands of Scotland.
In 2011, Selig also demanded that the Astros move to the American League West as a condition of the sale of the franchise to businessman Jim Crane ; the team will switch leagues in 2013.

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