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West and has
`` The U.S. President has shown once again that the United States needs the fanning of the West Berlin crisis to justify the armaments race.
`` U.S. pressure on Britain to foster war hysteria over the status of West Berlin has reached its apogee.
The West has no intention of attacking Russia.
Berlin's resilience is amazing, but if it has to hire its labor in the West the struggle will be hard indeed ''.
One of the inescapable realities of the Cold War is that it has thrust upon the West a wholly new and historically unique set of moral dilemmas.
In West Virginia the number of white and Negro children attending the same school has increased almost twofold.
Ceylon has moved from a pro-Western orientation to a neutralism openly hostile to the West.
much of it has continued to be used over the years and the heart of it -- good guys and bad guys in the old West -- pretty well dominated television toward the end of the 1950's.
But he hastened to add that, if United States policies were not always clear, despite Mr. Rusk's analysis of the various global danger points and setbacks for the West, this may merely mean the new administration has not yet firmly fixed its policy.
The deadlock has been caused by the Russians' new demand for a three-man ( East, West and neutral ) directorate, and thus a veto, over the control machinery.
Modern Westerners have difficulty comprehending this fusion of moral and material, largely because in the West the historical trend has been to deny the connection.
And for his playmate, Francis Coletta of West Warwick, who has a bit part, Billy.
George Kennan's account of relations between Russia and the West from the fall of Tsarism to the end of World War 2, is the finest piece of diplomatic history that has appeared in many years.
America has divided more than she has united the West.
Miss Marple has never worked for her living and is of independent means, although she benefits in her old age from the financial support of Raymond West, her nephew ( A Caribbean Mystery, 1964 ).
Since its independence, Armenia has maintained a policy of complementarism by trying to have friendly relations both with Iran, Russia, and the West, including the United States and Europe.
By the Rule of St Benedict, which, until the Cluniac reforms, was the norm in the West, the abbot has jurisdiction over only one community.
Agrippina landing at Brundisium with the ashes of Germanicus, ( 1768, Benjamin West, oil on canvas ). In art, Agrippina has served as a symbol of marital devotion and fidelity.
Since then, American English has been influenced by the languages of West Africa, the Native American population, Spanish, and immigration.
Southeast Alaska has a land area of ( sq ), comprising six entire boroughs and three census areas, in addition to the portion of the Yakutat Borough lying east of 141 ° West longitude.
Since its original 1973 Broadway production, the musical has enjoyed professional productions in the West End, by opera companies, in a 2009 Broadway revival, and elsewhere, and it is a popular choice for regional groups.
A Funny Thing has enjoyed several Broadway and West End revivals and was made into a successful film starring the original lead of the musical, Zero Mostel.
John C. Cavadini has challenged this notion by attempting to take the Spanish Christology in its own Spanish / North African context in his important study, The Last Christology of the West: Adoptionism in Spain and Gaul, 785 – 820.
The province has strong cultural and personal ties to the Canadian Prairies and Ontario as well as to the West Coast of the United States and to Alaska and the Yukon.

West and stated
It was at this time that ` Abdu ' l-Bahá, in order to provide proof of the falsity of the accusations leveled against him, in tablets to the West, stated that he was to be known as "` Abdu ' l-Bahá " an Arabic phrase meaning the Servant of Bahá to make it clear that he was not a Manifestation of God, and that his station was only servitude.
Its stated goal was “ to destroy the Russian forces deployed in the West and to prevent their escape into the wide-open spaces of Russia .” A key factor was the surprise attack which included the near annihilation of the total Soviet airforce by simultaneous attacks on airfields.
The Treasury Department subsequently stated that the country of origin markings of goods from the West Bank and Gaza shall not contain the words " Israel ", " Made in Israel ", " Occupied Territories-Israel ", or words of similar meaning.
Wurm stated that the lexical similarities between Great Andamanese and the West Papuan and Timor – Alor families " are quite striking and amount to virtual formal identity [...] in a number of instances.
Following Odoacer's coup, the Roman Senate sent a letter to Zeno, which stated that " the majesty of a sole monarch is sufficient to pervade and protect, at the same time, both the East and the West ".
It described the Shriners as " among secret lodges the No. 1 in prestige, wealth and show ", and stated that " n the typical city, especially in the Middle West, the Shriners will include most of the prominent citizens.
In 2010, in the wake of both the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster in West Virginia on April 5, that killed 29 miners and on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that killed 11 crew on April 20, Turner stated on CNN that " I'm just wondering if God is telling us He doesn't want to drill offshore.
At the same time, Goldstein's actions were praised by the some extremist settlers ; Yochay Ron said that he " felt good " when he heard the news, and stated that Jews were " at war with the Arabs " and " all Arabs who live here are a danger to us ... they threaten the very existence of the Jewish community on the West Bank.
Garfield eloquently defended dissenting West Virginia delegates in his speech against Sen. Conkling's convention rule that stated all state delegates must vote unanimously for only one candidate.
Anórien is stated to have been well-populated, although no settlements appear in Tolkien's writings, except for the garrisons of the warning beacons, built along the line of the Great West Road.
My father was an athletic, creative, intelligent filmmaker and writer, and the only thing he had in common with Homer was a love of donuts " Although Groening has stated in several interviews that Homer's namesake is his father, he also claimed in several 1990 interviews that a character in the 1939 Nathanael West novel The Day of the Locust was the inspiration for naming Homer.
Additionally, West Virginia also stated its belief that its notice to withdraw in 2012 was indeed accepted, when the Big East Conference accepted its payment of half the $ 5 million withdrawal penalty.
Afterwards, organiser Michael Eavis stated that he decided to host the first festival, then called Pilton Festival, after seeing an open air Led Zeppelin concert at the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music 1970 at the nearby Bath and West Showground in 1970.
* Rutgers sociology professor Ted Goertzel stated that " Lott ’ s massive data set was simply unsuitable for his task ", and that he " compar trends in Idaho and West Virginia and Mississippi with trends in Washington, D. C. and New York City " without proper statistical controls.
The March 28, 1885, the Daily Local News described West Grove as " one of the most flourishing villages in this county " and stated that " it contains some three flouring mills and the largest nursery for rose culture below in the United States ( Dinger & Conrad, Co .), a large casket factory ( Paxson Comfort ) and a large number of dwellings.
He has stated that a viewing of the film How the West Was Won at the age of seven had " formed " his childhood.
On the official website, Shearsmith's blog entry for May 23, 2007 stated that the entire troupe had recently met up in London's West End: " We discussed our next project-it seems we have hit upon something.
The Iranian scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr has stated that in the West, many will accept the ideology of modern science, not as " simple ordinary science ", but as a replacement for religion.
Ehud Barak stated that he offered Arafat an eventual 91 % of the West Bank, and all of the Gaza Strip, with some Palestinian control over Eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods as a capital of the new Palestinian state ; in addition, all refugees could apply for compensation of property from an international fund to which Israel would contribute along with other countries.
An announcement, made on UNBC's website on September 20, 2011, stated: " The Canada West Universities Athletics Association has voted in favour of the University of Northern British Columbia ’ s most recent application for full membership.
Anthony Burgess wrote that Graham Greene's ability to encapsulate the essence of an exotic setting in a single book is exemplified in The Heart of the Matter ( 1948 ); his contemporary Evelyn Waugh stated that the West Africa of that book replaced the true remembered West Africa of his own experience.
has stated that he and Kanye West will be producing Common's next album The Dreamer The Believer, due sometime in 2011.
He expressly stated that “ if he ever had a political leader, his leader was John Bright, not Mr Gladstone .” Speaking in 1886, he referred to his " standing by the side of John Bright against the dismemberment of the great Anglo-Saxon community of the West, as I now stand against the dismemberment of the great Anglo-Saxon community of the East .” These words form the key to his views of the future of the British Empire.
It is only in the Annals versions and the earliest Quenta that Eönwë is stated to be leader, or captain, of the Host of the West and that Ingwion is captain of the Vanyar.

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