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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 656
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

What and did
`` What did you want me to do, kiss him??
`` What did you mean by that rattlesnake gag??
What did it mean??
What did he do for relaxation??
`` What did you think about Bang-Jensen's contention of errors and omissions in the Hungarian report ''??
`` What did the Colonel do about the men ''??
What I did know was that Precious was always around.
What did he hope to accomplish here??
What did it matter??
What did he come for, hey??
What Parker and his contemporaries -- Gillespie, Davis, Monk, Roach ( Tristano is an anomaly ), etc. -- did was to absorb the musical ornamentation of the older jazz into the basic structure, of which it then became an integral part, and with which it then developed.
What did Pearson say about Bridget Sullivan as a possible suspect in his trial-book essay??
The attendant recognized me once more and said, `` What did you do about that office ''??
`` What reason did she give ''??
What did she think he could do??
What he did, Mr. Werner said, was let manual laborers go home Tuesday night for some rest.
What we did get, however, was impressive.
What did it matter to him that the park at the foot of Ash Road stretched beneath elevated trains that roared from the stucco station into the city's center at half-hour intervals??
I said quietly, respectfully, `` What did she do here??
`` What did I imagine ''??
( `` What did one tonsil say to the other tonsil??
And `` What time did the Chinaman go to the dentist??
`` What did you do ''??
What the hell right did Eddie have saying a thing like that??

What and you
`` What are you doing here ''??
`` What would you have done in Montero's moccasins??
`` What are you doing out of the block ''??
What would you do in my place ''??
`` What is it you want me to do, Mr. Brenner ''??
The door swung open, and Jess said sourly, `` What the hell's the matter with you??
`` What are you trying to do??
`` What do you mean ''??
What they got, you get.
What I fled from was my fear of what, unwittingly, you might betray, without meaning to, about my father and yourself.
`` What I'd like you to comment on is the criticism leveled at your Committee ''.
`` What do you mean ''??
Then I asked, `` What does that teach you ''??
Then Wilson asked, `` What about this Kent House which you mention??
`` What kind of models would you prefer ''??
`` What brings you here again, Colonel Marsh ''??
`` What do you want to do ''??
What do you do to them??
`` What I want you to do is to go to the market with me early tomorrow morning and help smuggle the hen back into the hotel ''.
What you think I care about that??
`` What possessed you to tell me a clotheshorse would be a good idea ''??

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