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Page "fiction" ¶ 197
from Brown Corpus
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What and if
What if the marines never came??
What if one or more of them turn irrational or suddenly, coolly, decide to clobber the Russians??
What if the President himself, in the language of the military, `` goes ape ''??
What I am here to do is to report on the gyrations of the struggle -- a struggle that amounts to self-redefinition -- to see if we can predict its future course.
What would happen if Adoniram `` changed horses in midstream ''??
What policies if adopted and applied in various circumstances will increase the likelihood that future events will coincide with desired events and do so at least cost in terms of all human values??
What I want is to have this evidence come before Congress and if the Attorney General does not report it, as I am very sure he won't, as he has refused to do anything of the kind, I then wish that a committee of seven Representatives be appointed with power to take the evidence.
What we must have, if the United Nations is to survive, is as nonpolitical, nonpartisan an organization at the top as human beings can make it, subject to no single nation's direction and subservient to no single nation's ambition.
What that spirit and attitude were we can best understand if we see more precisely how it contrasts with the communist tradition with the longest continuous history, the one which reached Christianity by the way of Stoicism through the Church Fathers of Late Antiquity.
What can they do if they find them ''??
`` What if I said nobody was here but a couple of patrolmen ''??
`` What this amounts to, if true, is that there will be a free-for-all fight in this case.
What most people don't seem to realize, if they aren't tied up with the thing as I am, is that 90% of the problem is transportation.
`` What I always say is what if somebody clobbers you in a little car like that??
Unfortunately, in our rush to beat the Russians, we have forgotten these truth-packed words of Jesus Christ: `` What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world ( that includes outer space ), and lose his own soul??
`` What is the point '', Charles Adams reports the Pakistanis as asking, `` in demanding an Islamic state and society if no one, not even the doctors of the sacred law themselves, can say clearly and succinctly what the nature of such a state and society is ''??
: Alp Arslan: " What would you do if I was brought before you as a prisoner?
But if we still carry on our sifting humor, and ask, What is the foundation of all conclusions from experience?
What the compiler would see in the above example would be "< code >< u > if </ u > token =
What might be called a " hypomanic event ", if not accompanied by complementary depressive episodes (" downs ", etc.
What makes the Lettre sur les aveugles so remarkable, however, is its distinct, if undeveloped, presentation of the theory of variation and natural selection.
: What sin have I committed if I followed the judgment of the churches?
He had been advised not to leave his bed, but he went anyway saying, " What will the Navy say if I fail to attend Jellicoe's funeral?
" What good would I have done if I had married him?

What and came
When the therapist came to feel on sufficiently sure ground with him to ask him, `` What is that, Bill -- hello or farewell ''??
What was even worse was his constant discrimination against the central and northern regions of Chad, where the southern Chadian administrators came to be perceived as arrogant and incompetent.
Early the next morning, Haman came to the king to ask permission to hang Mordecai, but before he could, the king asked him " What should be done for the man whom the king delights to honor?
What is more contentious is how Onesimus came to be with Paul.
What makes this mystery somewhat ironic is that the name " Imhotep " in Ancient Egyptian language translates to “ He who came in peace ,” underlining the way he came into the world, made his impact, and left it in peace taking all his genius work with him.
He continued by discussing the preface: " despite its obvious undependability as a guide to the actual process of the poem's composition, the preface can still, in Wheeler's words, lead us ' to ponder why Coleridge chose to write a preface ... ' What the preface describes, of course, is not the actual process by which the poem came into being, but an analogue of poetic creation as logos, a divine ' decree ' or fiat which transforms the Word into the world.
What then ensued was a period, referred to as the Pentecontaetia ( the name given by Thucydides ), in which Athens increasingly came to be recognized as an Athenian Empire, carrying out an aggressive war against Persia.
Robyn's US breakthrough came in 1997, when the dance-pop singles " Show Me Love " and " Do You Know ( What It Takes )" reached the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100.
Gellar came into prominence in the late 1990s when she landed significant parts in the successful horror films I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream 2 and played Buffy Summers on the WB / UPN television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for which she won six Teen Choice Awards and the Saturn Award for Best Genre TV Actress and received a Golden Globe Award nomination.
Well known for his wit and sense of humor, one of Marshall's most enduring jokes came during a Senate debate in which, in response to Senator Joseph Bristow's catalog of the nation's needs, Marshall quipped the often-repeated phrase, " What this country needs is a really good five-cent cigar ", provoking laughter.
What little cotton was available came from New York, as the blockade by the US Navy shut down 95 % of Southern exports to Britain.
From the album came the radio hit " Teen Angst ( What the World Needs Now )", which peaked at No. 1 on Modern Rock Tracks, and a second single entitled " Happy Birthday to Me ".
What is known is that his early performing came from joining an amateur acting troupe.
What is clear is that the country came out of the civil wars in 1240 as a much more unified and consolidated kingdom than it had been in 1130.
Feigning sleep one evening as her father came into her bedroom, Emmeline Goulden heard him pause and say to himself: " What a pity she wasn't born a lad.
What if there were serious men in long coats that came to your house and fetched the books if you did not return them in time?
What came to be known as the Sheldonian Theatre was Wren's second work, and was commissioned by Gilbert Sheldon, Archbishop of Canterbury.
: With few exceptions Lubitsch's movies take place neither in Europe nor America but in Lubitschland, a place of metaphor, benign grace, rueful wisdom ... What came to preoccupy this anomalous artist was the comedy of manners and the society in which it transpired, a world of delicate sangfroid, where a breach of sexual or social propriety and the appropriate response are ritualized, but in unexpected ways, where the basest things are discussed in elegant whispers ; of the rapier, never the broadsword ... To the unsophisticated eye, Lubitsch's work can appear dated, simply because his characters belong to a world of formal sexual protocol.
What is known is that the Great North Road from Aldersgate came into use in the 14th century, connecting with a new turnpike ( toll road ) up Highgate Hill.
From its score came the gay anthem " I Am What I Am " and the rousing sing-a-long " The Best of Times.
What surprised many of those who came to the celebration was the great similarity the building had with Grand View College.
What is now known as New Preston came to be inhabited by the Wyantenock tribe of Native Americans, who spent summers at Lake Waramaug, establishing a pattern of seasonal residence that is widely repeated by New Preston's present-day occupants.

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