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What and is
`` What is it you want me to do, Mr. Brenner ''??
What is the gunk ''??
`` Oh, it's that myth, about Orpheus and What is her name??
`` What is the scaffolding for, Brassnose ''??
`` What is your name, boy??
`` What is with this vow jazz ''??
What appears here is shorter than what he actually said but very close to his own words.
`` What is more true than anything else??
What is the history of criticism but the history of men attempting to make sense of the manifold elements in art that will not allow themselves to be reduced to a single philosophy or a single aesthetic theory??
What they are after is the beatific vision.
What they discuss with dialectical seriousness is the degree to which sex can inspire the Muse.
What one actually remembers is its greenness.
What Hume calls `` sensation '' is what Whitehead calls `` perception in the mode of presentational immediacy '' which is a sophisticated abstraction from perception in the mode of causal efficacy.
What he really wants is to find `` a sacred cause '' to which he can honestly devote himself.
What was only a vague suspicion in the case of Sherlock Holmes now appears as a direct accusation: the private eye is in danger of turning into his opposite.
For example, suppose a man wearing a $200 watch, driving a 1959 Rolls Royce, stops to ask a man on the sidewalk, `` What time is it ''??
What I am here to do is to report on the gyrations of the struggle -- a struggle that amounts to self-redefinition -- to see if we can predict its future course.
What I want to point out here is that all of them are ex-liberals, or modified liberals, with perhaps one exception.
What is the common man's complaint??
What is simply an opinion formed in defiance of the laws of human probability, whether or not it is later confirmed, has become by September of the election year `` a firm conviction ''.
What is more, the legends have become so sacrosanct that the very habit of self-examination or self-criticism smells of low treason, and men who practice it are defeatists and unpatriotic scoundrels.
`` What I'd like you to comment on is the criticism leveled at your Committee ''.
What is the probable course of future developments??

What and certain
What does Tri-State actually want to do, now that it has the meters under franchise and certain phases of its piping system in the `` patent applied for '' stage??
What was new was a refusal to credit the higher status of certain types, where the taxonomy implied a preference for tragedy and the sublime to comedy and the Rococo.
Nathan states that certain commonalities allow college students to cohere: " What holds students together, really, is age, pop culture, a handful of ( recent ) historical events, and getting a degree " ( qtd.
What changed was that only a certain number of soldiers now needed to retain longer range weapons, serving as designated marksmen.
What is less certain, and what we all fervently hope, is that man will soon grow sufficiently adult to make good use of the powers that he acquires over nature.
What can be even more confusing is that certain syndromes, such as West syndrome, featuring seizures such as infantile spasms, can be classified as idiopathic, syndromic, or cryptogenic depending on cause and can arise from both focal or generalized epileptic lesions.
What this means is that by the exercise of sobriety ( the mental ascesis against tempting thoughts ), the Hesychast arrives at a continual practice of the Jesus Prayer with his mind in his heart and where his consciousness is no longer encumbered by the spontaneous inception of images: his mind has a certain stillness and emptiness that is punctuated only by the eternal repetition of the Jesus Prayer.
What is certain from the evidence, however, is that Christians of at least the latter part of that period did use, sometimes symbolically, a restricted range of images that already had non-Christian prototypes or parallels.
After the French party split into a reformist and revolutionary party, some accused Guesde ( leader of the latter ) of taking orders from Marx ; Marx remarked to Lafargue, " What is certain to me is if this is Marxism, then I myself am not Marxist " ( in a letter to Engels, Marx later accused Guesde of being a " Bakuninist ").
Brian McLaren of the Emergent Church compares the Left Behind series to The Da Vinci Code, and states, " What the Left Behind novels do, the way they twist scripture toward a certain theological and political end, I think
What is certain is that the variability of Mira was recorded by the astronomer David Fabricius beginning on August 3, 1596.
What is certain is that the eastern part of the country was occupied by GuaranĂ­ peoples for at least 1, 000 years before the Spanish colonization of the Americas.
What is certain is that the eastern part of the country was occupied by GuaranĂ­ peoples for at least 1, 000 years before the Spanish colonization of the Americas.
What is known for certain is that the king alone possessed the right to the auspice on behalf of Rome as its chief augur, and no public business could be performed without the will of the gods made known through auspices.
What is certain is that the committee, after discussing the general outline that the document should follow, decided that Jefferson would write the first draft.
What was known was that suction pumps could not pull water beyond a certain height: 18 Florentine yards according to a measurement taken around 1635.
What is certain is that it was not a crushing defeat, as Otto was not able to chase the army and extend the battle to Hungarian lands.
What is certain, though, is that at some point, Connacht was possessed by the spirit of the Leveler, at which point Connacht became Balor.
What is certain is that no practice of the sort is reported in texts of the European Middle Ages.
What is certain is that Odoacer perceived Nepos as a threat, and was determined to get rid of him.
What is certain, however, is that White Castle made the first significant effort to standardize the food production in, look of, and operation of fast-food hamburger restaurants.
Historian Eric Foner argues, " What remains certain is that Reconstruction failed, and that for blacks its failure was a disaster whose magnitude cannot be obscured by the genuine accomplishments that did endure.
As for the categorization of certain PNDC policies as " leftist " and " rightist ," Rawlings dismissed such allegations as " remarkably simplistic ... What is certain is that we are moving forward!

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