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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1151
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

What and is
`` What is it you want me to do, Mr. Brenner ''??
What is the gunk ''??
`` Oh, it's that myth, about Orpheus and What is her name??
`` What is the scaffolding for, Brassnose ''??
`` What is your name, boy??
`` What is with this vow jazz ''??
What appears here is shorter than what he actually said but very close to his own words.
`` What is more true than anything else??
What is the history of criticism but the history of men attempting to make sense of the manifold elements in art that will not allow themselves to be reduced to a single philosophy or a single aesthetic theory??
What they are after is the beatific vision.
What they discuss with dialectical seriousness is the degree to which sex can inspire the Muse.
What one actually remembers is its greenness.
What Hume calls `` sensation '' is what Whitehead calls `` perception in the mode of presentational immediacy '' which is a sophisticated abstraction from perception in the mode of causal efficacy.
What he really wants is to find `` a sacred cause '' to which he can honestly devote himself.
What was only a vague suspicion in the case of Sherlock Holmes now appears as a direct accusation: the private eye is in danger of turning into his opposite.
For example, suppose a man wearing a $200 watch, driving a 1959 Rolls Royce, stops to ask a man on the sidewalk, `` What time is it ''??
What I am here to do is to report on the gyrations of the struggle -- a struggle that amounts to self-redefinition -- to see if we can predict its future course.
What I want to point out here is that all of them are ex-liberals, or modified liberals, with perhaps one exception.
What is the common man's complaint??
What is simply an opinion formed in defiance of the laws of human probability, whether or not it is later confirmed, has become by September of the election year `` a firm conviction ''.
What is more, the legends have become so sacrosanct that the very habit of self-examination or self-criticism smells of low treason, and men who practice it are defeatists and unpatriotic scoundrels.
`` What I'd like you to comment on is the criticism leveled at your Committee ''.
What is the probable course of future developments??

What and so
What had caught his attention was obscured by the car itself, so that neither the girl nor the truck drivers could see, but Benson knew what it was.
What policies if adopted and applied in various circumstances will increase the likelihood that future events will coincide with desired events and do so at least cost in terms of all human values??
What makes the current phenomenon unique is that so many science-fiction writers have reversed a trend and turned to writing works critical of the impact of science and technology on human life.
What was missing in the Governor's argument, as in so many similar arguments, was a premise which would enable one to make the ethical leap from what might be militarily desirable to what is right.
What matter the others so long as I have my place in history ''.
What I am suggesting is that when we delay, or when we fail to act, we do so intentionally and not through inadvertence or through bureaucratic or procedural difficulties.
What can be done for the `` individual contributor '' who is extremely important -- and likely to be more so -- in the operation of the technically oriented company??
What with traders trading for so many different objectives, and what with there being so many unique and individualized market theories and trading techniques in use, and more coming into use all the time, it is hard to imagine how any particular theory or technique could acquire enough `` fans '' to invalidate itself.
What I find appalling -- and really dangerous -- is the American assumption that the Negro is so contented with his lot here that only the cynical agents of a foreign power can rouse him to protest.
What is there about us that makes us so anxious??
`` What are you going to do with your feet so you don't waste anything ''??
What she felt was a bone-deep loss with a sense of waste to it, not so much sorrow for handsome, ambitious Bobbie, but for the lost years that had been brought into high relief by his death.
" When his wife reported to him that his interpreter's wife had boasted of her own husband's greatness, R. Abbahu simply said, " What difference does it make which of us is really the greater, so long as through both of us heaven is glorified?
* Our Heavenly Father's Plan, Together Forever, What is Real, Prodigal Son, and so on.
:: What oft was thought, but ne ' er so well express'd.
What makes the Lettre sur les aveugles so remarkable, however, is its distinct, if undeveloped, presentation of the theory of variation and natural selection.
What is it that makes me so special?
What was the youthful charm that so fired Eppia?
What was adaptive for one region might not be so for another.
Dr. Cardew, who, in a later letter to Davies Gilbert, said dryly: “ I could not discern the faculties by which he was afterwards so much distinguished .” Davy said himself: “ I consider it fortunate I was left much to myself as a child, and put upon no particular plan of study ... What I am I made myself .”
When the film was released, Snyder reportedly asked how Cagney had so accurately copied his limp, but Cagney himself insisted he had not, having based it on personal observation of other people when they limped: " What I did was very simple.
What differentiates MeatballWiki from many online meta-communities is that participants spend much of their time talking about sociology rather than technology, and when they do talk about technology, they do so in a social context.

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