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from Brown Corpus
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What and remained
What remained of the city was razed by fire.
What remained of a national government depended on the support of the insurrectionary Commune.
What we do have are general remarks that Christ had given the gifts of the Spirit to the church, and that the gifts in general remained in the church.
What remained of a national government depended on the support of the insurrectionary Commune.
What little remained was largely outdated and rudimentary and limited to the eastern coastal cities, the Nanjing-Shanghai region, and a few interior cities.
What the two theories have in common is their concession of the ultimate authority to the ruler, who remained above and beyond the li or law.
What was to become Cortland County remained within Indian territory until the American Revolution.
What remained of Russian naval power would eventually be sunk in Port Arthur.
The German Army Group Commander Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria stated: " What remained of the old first-class peace-trained German infantry had been expended on the battlefield ".
What remained were the forms, the lyric meters of the Greeks adapted to Latin.
What remained of non-communist SED opposition parties were also infiltrated to exploit their relations with their " bourgeois " counterparts in western zones to support Soviet unity along Soviet lines, while a " National Democratic " party ( NDPD ) was created to attract former Nazis and professional military personnel in order to rally them behind the SED.
What remained of the pier extended just fifteen feet outwards from the amusement arcade and cafe that was built on the site of the original entrance.
What remained of Clinton Township was absorbed into Newark on March 5, 1902.
What remained was a level town surrounded by rich farm fields.
Another issue was that European mines were exhausted of silver and gold ore. What ore remained was too deep to recover, as water would fill the mine, and technology was not sufficiently advanced enough to successfully remove the water to get to the ore.
What has remained the same during all these years is the Imperial ½ inch perforation spacing and the < small >< sup > 5 </ sup >/< sub > 32 </ sub ></ small > inch whitworth thread for nuts and bolts ( and other threaded parts ).
What remained of the royalist army retreated, and while Juan de O ’ Donoju was cornered in the fortress of San Juan de Ulúa, he hastily negotiated a treaty with Iturbide, called the Treaty of Córdoba.
What could have become a major controversy in the mid-1930s concerned the last of the four European buildings that remained unnamed.
What was intended to be the final draft of the screenplay was written by Laurents and Pollack at Stark's condominium in Sun Valley, Idaho, and Laurents, dismayed to discover very little of his work remained when it was completed, left the project.
What remained of the collection, as it was maintained and added to at Lansdown Tower, amounting virtually to a second collection, was inherited by the Dukes of Hamilton, and much of that was dispersed in the great " Hamilton Palace sale " of 1882, one of the major sales of the century.
What is presently Cotabato remained outside the area of Spanish activities.
* Co zbylo z anděla Prague, 1960 ( What remained of angel )
What remained was a series of images obtained by the observer ( the artist ) in different frames of reference as the object was being painted.
What made the General Theory so radical was Keynes's proof that it was possible for a free market economy to settle into states in which workers and machines remained idle for prolonged periods of time ....

What and lacked
What the Soviets lacked in flexibility, they made up for in number of multiple rocket launchers, cannon and mortar tubes.
What the Aztec initially lacked in political power, however, they made up for with ambition and military skill.
What Machiavelli was to the Italians and Montesquieu to the French, Zachariae aspired to become to the Germans ; but he lacked their patriotic inspiration, and so failed to exercise any permanent influence on the constitutional law of his country.
What Vicious had lacked in musicianship he made up with unmatched punk charisma, as he hurled insults at the crowd and slashed himself.
What he lacked in great speed or physical presence, he made up for by running perfectly choreographed pass routes that outsmarted most American Football League defensive backs.
What are common to these villages are that they were located on top of cliffs, divided by inhomogeneous cell blocks and lacked roads.
What he lacked in intelligence he had plenty of raw strength, according to the same detective.
What they lacked was a prophet who would lead them to the promised land.
What the Voodoo3 lacked when compared to the TNT2 was 32-bit color.
According to John H. Richardson in the February 1997 issue of the New York Magazine, " What also made the Kings different was their unique mixture of intense discipline, revolutionary politics and a homemade religion called " Kingism "-- adding idealism and a bootcamp rigor to the usual gang camaraderie — a potent mixture for troubled ghetto kids whose lives lacked structure and hope ".
What they lacked was a prophet who would lead them to the promised land.
What all these dogs lacked was the ability to follow the scent of the quarry, and run it down.
What our forebears lacked was a full understanding of the extent to which our welfare depends upon the health of the global ecosystem and the extent to which our evolutionary cousins can be hurt, harmed and injured in ways analogous to ourselves.
Recorded on 11 December into the wee hours of the following day, the final results of most acts was positive, except for The Rolling Stones ' performance ( including the first ever appearance of " You Can't Always Get What You Want "), which they themselves felt was somewhat flat in places and lacked spark, especially when compared with both The Who's standout performance of " A Quick One While He's Away " and The Dirty Mac's rendition of The Beatles ' " Yer Blues ".

What and original
What powers do the original authors, as well as the publishers, have in regulating or even stopping the fan fiction?
What rasa actually is, in a theoretical sense, is not discussed and given the Nātyashāstra's pithy wording it is unlikely the exact understanding of the original author ( s ) will be known.
Kernighan is also known as a coiner of the expression " What You See Is All You Get ( WYSIAYG )", which is a sarcastic variant of the original " What You See Is What You Get " ( WYSIWYG ).
What future translator Samuel Putnam called " the prevailing slapstick quality of this work, especially where Sancho Panza is involved, the obtrusion of the obscene where it is found in the original, and the slurring of difficulties through omissions or expanding upon the text " all made the Motteux version irresponsible.
// What is original source?
1992 saw the release of the " Immigrant Song "/" Hey Hey What Can I Do " ( the original B-side ) as a CD single in the US.
What wonder that a fiery rage still burned within his breast and that he should seek every opportunity of obtaining vengeance upon his natural enemies .</ br >< p > The proud spirit of the original owners of these vast prairies inherited through centuries of fierce and bloody wars for their possession, lingered last in the bosom of Sitting Bull.
The band have since released two albums of original material with Paul McLoone: Get What You Need on 30 September 2003 and Dig Yourself Deep, on 15 October 2007.
What is believed to be a full transcript of these original returns is preserved for several of the Cambridgeshire Hundreds and is of great illustrative importance.
What may end an airliner's working life is a lack of spare parts, as the original manufacturer and third manufacturers may no longer provide or support them.
In his 1966 Star Trek original series episode " What Are Little Girls Made Of?
What confuses many dealers and new collectors today is that though the thick books were still in print as late as the 1930s, they carry the original copyright date of the story, often as early as the late nineteenth century, leading some to assume they have original dime novels when the books are only distantly related.
Disney Channel occasionally airs " special edition " airings of its high-profile original movie premieres: sing-along versions of The Cheetah Girls trilogy, High School Musical, High School Musical 2 and Camp Rock have aired in which lyrics are displayed on screen for viewers to sing with the songs in the films ; the channel also airs " What's What " editions of its high-profile original movies using a format that mimics the former VH1 series Pop-Up Video in which facts about the movie and its stars pop up on screen at various points during the film.
What is known about Woodward's discovery is that it was patented in Canada and the United States prior to a patent being granted to Edison and it is known that the patent for the Canadian discovery was purchased by Edison when he was making his original investigations and before he obtained his patent.
What he was saying-not-saying was that Christian legend, dogma and ritual are the refinement of a great body of primitive and even barbarous beliefs, and that almost the only original element in Christianity is the personality of Jesus.
What is now the ' Blue Cove ' subdivision, was one of the original mining pits.
What appears to be the summer kitchen and original carriage house still stand.
What is now Palmyra was part of Chester Township ( now Maple Shade Township ), which was created in 1694 and was one of the original 104 townships in New Jersey incorporated in 1798.
Expanded to encompass news and original reporting, regular features include " What I Read ," showcasing the media diets of individuals from the worlds of politics, journalism, and entertainment, and " Trimming the Times ," a summary of the best content in The New York Times.

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